In our life, there are times when relations with others are complicated, internal problems become aggravated, experiences become unbearable, the situation seems hopeless. Sometimes we ourselves are not aware of what are the causes of internal discomfort and dissatisfaction. It’s good when in such situations a psychologist consultant will help you – a professional whom you trust, who will not only support, be close, and believe in you, but will also help to grow and strengthen self-confidence, using for this not only your human quality, but also professional knowledge and experience. Whatever our life is, there is always an opportunity to make it better.

My name is Elena Shaine. As a consultant psychologist and psychotherapist, I have been practicing in the field of mental health for more than 6 years, doing psychological counseling and psychotherapy for various problems related to all spheres of human relationships: family, personal, professional.

I help to overcome a psychological crisis, to cope with self-doubt, low self-esteem, shyness, jealousy, irritability, feelings of loneliness, guilt, resentment, fear of death. I can also be useful to people who are prone to various disorders (depression, anxiety), fears, obsessive thoughts, insomnia, people who have experienced memory impairment or become addicted.

In my practice, I use only psychotherapeutic methods, detailed information about which you will find in the sections: family psychotherapy, psychogenetics, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, existential psychotherapy. I do not prescribe medications (psychopharmacotherapy).

The composition of the participants in psychological counseling can be anything: you can come yourself, with your family members or with any person important to you. There are situations when the person who is the source of the problem refuses to come for a consultation. In this case, your personal work with a counselor psychologist will help improve the situation. The main thing is that when dealing with a difficult situation, your relationship will be the focus of attention.

First of all, the work of a psychologist requires not only professional knowledge and mastery of techniques, but also special personal qualities, a non-judgmental attitude towards a client, the ability to show a person his capabilities and help to reveal his potential. Without this, it is difficult to imagine a successful specialist who consults and helps to navigate in a difficult life situation.