How do I prepare for a date?

Meetings with a person still little known to us always take place in a slightly tense and nervous atmosphere. After all, we want to make a good first impression on the person and he will like it. Therefore, it is important for us to know how to prepare for a date so that we feel more comfortable during the meeting.

If you’ve been on a date before, chances are you already know what and how you need to do. But if many of them did not end with the continuation of the relationship, then you need to make some changes in the preparation for the date and in the behavior in the meeting itself. After all, nothing aggravates anxiety more than unpreparedness and uncertainty. And even if you are too nervous, you still need to make certain preparations. To help you succeed on a date.

1. Be clean and tidy

Cleanliness gives you confidence, so be sure to shower, clean and trim your nails, brush your teeth, and more. While these simple guidelines may seem obvious when preparing for a date. But most people don’t think about the extent to which cleanliness affects our perception of ourselves and our environment.

Research shows that the concept of cleanliness is deeply rooted in our psyche. Our mental associations with cleanliness can determine how we react to the world as a whole, how we expect the world to react to us and to the decisions we make. Therefore, before you go on a date, be sure to clean up yourself. After all, the sense of smell is one of the most important. And at the same time, one of the most underestimated feelings. Therefore, you should smell good. You must be neat. This will give you confidence and help you leave a good impression.

2. Wear appropriate clothing

Whether you are a fashion follower or not, remember that your clothing is a form of non-verbal communication. And it is also part of the formation of the first impression of you. Therefore, prepare your clothes for the date in advance. And dress as you like. That is, be yourself. And just make sure your dress code matches the place you plan to visit. Be sure to dress modestly. Wear clothes that look well-groomed and smell fresh. Not only will you be able to form a good impression of yourself with this. But your outfit will also give you confidence and make you feel more comfortable. And remember, the way we take care of ourselves affects our success in relationships and in public life.

3. Smile and good mood

Smiling more is how to prepare for a date. This is an extremely important factor when meeting a person. Whether it’s your first date or a business meeting. So try to be in a good mood even when you’re at home and getting ready for a date. Smile on the way to the meeting place, and at the very meeting with the person. Smiling will release pleasant hormones that will help you feel relaxed, happy, and optimistic. Make sure to greet your partner with a smile. Since this act will show you as a hospitable and optimistic person. Plus, smiling and being in a good mood will help both of you relax faster.

In the event that you are too nervous and cannot smile. Then practice smiling in front of the mirror in advance and try to create a smile artificially. I know that a lot of guys and girls have problems with this. But practice and effort makes us more perfect. So stand in front of a mirror and practice with the different smiles that you use. When you find the one that you like the most, then stick with it and play it before the date.

4. Prepare a few questions in advance

Much of the anxiety before a date can come from worry about possible awkward silence. You are afraid to seem boring and uninteresting, even if you know that it is not so. Therefore, prepare a few questions in advance that can serve as a starting point for the conversation. This way you can relax before and during your date. And when you are there, and this awkward moment arises between you, then you will have a list of questions with you with which you can keep the conversation going. But you only need to do this in those cases when you see that your conversation is at an impasse. Otherwise, you’d better stick with your conversation and go with the flow with your new partner.

5. Positive attitude

When preparing for a date, it is important not to burden yourself with different thoughts, and to think about all the moments or situations that could go wrong. Forget all the past mistakes you have made. And try to focus on the pleasant moments. In the same way that athletes do not focus on losing, but on winning. You need to do the same. Focus on making this date a success. Tell yourself this: “I am relaxed, confident and positive.” You can picture this date as a fortunate one, from the moment you step up to greet your partner until the moment you break up with him. A little mental exercise can go a long way in how to prepare for a date.

6. Ask in advance about your partner’s preferences

You can prepare for a date in advance by finding out what places your partner likes to visit. Find out where he or she likes to relax and how to spend time. Ask what food he prefers and what he likes to drink, so that it does not turn out that your partner is allergic to seafood, and you go to eat sushi. Or worse, if he or she turns out to be a vegetarian and you go out to eat meat steaks.

7. Keep your phone in silent mode

It looks very ugly when your phone is constantly buzzing from various messages or calls when you are on a date. Or when you are constantly distracted by him in order to answer the next message. This behavior is unacceptable and can destroy all hopes of a future relationship with this person. So put your phone on silent beforehand or put it in your bag and enjoy your date. Your partner should be 100% worthy of your attention. Especially on the first date.

8. Keep calm

Make sure in advance that everything is on schedule, such as the time and place of your meeting. Try to arrive at the place in advance so that you do not worry on the road that you may not be in time. Stay calm and natural during the date. Because nervousness only makes things worse when you say or do the wrong thing. Make sure you bring enough money, credit cards, tissues, and other necessary supplies with you.

We hope that with our advice, you can better understand how to prepare for a date. And they will give you confidence in yourself, and you will know in advance what you need to do goodbye in order for it to end successfully. And your relationship with this person has successfully developed further.