Does love at first sight exist?

Do you think there is love at first sight? I think yes. After all, how else can you explain this state? When, when meeting with a stranger of the opposite sex, we experience an influx of positive feelings and emotions that make our heart beat ten times faster. We get the feeling that we have known this person for many years. Only in this case it is important for us to learn how to correctly recognize true love and not to confuse it with falling in love.

Signs of love at first sight

  • Your heart starts beating much faster;
  • Your blood pressure rises;
  • You feel euphoric;
  • Your breathing starts to speed up;
  • Hands start to sweat;
  • You feel weak in your knees;
  • Feel warmth all over your body;
  • Feeling nervous;
  • You lose your appetite;
  • Sleep problems begin.

Most of the above symptoms are due to the release of adrenaline and a decrease in blood pressure in the brain. At this moment, we understand that love has come to us. Moreover, it happens within a few seconds. In fact, it is an amazing and incredible feeling. You feel energized, you have so much strength and you seem to be able to do whatever you want.

Not everyone can experience it

Unfortunately, not everyone can experience strong attraction to another person. Few were fortunate enough to experience this warmth spreading throughout the body. It is a feeling of well-being and happiness when we meet our person. For most people, love is hard work. It starts with attraction and gradually develops into friendship. Until they realize that this is really the person with whom they want to live life.

Most would say that it only exists in romantic literature, in Hollywood movies and fairy tales. But there are those who are fortunate enough to experience love at first sight. And we know for sure that it exists. There are so many people who have already met their soul mate and live happily ever after.

Love at first sight in the classic world

This phenomenon in the classical world was understood as passion, a kind of madness. She was described using a complex metaphorical and mythological scheme, including “arrows and darts of love”, the source of which was the mythological creatures Eros or Cupid.

Facts that confirm whether love exists at first sight

Attraction to a person can be quickly identified. At the same time, a study was conducted in which the average time was deduced, and it was three seconds. Plus, the first few minutes can predict future relationship success. Many scientists have studied love at first sight.

A recent study was conducted in the Netherlands, which involved 400 men and women. After meeting potential partners for a relationship, they all filled out questionnaires. In which they described their feelings for certain people and what happened to them at the time of meeting. Many of them confirmed the fact that they experienced a very strong physical attraction to a person and felt rapid breathing, heartbeat and most of the signs that we described at the beginning.

Dr. Earl Naumann, author of Is Love at First Sight, interviewed more than 1,500 people of all races, religions and origins across America. As a result, he came to the conclusion that love at first sight happens quite often. What’s more, Dr. Naumann estimates that if you believe in it, the chances of it happening is roughly 60 percent.

Is it dangerous to fall in love at first sight?

Yes and no. Yes, because frustration can be very hard. Passion for a person and too much attraction can harm our daily life. Some people may forget their job responsibilities. Spend less time with your friends and family, and in some cases even with your health. The bad news is that the state of euphoria does not last forever, and at some point you return to your previous state and realize that it was just a fleeting love.

On the other hand, how can happiness, joy and a sea of ​​positive emotions be dangerous? If you think about it, our life itself is dangerous. So, if you ever fall in love, your best bet is to take this moment and enjoy it until it ends. And when you fall from heaven to earth, get up and start all over again.

Love is conveyed through gaze

I think you have already been able to determine for yourself whether there is love at first sight. But I also want to note the fact that the attraction of a person to another can be transmitted through the eyes. So the more a person loves, the longer he wants to look into his eyes in order to express the strength of his feelings. Therefore, by looking into the eyes of another person, you can determine whether you are attractive to him or not. Likewise, we can look other people in the eye to show that we like them. A look can strengthen a person’s belief that there is love between them. And when both people look at each other for a long time, they understand that a harmonious relationship can form between them. When both people become emotionally attached, that’s when love at first sight arises.