How can a woman enjoy sex?

Not every woman gets the maximum pleasure from an intimate relationship with a man. Often, the fairer sex is content with kisses, caresses, compliments during sex. They want intimacy to strengthen relationships, maintain women’s health, and confirm their attractiveness and sexuality. Others avoid intimacy altogether. What is the reason for this behavior? We will consider this issue in the article, and also talk about how to enjoy sex, what should be the inner attitude and what actions can be taken.

Why there is no pleasure in sex. Consider the factors affecting sexual dysfunction:

1. Bad experience.
Women who have been abused, or have had the first unsuccessful sex, associate sexual intercourse with something shameful, degrading. They become pinched for a long time. Such women are characterized by anxiety, low self-esteem, manifested in sex and life.

2. Problems at work and at home.
The degree of satisfaction with intimate relationships decreases from overwork, accumulated nervous overstrain, stressful conditions. Problems with children, insufficient funds to cover basic material and spiritual needs lead to anxiety and irritability. Constant tension does not bring joy in sex.

3. Incorrect partner behavior.
Do women get pleasure from sex if a man offends in word or deed, looks towards other representatives of the fairer sex? In this case, the much needed trust is lost. The feeling of resentment makes the partner squeezed, unprepared for intimate relationships. The situation is aggravated by the fear of an unplanned pregnancy, infection with sexually transmitted diseases. A man who is unable or unwilling to influence the erogenous zones during foreplay, to choose a position suitable for both partners, thinking only of himself, cannot give a woman maximum pleasure.

4. Insufficient sensitivity.
Women do not reach the peak of excitability due to the physiological characteristics of the body. These include underdevelopment of the genitals, low sensitivity of nerve fibers in the pelvic area. Some women have congenital anomalies, while others are associated with trauma during childbirth.

5. Endocrine, gynecological diseases, mental disorders.
Removal of the ovaries, vaginitis, decreased thyroid function negatively affect sexual behavior. Unstable psycho-emotional states – depression, anxiety lead to stiffness and apathy. With diseases of the female genital organs, lactation, menopause, a woman experiences pain and discomfort, which leads to a lack of orgasm, if measures are not taken to eliminate pain.

6. Interrupted intercourse.
More than half of women do not experience orgasm during interrupted intercourse. This method of contraception leads to erectile dysfunction in men, to congestion in the pelvic area in women.

7. Dissatisfaction with yourself.
Uncertainty about sexual attractiveness, dissatisfaction with the figure, facial features, digging into oneself lead to complexes, constriction.

8. Wrong upbringing.
The question arises why a girl does not enjoy sex with good health and an attentive partner. If her father did not love the girl, then she grows up with a formed negative opinion about all men. Raising in an incomplete family, where the mother constantly repeats how bad dad is, also forms the wrong idea of ​​a strong sex. Children grow up squeezed and notorious, who were often punished, scolded, did not say affectionate words. Lack of praise, highlighting disadvantages in adolescence are closely related to lack of sexuality in adults.
Don’t put up with a lack of orgasm. At the moment of the highest arousal, the hormones of happiness are released. Oxytocin binds to a partner, serotonin gives a good mood, dopamine fights depressive conditions. During orgasm, a woman receives vivid emotional sensations, completely liberates herself, gets rid of complexes. The self-esteem of the partner rises, who managed to give the woman the highest peak of pleasure.

How to enjoy sex

If you can’t reach orgasm in bed with your loved one, then there are physiological or psycho-emotional reasons for this. Understand yourself, follow our tips on how a woman can enjoy sex.

1. Work on your appearance.
Try to improve, keep your body in good shape. Any type of physical activity is suitable for this – running, training in the gym, swimming, aerobics, dancing. Pay special attention to yoga that enhances sexual energy. Visits to the beauty salon, where they receive cosmetic procedures, massage, manicure, and tidy up the hair, will improve the appearance. Together with changes in appearance for the better, self-esteem will rise, stiffness will go away. You will forget about the experiences during intimacy about your unattractiveness.

2. Accept yourself with all your faults.
But in the absence of the opportunity to play sports or visit beauty salons, do not complex, accept yourself with all the shortcomings. If a man wants sex with you, then everything suits him. Believe me, during love pleasures, the partner does not focus on the folds of fat. He thinks about how to bring you to orgasm and be on top.

3. Take your time with intimacy.
After meeting a man, get to know him better. Do not have sex until he is trustworthy and fantasies as a lover. Remember, 80% of sex on the first date ends before the relationship starts.

4. Do not be distracted by extraneous thoughts.
Forget troubles at work, health and school problems of children, everyday problems during physical intimacy. If, while having sex, you look at the ceiling and think that it is time to whitewash it, then your partner will definitely notice it. One should completely surrender to sense gratification, forgetting about everything in the world. This is the only way to get maximum pleasure.

5. Trust your partner.
If the couple does not have complete trust and understanding, then it will not be possible to achieve orgasm. In such a situation, the partner tries to control every movement and word, she is squeezed, cannot relax.

6. Don’t think about orgasm.
Everything should go on as usual. Don’t try to focus and artificially induce an orgasm. It will come when you surrender completely to sensual passion. Or maybe such a moment will not come at all. Not every intercourse ends with a female orgasm.

7. Don’t pretend to be satisfied.
Many women who have watched movies have the impression that orgasm is necessarily accompanied by loud moans, convulsions with arching of the back and wringing of hands. They try to repeat it, obviously overdoing it. Any simulation of orgasm is caused by the desire to flatter your half or stop intercourse faster for various reasons.

8. Train your intimate muscles.
Exercise yourself by reading the relevant literature, or sign up for a training session with a professional. Already a month after training on an individually selected simulator, the necessary reflexes will be fixed behind the erogenous zones, the sensations from intimacy will become brighter.

9. Fragrances to help.
Fragrances enhance sensuality. Pheromones exuded by a woman’s body excite men, and a woman’s sexual desire is enhanced by inhaling the smell of aromatic candles and essential oils. If you are planning a night of love, make a bed with an exciting scent, add a few drops of ester to it before taking a bath, apply a drop of perfume or fragrant oil on the hollow between the breasts and in the bikini area. But don’t overdo it. The pungent smell will only scare your partner away.

10. Use aphrodisiac foods.
If the male libido rises from oysters, turkey meat, mushrooms, black caviar, then avocados and honey contribute to the synthesis of estrogen. Female sexuality increases after eating celery, fennel. Bitter chocolate, with a cocoa content of at least 70%, makes sexual pleasure brighter.

11. Have sex in the morning.
In the morning hours, the level of hormones that affect libido is a quarter higher than during the day and evening. The negligence of awakening, combined with sexual caresses, allows you to achieve maximum sensual pleasure. Morning sex raises your spirits, gives you a boost of energy, well-being for the whole day.

12. Improve sexual literacy.
Reading special literature, watching films for adults will help to add variety and novelty to sex life. Examine your body. The erogenous zones of a woman are the genitals, mammary glands, and some have more of them in the anus. In this case, the partner gets more pleasure from anal sex than from traditional vaginal sex. Don’t be a prude in bed.

Love your man, feel him. Feel free to talk about secret sexual desires, do nice things for him. The response will not be long in coming. Harmony in sex will be reflected by strong bonds. With a desired, liberated woman who receives maximum satisfaction, the partner’s self-esteem rises, the desire to maintain and strengthen the relationship.