How and where to meet a man for a serious relationship?

Getting to know a young man is not as difficult a task as it seems at first glance. Take a look around: wherever you are, you are surrounded by a large number of men, many of whom are currently single and would like to enter into relationships.

Useful tips for women

If you are tired of loneliness, but are not mentally ready to start a serious relationship, do not give in to the persuasions of family and friends to find a mate for yourself as soon as possible. You may have many reasons why you are not ready to start a serious relationship at the moment, for example: difficult living conditions, feelings for a former lover, a desire to devote time to yourself. It doesn’t matter how old you are: with the same success you can find yourself a couple at 25 or at 40. If your goal is precisely a serious relationship, it is very important to be mentally prepared for it.

Men, like women, also tend to experience shyness and self-doubt. So if your goal is a serious relationship, put aside the stereotypes that a guy should be the first to express his interest. Take the initiative and take action. Not every time you get to know people, you will be able to translate communication into a serious relationship. Do not be afraid of failure: sooner or later your attempts will be crowned with success. Getting acquainted, you can not create a serious relationship, but find a new friend and spend time with interest.

Internet dating rules

Currently, the most popular way to get acquainted is the Internet. Keep in mind the following safety precautions for blind dating:

  • Make the first meeting in a public place and do not agree to go to a stranger’s house on the first evening or walk along an abandoned alley.
  • Indicate on the Internet a minimum of information about yourself, do not disclose the details of your life at the first meetings. Sometimes fraudsters, gigolos and men whose past is connected with crime come on dates. In order not to put yourself in danger, do not reveal your income, home address, and place of work.
  • Be sure to tell a close friend where you are going on a date. Leave her the phone number of your new friend and a link to his page on the social network.

These simple rules will help you feel safe when you meet a man and the date did not go as you expected.

Where can you meet

Opportunities for meeting a decent person are everywhere, wherever you are:

  • A place of work or study is best for acquaintance. You have a great opportunity to observe the young man you like and appreciate the peculiarities of his character. Getting to know a man in the workplace does not require seduction skills from you, because you can approach him supposedly on a work issue, and then smoothly transfer the conversation into an informal channel. The lunch break is the most favorable for acquaintance: it is enough to sit down with the man you like at one table and start a casual conversation. The disadvantage of dating at work is that your relationship will develop in front of numerous colleagues, so be careful to avoid gossip and gossip.
  • Ask your friends to act as a matchmaker. Each of your friends has several familiar men who would like to find a mate for themselves. The advantage of this type of dating is that you can find out the maximum information about the person you are interested in from your friend. If you develop a relationship with him, your friend will regularly ask incorrect questions and, at every opportunity, remind you that it was thanks to her that you met.
  • Parties for quick dating or speed dating. The essence of this event is as follows: the organizers enroll an equal number of single men and women at the party and seat them at the tables. Partners are given a short time to assess each other and talk. After about 5 minutes, the interlocutors change (usually women stay where they are, and men move from table to table). At the end of the event, the organizers look for couples whose sympathies were mutual, give them each other’s phone numbers. Next, the couple sets up a date themselves. The advantage of this method: in a short time you will meet a large number of worthy men. Minus: the event is not suitable for overly shy and uncommunicative women; acquaintance is associated with a certain stress.
  • Dating sites are rife with ads from single men. Some girls have a bad experience of such dates: in reality, the guy may differ from the image that he created for himself with the help of photographs. Even if your communication on the Internet was pleasant, in reality a person can show himself from a completely different side. Advantage of dating on sites: a huge number of profiles and a high probability of meeting a man. Negative: You can never be sure how the date will go.
  • Dating by interest. Sports and tourist clubs, exhibitions and galleries, volunteer events are the best way not only to communicate with like-minded people, but also to make acquaintances with interesting men.
  • Dating in a bar or club. The likelihood of meeting a guy who meets your expectations at a party is not as high as you would like. Men go to clubs to relax, have fun and relax in the company of girls. However, such an acquaintance can subsequently develop into a serious relationship. Fortunately, most people immediately make it clear what they expect from dating.
  • Psychological clubs and trainings. In this environment, people gather who want to solve personal problems and gain new knowledge and skills. Most of the training participants are of the fair sex, but men sometimes look at the light. Acquaintance in a psychological club implies honest and open relationships between its members, so you can study in detail the merits and demerits of the man you like. As a last resort, if you fail to meet there, you can make friends with other women and complain about their lack of privacy. New girlfriends will be happy to give you the contact details of single guys they know.
  • Acquaintance on a trip. Loneliness is not a reason to give up travel and new experiences. Another way is to start a relationship at a resort, on excursions and in a sanatorium. A holiday romance is good because the partners show themselves from their best side and are aimed at a pleasant pastime. A romance like this will give you a few happy weeks and fond memories. There are many known cases when acquaintance on a trip radically changed people’s lives. Feelings can be so strong that you and your partner will want to continue communication and will come to visit each other.
  • Dating with neighbors. Consider yourself particularly fortunate if you live in a high-rise building. Take a closer look at your neighbors: there will probably be a lonely handsome bachelor among them. You can unobtrusively spy on him for some time: what products he buys, what he does in the evenings, how he likes to spend weekends … You can think of a lot of ways to meet such a man: collide with carts in the store, ride the elevator together several times, go to him for salt, ask to change the flown plugs. You have a unique opportunity to understand what he is like in everyday life, without tying up a relationship with him.

Tips for women who go on a first date

Having met a man, it is important what impression you leave upon meeting. In order that the first date with the man you like is not the only one, adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Be nice and friendly;
  • Unobtrusively demonstrate your sympathy and interest in a man;
  • Do not interrupt the interlocutor – the more he tells about himself, the more complete information about him will be available to you;
  • Be yourself, behave naturally and at ease. A person must love you for who you are. If some of your personality traits are unsympathetic to him, it is in your best interest to find out about it as soon as possible and not waste time on unpromising relationships. Follow this advice when you meet a man.
  • Don’t forget your sense of humor. On a first date, both people experience tension and anxiety, which often leads to awkward situations. It would be great to translate them as a joke.

Having met a man, the relationship is unlikely to become serious if on the first date you behave in the following way:

  • Hint at your freedom and desire to spend time in bed;
  • Behave uncivilized;
  • Talk about your problems and difficulties;
  • Hint at meeting your parents in the near future;
  • Asking unnecessarily frank questions;
  • Obsessively interested in his financial situation.

It is not so important how and where to get to know a man. The main thing is that he is a decent and serious person and you are united by mutual feelings. If your attempts to meet several times have been unsuccessful, do not despair and set yourself up to be positive. He who seeks – he finds, and you will certainly be lucky in love.