Does my husband love me: how to know his feelings?

You and your spouse may have been living together for several years or decades. You may be experiencing various difficulties and problems in the relationship, so it is likely that now you can think about whether my husband loves me. Perhaps there are some feelings between you, but they are not as strong as they were at the beginning of your union. But, if you still spend time together, trust each other, and feel loved, then chances are you are doing well. But to be sure of this, let’s talk about the iconic signs that a man is still in love.

How do you know his feelings?

1. He is in harmony with you

You feel that the man is on the same wavelength with you, as if he is reading your thoughts. He understands you from half a word, finishes your sentences, and without further ado knows what you want. If a man is in harmony with his woman, then he clearly loves her.

2. A man takes care of needs

When we talk about whether my husband loves me, then first of all we need to pay attention to whether he cares about your needs? If a man truly loves a woman, he will always look for ways to make her life better. He will begin to prepare breakfast and dinner for you, help you set the table, give gifts and make surprises. He always thinks about the woman he loves, and even if he is too busy and has a lot of work, he still finds time to call and chat.

3. He makes joint plans.

You are part of his big plan in life. The things that are important to you are also important to him. If he plans to go on vacation or take a weekend break, he always does it with you. He talks about his future and dreams. That is, you figure prominently in your romantic partner’s life.

4. How does a man behave in public?

If you start to wonder if my husband loves me, then start paying attention to how he behaves when you are in public. A spouse’s behavior can tell a lot about feelings. If your husband holds your hand, tries to be closer to you, and does not pay attention to other women, then he is devoted and proud to be with you.

5. He trusts

When a man trusts his secrets, talks about his own problems and failures, or asks for advice, this means that he values ​​the woman and her opinion. He begins to speak only the truth, will be sincere and honest, and makes all the important decisions in life only after discussion with you. Can give access to his social networks, or allow him to answer his phone calls. This means that the spouse does not hide anything, because he trusts and loves.

6. Manifestation of tenderness, affection and care

A loving man should hug and kiss whenever possible, whether at home or in public. He can proudly show how much you love each other. Compliments you when you least expect it. For him, your union is much more than just marriage. He is definitely trying to show his love, and he does it in every possible way.

7. Your spouse is interested in your life.

If a man loves, then he will know everything about his lady. He is interested to know what you were doing at work, how was your day. He will ask important questions to make your life better. He wants to see you happy. And, if you had a bad day, or you are upset about something, he will try to cheer up and cheer up. He also informs you about his life and what he does. Effective conversations occur regularly between you and you don’t need to insist on it.

8. Provides assistance

Another effective way to determine if my husband loves me is to see how often he helps you. A loving man is always ready to lend a helping hand without unnecessary grumbling, even if he is busy, or you do not ask for it. He believes that helping his wife get out of a difficult situation is his duty and responsibility. In this way, he shows love and care.

9. A man cannot be angry with you for a long time.

Even if you did something bad or offended him, he does not hold anger for a long time. Because people in love cannot be angry with each other for a long time. It hurts both partners. He will also apologize when he was wrong. So if your husband forgives and tolerates your mistakes, this is a good sign that he still loves.

10. Shows respect

He treats you with great respect. Doesn’t look at other girls when you are around. He listens to you attentively, and does not interrupt in the middle of a conversation. For him, you are the only person with whom he wants to wake up every day. And you are the first and last thing on his mind every time he wakes up or goes to sleep.

11. He compromises

Instead of insisting on his own, the spouse does not mind the compromise. He sacrifices his happiness to see you happy. He tries to avoid conflicts because he understands the meaning of concessions. It can be as small as choosing a restaurant for an evening meeting, or watching a movie. And if he can skip an evening with friends, just to stay with you, then stop worrying about whether my husband loves me. He is clearly committed only to you.

12. You are his top priority.

You spend a lot of time together, and his physical attraction to you is undeniable. This is a good sign that his feelings are strong. And he doesn’t care what you do together, it’s enough just to be there. And even if he has to choose between you and something else, you will be in charge.

13. A man remembers important dates

He remembers when you met, never forgets special days, be it a birthday, a first date or a wedding anniversary. He constantly gives gifts these days, makes surprises, and you celebrate them together.

14. There is a fire in his eyes

When he looks at you, his eyes seem to be “burning with happiness.” In them, you can see his commitment and love. The spouse is not afraid to show his feelings and emotions, and regularly says that he loves you. Plus, a man is interested in physical intimacy with you.

15. Appreciates work

He respects and appreciates what you do. Whether it’s a ironed shirt, a cooked dinner, or cleaning the apartment. He shows gratitude for your hard work and cherishes the gifts you give. He shows his joy and happiness from the fact that you are around, and take care of him.

How do you know if a couple is in trouble?

  • A man is shy about his woman in public. If he is ashamed to be around, and he tries not to spend a lot of time in public, then his feelings have clearly cooled down;
  • Hides your phone and computer. If a man does not allow his wife to take his phone or check social networks, then he is hiding something, and it is likely that he has a mistress;
  • The husband avoids you. Constantly trying to find reasons to be away, and busy all the time. He regularly has business trips, or he spends a lot of time in the gym and with friends;
  • The man has lost interest in physical intimacy. He may have an affair on the side, so you are no longer interested in him as a woman;
  • He walks around angry and irritable. He wants to argue all the time and finds reasons for conflict. Disagrees with you and constantly yells. All of this indicates that there are serious problems in your relationship.

What if the husband does not show signs of love?

If you do not feel love and any feelings, then visiting a therapist can save the marriage. But only if the husband and wife work together on the difficulties that have arisen. Although for many people it is easier to just break up if they see dismissive behavior and a lack of love. But many marriages can still be saved. The main thing is not to delay and wait for everything to work out by itself.

Start identifying problems early and asking each other questions about why your feelings are cooling. Think together how you can improve your relationship. It is important for you to learn how to communicate your needs and desires to each other. As a result, misunderstandings and conflict situations will decrease, and relations will be stable and prosperous.