How do I know if a guy loves me?

Lately, many girls have been asking me how to find out if a guy loves me or not? This is not always easy to do. After all, many guys are quite adept at hiding their feelings. Or they can even make girls believe that they are in love when they are not.

However, there are certain signs that will help determine a man’s love and interest in the opposite sex. To find out if he’s really in love with you, pay special attention to his behavior and his body language. Also, pay close attention to the following signs that a guy is in love.

1. He often speaks or writes about his love

One of the easiest ways to determine if a guy loves you is when he talks about it himself. Men quite often use the emotional side of a woman by saying these three coveted words – “I love you.” Although some guys use fake declarations of love to persuade the girl to intimacy. But these guys can be identified in advance.

The fact is that if a guy is really in love, then he will express it in different ways. Many things will reveal his feelings for the girl. Including the tone of his voice, the expression in his eyes, his touch, his behavior, and so on. Therefore, when a man declares that he loves you, pay attention to his behavior and actions in order to understand how sincere this person is.

2. He wants to spend as much time together as possible.

This is a very good sign when a man pays special attention to you and wants to spend a lot of time with you. Such a person can be quite seriously considered as a partner for building a long-term relationship. The point is, some guys may not be comfortable expressing feelings of love. But they have a strong desire to spend every free minute to be with you, because they love you so much.

He may be waiting for you after school or work, to lead you home or just for a walk. Overall, no matter how busy he is, he will always make time for you. Such a guy will be very attentive to your needs and desires. He will be actively interested in questions concerning your habits, likes and dislikes. When you feel bad, he also gets upset and will do his best to cheer you up and make you happy. If he’s trying his best to do something for you, then that is a very good sign that he is in love.

In addition, you can constantly catch his glances. He will watch you closely all the time. And when he meets, he will not notice anyone else but you. His eyes will be filled with love and passion. It is simply impossible not to notice.

3. He is constantly trying to contact and talk

The desire to keep in touch and communicate is a positive sign in a relationship. If a guy is worried about you, he constantly texts or calls you. If he always asks what you are doing, how was your day, how is your mood, and so on. This indicates his obvious sympathy and interest in you.

A man in love with a woman will always find a way and an excuse to call or write. He will want communication because he likes you so much and he misses you. When talking, he will try to surprise you or make you laugh. After all, guys know well that girls are attracted to men with a good sense of humor. Therefore, he will try to show his best qualities in order to please you.

4. He gives gifts or surprises

Another easy way to tell if a guy loves me is when he surprises you and gives you gifts. Although many men are not very good at remembering dates. But, if he is in love, then he does not need a special occasion to pleasantly surprise you. Men who are in love with women will not let important events pass without celebration.

A man in love and a real man is a doer, not just a chatterbox. You can just check it out. If a guy says he will make you the happiest girl on earth and buy whatever you want. But in fact, he cannot buy a gift on a special day, or gives gifts only when he wants to receive something from you. Then such a person is definitely not for you.

5. He compliments you.

A guy in love, even if he is too shy, will in any case find an opportunity to somehow express his love. This can manifest itself in the form of compliments or gratitude. He will treat you differently than other girls. He will emphasize how good you look, he will try to please, praise and thank you in every possible way. The guy may offer to help you. For example: carry bags, give a ride home, help with work or school. That is, he will show his attention and care to you in all possible ways.

6. He is embarrassed and blushes when he meets.

Of course, not all men are so confident in themselves that they can calmly show signs of love and talk about it. There are a large proportion of guys who are shy individuals who cannot calmly express their interest in the opposite sex.

Determining in this case whether a guy loves me or not is also quite simple. When meeting with you, he will constantly be embarrassed and blush. He may make awkward attempts to speak to you, but he won’t do much. Therefore, if you also feel some kind of sympathy for him, then help him take the first step. Show your interest in it. Smile at him more often, or you can flirt with him a little. As a result, when a guy sees that you also like him, then it is quite possible that he will have the courage to ask you out on a date.

7. Your intuition “talks about it”

When girls ask me: “how to determine whether a guy loves me or not”? First of all, I say that they listen to their intuition. Because a loving person can be seen from afar. And if you have already begun to contact him, then it is even easier to do it. With him next to you will feel like the most beautiful girl on earth. Thanks to his attention and care, your self-esteem and self-confidence will be at the highest level. You will feel calm and good next to him.

To summarize, I want to say that it is quite simple to determine whether a guy loves me or not. But only if you are attentive and listen to your inner feeling. You will be able to understand whether a person loves you or not, in a special sparkle in his eyes. You should also feel positive vibrations when he is near you or when he touches you. But, if you do not feel comfortable with a man, then this man simply does not suit you.