Eye contact with a guy: what are the eyes of a man talking about?

The eyes are the mirror of a person’s soul, and eye contact with a guy can be a subconscious form of his body language. This can indicate how the guy is treating you and how he is feeling. While you can’t read a guy’s feelings with absolute precision, you can accurately see his behavior and the way he looks at you.

What does it mean when a guy looks in the eyes?

The way a man looks you in the eye can indicate what he thinks of you. Here are some explanations:

  • A fleeting or cursory glance. Most of this eye contact with a guy is random and brief. Most likely, there is nothing serious behind this. Therefore, you should not amuse yourself with high hopes and expect any serious relationship with this person. Most likely, this man is simply not interested in you;
  • Intentional gaze. If a guy is interested in a girl, then he will definitely look at her. Plus, a guy’s body language will make him interested. You can catch his slight smile and see the joy on his face;
  • Long look. It is hard to miss, unlike a deliberate gaze, which can only last for a second. The long lasting look takes longer because the guy really finds you attractive. He is definitely interested in a girl if he regularly looks at her for more than three seconds;
  • Long eye contact with the guy. This is when a man looks at you for at least five seconds. This can be a strong sign that he likes you. He can also send you several signals, such as smiling or winking;
  • Averting gaze. When a guy often looks at you for a short time and constantly looks away, this indicates his shyness, and that he is trying to hide the fact that he likes you.

Long-term eye contact with a guy can tell a lot about his feelings for you.

What does it mean when a guy can’t look you in the eye?

Long-term eye contact can be uncomfortable for most guys. You may notice that the man often looks to the side, especially when you look at him. This usually happens because of self-doubt, or because of the fear of showing your feelings. After all, as we said earlier, the eyes are the window of the human soul. Therefore, many people feel uncomfortable when trying to make eye contact with them. Here are some potential reasons a man might look away.

  • He doesn’t want to look flirty. The guy may think that by looking into his eyes, you can understand his feelings, and you can determine that he is interested in you. Although he doesn’t want to show it yet;
  • Anxiety. Anyone with social anxiety will have trouble making eye contact. Because for many people, eye contact increases their sense of vulnerability. If a guy with social anxiety avoids looking at you, it doesn’t always mean that he doesn’t like you. He just might get very nervous;
  • He likes you a little. Men really like to hide their feelings. And when they look away, it is likely that they are simply afraid to reveal their feelings, or they may be busy at the moment with something else.

Eye movements and body language to watch out for

There are certain clues that you can read in a guy’s eyes or body that can tell you if he is interested in you.

  • The head is down. In this case, when the man’s gaze is directed upwards, but his head is down, this also indicates his shyness. And if eye contact still occurs between you, then this suggests that attraction is still present. A lowered head is mainly a sign of submission, or the person may be intimidated by something. But in most cases, this is due to a person’s shyness and unwillingness to show their feelings;
  • Dilated pupils. When you notice a man’s pupil dilation, it could be a sign that he likes you. A person’s pupils increase in size when he is interested in something, or he is excited about something. It also means that the person is happy to be with you;
  • Raised eyebrows. This is a pretty good sign that a man is interested in something. If he raises his eyebrows at the sight of you, he may have strong feelings for you;
  • Blinking. This is definitely a very telling signal of your attractiveness. This is also, in most cases, a welcome sign. On the other hand, it may just be a sign of mutual understanding;
  • The man leans forward while talking. If you do manage to talk to the guy, pay attention to whether he leans towards you. If he does this, then he is interested in what you are saying and is probably very interested in you. However, take into account where you are as well. Leaning forward may mean that he is just trying to hear you if you are in a noisy environment;
  • He tries to get as close to you as possible. A potential sign of his interest is if the guy slightly invades your personal space, being too close to you. You can also do a little test. Just walk slowly towards it. If the guy stays in place, then he is receptive to you. If he approaches you, then he probably likes you. And if he moves back, then you are not interesting to him.

How to tell a guy looking at you that you also like him

You may be seeing a guy you like a lot. But you don’t know how you can reciprocate any signs of attention. Here are some things you can do without being too outspoken.

  • Wink at him. It might be a welcome gesture for a guy, but it conveys your interest. But also keep in mind that this can make him blush if the guy is too shy;
  • Play with your hair. Eye contact with a guy and stroking his hair will tell him that you like him and that now he needs to take the next step;
  • Blinking eyelashes. You may start blinking faster than usual if you like a man. You can send him a clear and deliberate message with your eyelashes. This is a cute way to tell him that he has got your attention;
  • Bite your lip. By biting your lip, you can easily tell a man that you are happy to see him, or to be with him, and want to have a more serious relationship with him.