Free relationship between man and woman: pros and cons

An open relationship is a meeting between a man and a woman, the purpose of which is sex without obligation and getting pleasant emotions from spending time together. It is believed that the progenitors of this concept were young people of the 70s, who considered themselves to be a hippie movement. In this subculture, it was customary to enjoy freedom and not burden oneself with unnecessary problems.

Free relationships and such conditions are needed for those people who do not want to tie the knot, have a family and children.

The union of a man and a woman always implies a joint solution to emerging problems and responsibility for each other. When negotiating a relationship without commitment, the couple prefers to enjoy their leisure time together and not burden themselves with problems. Such a relationship is maintained in order to rest in mind and body.

The public’s view of free relationships has changed significantly in recent decades. Previously, sex without commitment was perceived extremely negatively, since the purpose of the union of a man and a woman was to create a family and have children. Freedom of morals has changed the worldview of young people so much that no one can be surprised by this type of relationship.

Why a man and a woman decide to make their relationship free

What is the right way to treat free relationships – as one of the types of depravity or as an alternative form of love relationships? Is there a future for such a relationship? Let’s understand this issue together.

It is believed that it was men who came up with an open relationship, not women. At first glance, it seems very convenient: regular variety in intimate life, the absence of domestic scandals and problems, complete freedom of action. But women in some situations themselves become the initiators of relationships without obligations. Some women prefer to live with a man in the same apartment, have regular sex and share household chores equally. In such families, each partner has the opportunity, if necessary, to “go left” with impunity. No tantrums and quarrels due to jealousy.

Thus, an open relationship can be between spouses in an official marriage, and unmarried partners who prefer sex without obligations.

Pros of a no-obligation relationship

If there were no advantages in an open relationship, people would not enter into them on such conditions. By agreeing to this type of relationship, partners receive:

  • Freedom from quarrels, scandals, dissatisfaction with each other. People meet to have a good time and do not impose their worldview and desires on their partner.
  • Unlimited variety of intimate life without consequences. Since only the forbidden fruit is sweet, in most free relationships the desire to cheat on each other decreases. If such an episode occurs, you can not be afraid of tantrums and a showdown.
  • The opportunity to devote enough life to a career and hobbies, the ability to build your life without looking back at the wishes of your partner. For example, after work, a man can calmly go with his friends to a bar and stay there until late at night: a woman will not wait for him at the door with a frying pan in her hands. Another example: a woman can go on vacation at sea and have a holiday romance without fear that a jealous man will harass her with phone calls.
  • A sense of freedom and independence from a partner. In an open relationship, questions like “Does my partner love me?”
  • Feeling new in a relationship. Partners meet infrequently and do not have time to get bored with each other. They always have interesting topics for conversation. In marriage, feelings are dulled by routine, so romance quickly fades away. An open relationship gives partners a lot of positive emotions.

Cons of a no-obligation relationship

However, in an open relationship, not everything is as simple as it seems. A lot depends on the characteristics of the character of the partners and on the events in their lives. Such conditions are fraught with hidden dangers, which the couple initially does not even think about:

  • There is a high probability of catching sexually transmitted diseases. Freedom is a double-edged sword. It is very important to monitor your health and protect yourself.
  • More often than not, an open relationship collapses because the feelings of one of the partners become too strong. As a result, instead of a pleasant pastime, a person experiences severe mental suffering. Communicating your feelings means ending this relationship. After the recognition of one of the partners, the second begins to feel guilty, he is strained by the current situation so much that he decides to break this connection.
  • If free relationships are practiced in the family, care must be taken to ensure that children never learn about the freedom of the parents. If this happens, the child’s psyche can be seriously affected. You will not only lose your parental authority, but you will also affect the future family life of the child. So, for example, a boy in the future may avoid marriage in order to enjoy freedom, and a girl will not want to become a wife and mother so as not to repeat the fate of her parents.
  • If misfortune happens in your life or if you need help or moral consolation, you cannot count on this being in an open relationship. You will need to solve your problems on your own, because your partner will expect a good mood and violent emotions from you. Can you give it to your partner if your soul is like cats scratching? Consolation in an open relationship
  • If you agree to an open relationship so as not to lose your loved one and keep him close to you, then you yourself are signing your own death warrant. This relationship will not make you happy, because you will suffer from fears, jealousy, insecurity and resentment. Your life will change for the better if you decide to let this person out of your life.
  • Not all people around you will react to such an alliance with understanding. Sooner or later, you or your partner will be seen in the company of another lover / mistress. Will you be willing to explain to your parents and friends why this happened? Will you be able to resist the condemnation of society?
  • Even if you do not have feelings for your partner, there is a great chance of losing him at any time. When interacting with other men or women, your partner can easily fall in love or decide to have regular free sex with another person. It is at such a moment that you can realize that you have already attached to your partner, but there will be no turning back – suffering is inevitable.
  • An open relationship, unlike marriage, will not last long. They either lead to marriage, acting as a demo version of the family, or they are destroyed. Imagine that your free relationship lasted for several years and ended when you are 35. Would you regret that you did not make property together, did not give birth to children, did not spend enough time together? ..

But think about it: is it worth it to jeopardize your peace of mind for perceived gain? Once you enter into a relationship without commitment, in the future you are unlikely to want to repeat this experience. Much more valuable are those relationships where there is trust, feelings, and obligations between partners – this is what makes us happy.