How do I get my husband to stop watching TV? TV addiction and how to overcome it?

Unfortunately, television addiction only grows every year. As a rule, it manifests itself in older people. And if you are reading this article, most likely you have such a problem, or one of your loved ones devotes too much time to watching TV.

Television has long been a part of our life. Some families even like to show off their big screens. Because in recent years, TV companies have significantly expanded their range. And proudly showcase their new and larger plasma TV models. Nevertheless, if you look at this situation from a different angle, then it does not seem so rosy at all. Because with the acquisition of a new beautiful TV, a person can also acquire television addiction. Which may not be easy to get rid of. Let’s see what a terrible effect it can have on people.

How do you know if you are addicted to watching TV?

Some people may be addicted to television without even knowing it. But you can define it by the following features:

  • A person watches TV more than 4 hours a day;
  • He does this for comfort and relaxation;
  • The person knows that watching TV takes too much time. But he continues to do it anyway;
  • He cannot live more than a day without watching TV.

Who is at risk of becoming addicted to watching TV?

Anyone who owns a TV is potentially at risk of becoming addicted. But, there are people who may be more prone to this:

  • People with an unstable mood;
  • Those who lack initiative;
  • Those who feel lonely or do not get satisfaction from life;
  • People experiencing depression;
  • People are impulsive and lacking in self-control;
  • Children without parental supervision.

In fact, television addiction can occur unnoticed. And watching TV is really easy to get used to. Because it makes us feel relaxed and helps us not to think about problems. Our brain feels as good as if we are in a hypnotic state. As a result, we forget about everything and just enjoy watching our favorite shows and TV shows.

Risks associated with excessive TV viewing

There are several risks associated with excessive TV viewing. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with them and remember them well:

1. Increased risk of obesity

I think it’s no secret that the more time we spend in front of the TV or computer, the less movement our body gets. This leads to hormonal imbalances and we start to get fat. Also, keep in mind that we tend to eat a lot of junk food when we sit in front of the TV. Thus, we consume more calories, but we do not burn them. In addition, a sedentary person is more prone to various heart diseases.

2. Decreased life expectancy

According to an Australian study, every 30 minutes we spend watching TV shortens our lives by 11 minutes. It follows from this that a person who spends an average of 6 hours a day watching TV can expect that his life will be shortened by about 4.5 years.

3. Decreased academic performance

Television addiction negatively affects our efficiency and academic performance. Television reduces our ability to reason well. In addition, it badly affects our concentration. We stop thinking logically, and solutions to any problems are given to us with great difficulty. Which leads to big problems in real life.

4. Sleep disorders

People often fall asleep while watching TV. They don’t even notice how the time goes by. Which, accordingly, leads to a decrease in the quality and quantity of sleep. As a result, in the morning we feel tired and unwilling to do anything.

5. Promotes aggression

Television addiction contributes to the development of anger and aggression. This is due to the fact that parents very often leave their children watching TV or a computer. Unfortunately, television is now filled with various films with scenes of violence that negatively affect the minds of children. They become more aggressive and less obedient. It is much more difficult to find a common language with such children, and they are more difficult to learn.

How to overcome TV addiction?

1. Do not turn on the TV as soon as you get home

As we said earlier, television addiction can occur unconsciously. For example, when we come home from work, we immediately turn on the TV. And over time, it becomes a habit, and we do it without even noticing. But, as soon as we turn on this box, then we immediately have a desire to lie down on the sofa and relax. We forget about other more important things. Such as: communicating with family, preparing food, and taking care of yourself.

2. Decide in advance what you want to watch

You don’t have to watch everything. If you don’t have enough willpower to completely stop watching TV, then pick one or two shows. And that is all. Be selective in what you watch. Much of what is shown on TV today is just “rubbish.” Therefore, after watching your favorite show, turn off the TV immediately.

3. Do not turn on the TV while eating

I know that many people suffer from this habit. But did you know that when you look and eat food, you eat more because you become distracted? Thus, by cutting down on TV time, you will also cut calories.

4. Use the TV as a reward

Before you reward yourself with the privilege of watching TV, finish everything you need to do. Either you can make it a rule that you watch half an hour of your favorite show only after reading 10 pages of the book, or run 3 km in the park.

5. Spend more time outdoors and with your family.

Better to enjoy nature, fresh air or socializing with other people. Instead of sitting at home and degrading. You will feel much better if you spend the evening doing active activities rather than watching TV. If you don’t know what to do in the evening, then find some hobbies and hobbies. Find something that brings out your creative side. Thanks to this, you will free your mind and become a more capable person. And if you have children, then it is better to give them this time, instead of wasting it.

6. Make the TV hard to access

Instead of placing your TV in the most visible and convenient place in your home, place it in a room where you won’t see it as often. Or take it to the attic altogether. Yes, I know this sounds extremely impractical. Because you spent money to buy it, and now it is becoming useless. But you need to take this step if you want to get rid of your television addiction. If someone does not allow you to do this, then you can hide the remote control from the TV. You will see how the TV viewing time will drastically decrease if there is no remote control in the house.