A good woman in bed, what is she?

Recently I was asked, a good woman in bed, what is she? As with most things in the field of attraction and pleasure, the answer will vary from person to person. Whenever I read articles about men and what makes them good in bed, they usually start with how he touches the woman, showing tenderness, kissing her, arranging foreplay and his ability to hold back until she is ready for climax. …

Of course, all of the above is important. However, I believe that if two men touch a woman in the same way, kiss and caress her in the same way, then she will still react differently to each. The reason for the difference is that sex is considered mental by 75-80%.

How a person relates to a partner, their physical attraction, all this plays a role. This is especially true for couples in a serious relationship.

However, there are times when you can have mind blowing sex with someone you just met. This can sometimes be due to pure animal magnetism. And sometimes, it just comes down to the mood and how good the woman is in bed. It may also have been so long since she had sex. That the slightest touch would cause her to explode.

However, when it comes to men, things are a little different here. Please keep in mind that there is no single answer. And men are as different as women. Therefore, what will be written below is based on the study of a large amount of material and on my opinion.

Nice woman in bed when she loves sex

Anyone who loves what they do is usually good at it! Women are constantly looking for new and different ways to surprise their partner, as well as how to be better in sex. They read books, watch adult films to learn some new technique, or just to discuss with close friends. Simply put, they want to be the best and be proud of their skills.

She is active in achieving her own orgasm.

A good woman in bed when she is memorable for a man and when, he managed to “blow up” her in bed. I’m not talking about mastering the art of artificial orgasm. Plus, it’s hard to do something without enjoying it.

A woman who has explored her own body and knows how to bring herself to climax can go a long way in helping any man. Which is not very good at having ways to please a woman. She will competently manage her body. And it can even manually stimulate itself during intercourse, if the position in which they are located allows. Such a woman knows that her man will continue to pull until he reaches a climax. And she is ready to do her part so that together they reach a climax.

A man’s body is a tool in a woman’s hands, and a good woman in bed knows how to use it to get the results she wants. Men do not really like passive women who lie on their backs and expect a miracle. Great sex is not for the timid.

Many women mistakenly believe that the reason a man stopped calling is because “he got what he wanted.” However, in many cases the opposite is true. The sex was boring. Nobody wants boring sex. A proactive woman takes matters into her own hands or mouth. To do everything in the best possible way if necessary.

Sex in silence

The only exception is if you are silent so that you will not be found. However, for the most part, having sex without any moans, rapid breathing, screams of passion, tension, can feel like a walk in the park. Even if you don’t moan or scream, words of encouragement can improve the session: “Don’t stop!”, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” etc.

I just want to warn you, this is not an actor’s orgasm. We are talking about the present and only if everything is fine with you.

Men like to feel welcome too.

A woman who talks about sex during the day is a godsend. It can even be email or instant messaging. Some women refer to their partner’s penis by their pet name, which can be used during conversation, along with the pet’s name for her vagina.

The fact is, this is how she tells her man that she thinks about him sexually, and that he is the desired day for her. A man in love will work hard to keep getting that kind of response from his woman.

Surprise your man

A woman who knows how to do unexpected things from time to time will easily stand out from other women. That were in the life of a man. This can range from wearing a sexy outfit or nothing at all when he comes home. To the point that she brings some adult toys or something interesting. Jump into his shower to play there. Or give him unexpected oral pleasure while watching TV or performing some mundane task.

Practice makes you better

Whether you are a woman or a man, the only way to become good or great at anything is to have the intention to be so. It all starts with the desire and willingness to make an effort. In a long-term relationship or marriage, everyone gets the opportunity to improve their skills according to their specific partner.

Over time, you may already know what each breath or body movement means. Guiding you to the next step and deciding whether to tease or please. Communication outside the bedroom is just as important as what you do inside the bedroom.

Reciprocity law

Sex gets boring when couples get lazy.

You will know that you have found your sex partner. When she demonstrates the need to please you as much as you make an effort to please her. It is very difficult to part with a “great sexual partner”. Even if you know that he is not suitable for you in many other ways.

Most of us, at one point or another, have come across someone who was completely incredible in bed. But we had enough common sense to part ways for various reasons. Unfortunately, the memories of being with him remain in our mind and haunt us from time to time.