Fear of rejection: its reasons and how to overcome it?

Rejection can be challenging for any person. Especially if we receive it from people we love, or in those cases when we were not ready to receive it. It could be a refusal for a job that we counted on but did not receive. Or refusal to enter a university, college or university. In any case, after such situations, we have a fear of rejection, which does not give us the opportunity to develop and try to do something again.

Hearing the words “no” or “not interesting” can be really frustrating. Especially if you have put in a lot of effort to hear “yes.” But, as we know, in this world nothing is given simply. Therefore, in order to achieve something, we need to go through many obstacles, failures and mistakes. Since the fear of rejection is really strong, it often makes us cry, and remains in our memory for a long time. Still, there are some tricks that we can use to deal with rejection much easier. And thanks to these tricks, after a while you will hardly pay attention to rejections. So read on to learn more about fear of rejection and how to overcome it.

The most common situations in which fear of rejection occurs

As mentioned above, rejection comes with a variety of problems and emotional wounds, so before you can learn to overcome this fear, you should know the three most common situations in which it can manifest itself.

1. Romantic relationship

The fear of rejection in a romantic relationship is probably the strongest. And it can be really difficult to get over it. Plus, this type of rejection is incredibly common. It doesn’t matter if you’re fighting rejection as a girl or boyfriend. Feelings of shame and pain are almost the same in both cases. When this fear arises, you may feel pessimistic about your attractiveness and self-confidence. Your self-esteem drops significantly. And you have a fear of trying to start a new relationship with someone again.

2. Work

When it comes to work, there are two types of refusal: social and professional. The first one occurs when you are trying to find a job and apply to various companies. But when they consistently send you rejections, the result is social fear. Occupational fear occurs when you feel like you’ve missed a promotion at work that you’ve been pursuing for a long time and you deserve it. On the other hand, it can also occur when you’ve struggled to accommodate clients or colleagues and they don’t want to contact you as a result.

3. Friendship

When we try to make friends with a new person, we can often face the understanding that we are rejected and not accepted. In addition, fear of rejection of friendships can arise when your friends just use you and get what they want. Or maybe you feel like you are being pushed out of some community and simply ignored. These situations also negatively affect our self-confidence and self-esteem. However, you need to calm down and stop worrying. Because below we will give some effective tips with the help of which it will be much easier for us to overcome these fears.

How to deal with the fear of rejection?

1. Stop thinking about possible rejections and rejections.

Whenever you hold the false assumption that you might be rejected, you tend to create situations in which that rejection is bound to occur. Without even realizing it, you will send signals that will alienate other people and turn all your fears into reality. Therefore, instead of focusing on negative thoughts and thinking about failure. You need to change your mindset and start looking at life more positively. Start thinking more about other people’s acceptance of you. And also look for possible situations that will confirm this.

2. Cultivate openness and honesty

Vulnerability – Very common in failure. This is due to the fact that people avoid honesty and are afraid to sound too sensitive and vulnerable. But when we are dealing with fear of rejection, it is important for us to express our feelings and thoughts as honestly, clearly and respectfully as possible. This will help reduce the resentment and anger that most often follows rejection.

3. Stop being a victim

If you continue to consider yourself a victim or a weak person. Then your actions will still reflect your negative side of personality. However, once you let go of thinking about it and stop being a victim. As a result, you will begin to notice more and more positive things that will happen around you. So instead of feeling sorry for yourself and complaining about your life, focus on your strengths. Focus on the achievements that you have. Think about what you have already achieved in life, and what can you be proud of? Avoid being obsessed with past mistakes and situations you have been through. Try to learn from them and not think about them again.

4. Develop the necessary skills

We often get rejected because we’re not good enough at something. Therefore, if you want to overcome the fear of rejection, you need to start working on yourself and on your weaknesses. Do you need to determine what exactly is between you and these rejections? Why do you constantly hear the word “no”? Perhaps you lack self-confidence? Or were you too assertive and obsessive? This way you will understand what you need to work on and can separate those rejections from yourself. You will understand that you do not need to be afraid of them. You just need to train the necessary skills.

5. Expand your views

To overcome your fear of rejection, you need to stop focusing on a particular person or situation that matters to you. You need to broaden your views. When you do this, you will realize that this is not at all about the girl or guy with whom you want to establish a relationship. The point is, you want to find someone with whom you can build a truly happy relationship. Either the point is not at all in this company, where you want to get the robot. The point is that you want to find a job that will bring you a good income and will be pleasant to you. This is what is important to understand. And once you understand this, it will be much easier for you to overcome your fear of rejection. You will be ready to accept the consequences that follow the rejection. And you can live more freely and happily.