How do men destroy marriage?

Today we will talk about how men destroy marriage and what they shouldn’t do in relationships with women. After all, it is important for all of us to remember that the main goals of marriage should be peace and happiness. But we often forget about it. As a result, we commit rash acts that negatively affect relationships and personal life.

We should remember that husband and wife should have an equal responsibility to participate in marriage. And, although, below we will look at the main mistakes that guys use to destroy their union. But girls also need to take them into account to help their man avoid them.

1. Pay little attention to their wife

If we are talking about how men destroy marriage, then first of all, this is due to the fact that men stop paying enough attention to their lady. This means that they spend too much time at work, with friends, or elsewhere. And even when they return home, they take little interest in their family. In addition, many men begin to complain that the house is not cleaned, their favorite food is not prepared, or their other desires are not fulfilled.

For a woman, such a relationship is not acceptable. She wants to spend more time with her man. She wants to feel his love and care. And when a girl is left alone, it causes her severe mental pain. For most ladies, their biggest fears boil down to being deprived of the attention of a loved one. When she feels abandoned, she begins to show disrespectful behavior. She can use disrespectful words, but she does it for fear of being left alone, or she wants to somehow attract attention.

In this case, conversation is not the only way women feel close, although it is also important. But even such ways as taking her by the hand, hugging her, and spending time with her alone will significantly improve relations. When her need for intimacy is met, she will be more inclined to respect you. And when your wife feels your attention and care, she will be much more willing to interact with you on an intimate level.

Leaving your wife alone, or not giving her the attention she deserves, can create more relationship problems than you think.

2. Don’t listen to her

This is how men destroy marriage – they just don’t want to listen to their wives. And even if a woman does not talk about it, she still needs support and understanding. And it often happens that you don’t even have to try to solve all of her problems. In most cases, girls want to be simply listened to and supported psychologically.

You may even ask if she needs a solution to the problem, or if she just wants to talk. It will be a relief for both of you when you realize that sometimes you don’t have to solve all the problems. In addition, when you begin to listen carefully to your lady, as a result, she will feel that you understand her and you care about her.

3. Don’t ask for forgiveness

Conflicts arise in all marriages, but if we stop asking each other for forgiveness, then we destroy the marriage. Apologizing to your wife means you want peace with her and don’t want to end your relationship. Many guys see apologies as signs of weakness, though. They think, “If I apologize, she will not respect me.” But in fact, the opposite is true. If you humbly apologize and ask for forgiveness, your wife will love and respect you even more. Your little act of remorse will soothe her soul and act as a healing balm. In addition, it shows that you are open to dialogue, ready to admit your mistakes and work on them.

4. Show signs of infidelity

Infidelity and betrayal are how men destroy a marriage. Any woman wants loyalty and loyalty. But when she sees you are looking at other girls in the mall, on TV, on the computer, and elsewhere. She’s afraid that you might be unfaithful, and at least it might make her uncomfortable and question her attractiveness. Doing so devalues ​​your feelings.

If you are looking at a pretty young girl as she walks by, this could be a reminder to your wife of her many flaws. As a result, she feels insecure. She wants to know that you still love her. And when you constantly look at other girls, it is not at all reassuring.

After all, your wife is motivated by your love and loyalty. She has dedicated her life to you and wants to feel safe in the sense that you are equally committed to her. She is looking for your love and loyalty. So look at her more. Say more often that she is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. Give her the confidence she is looking for.

5. Ignore simple romantic gestures

Your wife doesn’t always need fancy jewelry or expensive gifts. Of course, this is all good, and women appreciate it. However, this is not always necessary. They feel most loved when you show even small gestures of appreciation. But when you neglect romantic details, she may feel like you are trying to buy her affection or ease your guilt with expensive things.

Let your wife know what you think about her throughout the day. And even one rose after work says a lot. Call her or text her during the day to let her know what you think of her. Offer to help out with dinner or do the dishes. These little gestures of attention and concern mean a lot to women.

Also remember that the most important days of the year for your wife are her birthday and the day she got married. Celebrate these days by spending time with her alone. This will mean a lot more than any expensive gift. She wants to feel special and important. And an easy way to help her feel loved is to spend time alone with her.

6. Show anger and anger

When you are angry with your woman, you refuse to talk to her, or you insult her. You thereby create conflicts that destroy the marriage. And even if you feel stress about work, lack of money, or other problems, then this should not manifest itself in the relationship. Better to share positive feelings and emotions with her. This will strengthen your union and make it happier.

7. Don’t take responsibility

This is another mistake that men use to destroy a marriage. You must take full responsibility for your behavior, for your actions, and for your life. And instead of blaming loved ones when something goes wrong with you, you should take responsibility for yourself. Make your life reflect the values ​​you desire. Your life is completely under your control. And you can create exactly the life and environment you want. Also, if your wife is truly the root of all problems, then take control of that, pull yourself together, and tell her the truth. Then decide together how to proceed.

While this list may sound a little daunting, it’s important to remember that peace and happiness should be the primary goal of marriage. And even if life is stressful, work on changing your perception. You can see the world the way you want. If you are feeling unhappy, look for the things that will satisfy you in life. Try to be a happy person and enjoy life. The easiest way to achieve something is to act on your heart. And the only person you can change is yourself.