How do I stop worrying about what people think of me?

Worrying about what people will think of me is a common problem in society. Even at the dawn of mankind, we were interested in the opinion of other people. We are so deeply rooted in the way other people interpret and evaluate our actions that sometimes it seems impossible to get rid of it.

But in fact, this attitude can be one of the most destructive elements that negatively affects human development. After all, many of us often refuse to do something, because we are very worried about what people will say. But in this way, each opinion of another person takes us further and further from life goals, plans and dreams. Therefore, you need to stop worrying about what people think of you. Or, at least, give someone else’s opinion less value. Below we will give some practical tips on how to achieve this.

1. The opinion of others “leads you astray”

The first thing you need to understand is that when you pay attention to the opinions of others, you thus close all sorts of ways for yourself to develop and to achieve something meaningful in life. Quite often people say completely wrong things, and teach how to live, while they themselves have not achieved anything. If you listen to such people all the time, you will not live your life. This is especially bad when it comes to your career or romance.

Don’t let the public opinion influence you. And stop worrying about what they say. Because many people’s heads are filled with false or misleading information that they receive from the media or other sources. And many people form their opinions based on manipulative and false information. Realizing and recognizing this will lead you on the right path, and as a result, you will become less worried about what people think of me.

2. Start focusing on yourself

First of all, you need to keep the focus of attention on yourself. And then pay attention to others. A lot of people make a mistake. They see the world bypassing themselves. For example, when a person walks through a store or down the street, his attention is completely directed to other people. It is not right. Thus, you lose energy and forget about yourself. It will be much better if at such moments you will think about your goals, your dreams and desires. Think better about how you can achieve this. Start listening more to yourself, to your heart, and to your feelings. This should be done all the time. You should have a regular focus on yourself. Over time, you will get used to it, and you will do it without even thinking.

3. Start doing something stupid

You need to understand that life doesn’t end when people perceive you negatively or they don’t like what you are doing. The easiest way to get there is to do what others think is stupid. There is no need to be afraid or ashamed to dress differently. Make yourself an unusual hairstyle so that you like it. Behave the way you want it. The bottom line is to do something harmless that people can criticize you for. Of course, don’t do what is really harmful to you or those around you. Just try to do something that is a little contrary to social norms. This will help you build up your courage, and you will start worrying less about what people think of you.

After all, the main reason why you care about the opinions of others is that you are subconsciously afraid of the situation that will happen if you do something wrong in the opinion of others. But nothing solves this problem faster than these deliberate actions.

4. Do what you fear

What’s your biggest social fear? Perhaps you are afraid to approach a man or woman and say that you like them? Are you embarrassed about going to the gym because you think you are too thin or too fat? Are you afraid to raise your hand in class or ask a stupid question? These are all social fears that prevent a person from being confident and comfortable. And, if you want to stop worrying about someone else’s opinion, then you need to meet these fears, and do what you are afraid of.

Yes, you will most likely be nervous, blush, and uncomfortable at first. But over time, it will pass. And you will stop worrying about what people think of you. Therefore, develop a habit of conquering your social fears. And do exactly what you fear most.

5. Start saying “No”

If you want to stop puzzling over what people think of me, then you need to learn how to say no. Many of us are afraid to refuse because we don’t want to upset anyone. But this behavior leads to the fact that you increasingly concentrate on the opinions of friends and relatives. Plus, many can take advantage of this. They will use your own fear of being judged to manipulate you. But you can save yourself from this negative influence by starting to say “no” as often as possible. It will be difficult at first. But you’ll quickly realize how liberating the word “no” is. As a result, you will unload yourself, and fill your mind with only what is really important to you.

6. Learn to filter information

We live in an informational time in which various media are trying to impose their opinions on us. The constant influx of media reports and other sources negatively affects us and our perception of life. Therefore, start being more selective about the information that comes to you. Start watching less TV and unnecessary programs. Stop reading the news and spend hours of your precious life looking at photos on social networks. You don’t have to compare yourself to others. Live your life. Spend more time getting to know yourself and taking care of yourself. Engage in a variety of hobbies and activities that develop you. You will contribute much more to your own satisfaction – if you do, rather than being guided by what people say or think.

7. Be yourself

This is one of the most important rules that every person should adhere to. Although it may not be so easy to come to this, it is necessary to strive. Especially if the question often arises in front of you – “what will people think of me?” Therefore, you must first of all get rid of various habits and opinions imposed by society. Start listening to yourself more, and do exactly what you want and not others. Be yourself as much as you can. This will reinforce in your mind the fact that doing what you want brings you more satisfaction and joy, as opposed to holding someone else’s opinion. In the end, just by being yourself, you will create a circle of people who will support you. They will accept you as real, and thanks to this, you will stop worrying about what people think.