How can you surprise a girl?

I know that many men are constantly looking for new ways and ideas to surprise their beloved women. They want to do something special, and somehow it’s nice to please their soulmates. Unfortunately, many of them are bad enough at this, and do not know how to surprise a girl. Someone does not like to spend a lot of money, others do not have time for romance and expression of their feelings, and the rest simply do not have interesting ideas. That is why I have compiled this list of ten ideas so that you can pleasantly surprise your soul mate and express your love to her.

1. Buy her flowers

The easiest and cheapest way to please a woman is, of course, to buy her a bouquet of flowers. It will be much better if you know in advance what kind of flowers your lady likes and find them. Only you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to please her. Women love to receive surprises out of the blue. Therefore, give your lady flowers whenever possible. It’s so easy for you, but so nice for her.

2. Buy a small gift

Regular, small surprises or thoughtful gifts can really surprise a girl, as opposed to a huge and expensive gift that you can spend your entire monthly salary on. A box of her favorite chocolates, a soft toy, or an inexpensive ring or bracelet. All these little surprises can please your love and cheer her up.

3. Bring breakfast to bed

This method of how you can surprise a girl is probably known to every guy, but very few people use it in life. Make it a rule to bring your woman breakfast in bed at least once a week. If you don’t have time to cook something, or you don’t know how to do it, then buy her favorite food in the supermarket and just bring it to bed in the morning. You “score extra points” by placing a small flower in a small vase on a tray with your dish.

Those who do not like to get up early at dawn can always prepare dinner instead of breakfast. I’m sure your woman will love what you cook. Especially if it is done from the heart, and you tried very hard. If you decide to cook dinner, then don’t forget to buy candles. And the more there are, the more romantic your evening will be.

4. Have a picnic

Picnics are a great way to relax with your loved one. The main thing is to choose a good place so that there are not many people around. The beach can be a good idea if it is close to you. If not, then choose a suitable park in your city. Organize everything so that you can watch the sunset together and enjoy the warm weather. As a rule, picnics are best done in the spring or summer. If you have a car, then this is even better, because you can find a more beautiful and romantic place farther from the bustle of the city.

5. Pamper her with a massage or rubbing her feet

Many women now work no less than men, and they get tired enough. Therefore, one of the ways you can surprise a girl is to arrange a relaxing evening for her, massage and rub her legs. When she gets home, meet her with a glass of wine, and then take her to the room that you have already prepared. Play soothing music and light candles. I’m sure your lady will love it.

6. Write a love note

Unfortunately, due to the constant workload and routine of life, we forget to express love and gratitude to our loved ones. Therefore, when you leave a little love note for a girl, she will be pleasantly surprised. You don’t have to be a public speaker to express your feelings. The fact that it comes from you sincerely will be enough. Even the simplest words “I love you” will surely touch your woman. But, if you have even a slight literary inclination, then the little poems left in her cosmetic bag, purse or under her pillow will impress her even more.

7. Do something new together

Women like men who are constantly looking for ways to somehow diversify and improve their relationship. So make a list of places you haven’t been or activities you haven’t done yet. Find new hobbies to share, or start cooking a variety of unique dishes together. Save up money and go on a romantic trip you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. In general, always look for new ways to surprise a girl.

8. Make a photo collage

If you have been dating for a long time, then you should have several joint photos. Select the most romantic ones and make a photo collage of them. Such a surprise will definitely please your beloved, and will constantly remind her of your love.

9. Buy a lot of balloons

The next way to surprise a girl is to fill her entire room with balloons, and write words of love on each of them. Such a surprise will surely surprise your lady and will be remembered by her for a long time.

10. Meet the sunrise on the seashore

Even if you live far from the sea, in any case, try to find the time and opportunities to go there. Seeing the sunrise on the seashore is incredibly romantic, and every girl dreams about it. And even if you have to spend a little, your beloved will be overly grateful and will love you even more.

11. Give her a rose in a flask

You may have already seen this original gift but still haven’t bought it. The price of such a rose is quite affordable, but it will stand for many years, and all the time remind a woman of your love for her. And you don’t have to wait for a special holiday to make such a gift. You can order a rose in any online store, and give it to your girlfriend in 2-3 days.

12. Lay out a heart of rose petals

Buy some roses and make a heart out of them for your beloved. If you live with her, then instead of a heart, you can fill your bathroom with rose petals. You can repeat this method many times, and each time your lady will be pleasantly surprised as well.

We hope you can bring at least a few of these ideas to life. And always remember that all women love to be told or shown that they are special. It doesn’t matter how you do it or how much money you spend. The main thing is to show attention and care to your lady. Do something romantic for her every day, and you will notice how your relationship will become happier and more harmonious.