How do you become a good person? And what prevents us from being kind?

A good person: what is he like?

Good people most often evoke sympathy and become role models – they are real, moral, deep. They will not harm and will always come to the rescue. This is how good people are usually evaluated by those around them. But everything is relative. After all, being good for everyone will not work. If you feed a stray cat, you are noble in the eyes of your neighbor, but you make other people terribly angry about it. If you have a negative attitude towards bad habits, you will become an irritant for the company, noisily celebrating some event. For the boss, you are a good employee, but for colleagues you become a reason for malice.

The following qualities are generally recognized for good people:
1. Kindness. It is a synonym for “good”, the source, the basis of the concept. Kindness should come from within – towards yourself, others, friends, and even enemies. It has no boundaries, laws and rules, the main thing is to act with the heart.
2. Compassion, empathy. Empathy is the most important property in relationships. The ability to sympathize with others and perceive someone else’s misfortune as ours is our main difference and advantage among living beings.
3. Honesty. Honest people inspire respect and admiration. This quality conceals not only honest speech, the absence of secrets, but also an honest attitude towards others. But if you are in the habit of “pouring out” the truth on everything that you are not even asked about, you will hardly have to count on the title of “good man”.
4. Reliability. When people around you know that they can rely on you, you can be trusted, and you will not fail – you become a reliable person for them.
5. Politeness, benevolence. This usually comes from the soul, and not from a desire to please. A good person will not be rude, rude, keep silent in dialogue.
6. Responsibility. Responsibility for your actions, words, principles, the ability to keep promises and follow your convictions no matter what.
7. Sense of humor. Others are drawn to such people. Irony and self-irony do not allow a person to look at life pessimistically, fall into depression and be angry with others.
8. Self-criticism. This is a good quality that allows yourself to develop and improve yourself. You just need to know the line between self-criticism and self-flagellation, so as not to turn on the wrong path.
9. Selflessness, the ability to put other people’s interests above their own, selflessness. This quality hides friendship, responsibility, and reliability. This character trait is characteristic of noble and good people.
10. Optimism, the ability to maintain a positive attitude. Such people always believe in the best and charge others with their positive energy.

How a person changes for the better

In the process of upbringing, parents instill in the child important values ​​and moral qualities, which in the process of life develop with age and experience.

It all starts with the fact that the child is taught to share toys, not to fight, not to complain, to be polite, courageous, to help adults, not to offend animals. Growing up, a person learns to be responsible for his own actions and words, acquiring such important qualities as responsibility, reliability, willpower and stress resistance.

People fill their inner world with good, thanks to reflection. Only by looking at yourself from the outside, evaluating your thoughts and actions, it is possible to rethink your own values ​​for the better.

How to change your life for the better?

The path that a person takes to become good is long. Changes occur if he begins to do small, seemingly insignificant things:
* do good deeds – help a neighbor bring her bag, reassure a work colleague, open the door in front of the child, etc.;
* learns to listen to another – in relationships this is an important skill;
* gets rid of patterns and stupid prejudices, becomes more tolerant of others (learns to accept people as they are);
* tries to sincerely rejoice in other people’s successes;
develops love for oneself, life, country, others.

How to get rid of suspiciousness, anxiety and negative thoughts

Of course, one cannot do without painstaking work on oneself. But with diligence, you will definitely achieve your goal.

It will not work to become a kind and good person in an instant – it is painstaking work, habits, steps that make our inner world better first, and then the life around us. We must first look deep into ourselves and allow our attitudes and thinking to change. And this, in turn, will help to establish interaction with others.

Decide what it means to you to be a good person, namely:
– get rid of negative thoughts, feelings and character traits;
– fill yourself with good feelings and develop positive qualities;
– simultaneously eradicate everything negative (thoughts, feelings, traits and actions) and develop everything positive: this is the most common strategy of behavior.
So, the basic rules leading us to the desired goal – to become a good person:
1. When you have decided what qualities you need to develop in yourself – listen to your “I”. You must do this for yourself, not for praise and encouragement from the outside. If there is an example among the environment to follow – great! Keep this example in your head, reflect, learn from it.
2. Don’t be lazy. Drive apathy, laziness and depression with an active lifestyle. Do not put off things until later, do not look for excuses for yourself. You will see how life will sparkle with new colors.
3. Don’t compare yourself to others, be yourself. We are all human, and we have different abilities, talents, positions, temperaments, etc. Praise yourself, smile more often, breathe deeply. Show yourself, show your dignity, do not chase someone else’s appearance.
4. Love yourself. Until you learn to love and accept yourself, there can be no question of love for others. Love goes hand in hand with sincerity and kindness, so learn this art.
5. Do not let negative emotions rule you, do not take out your condition in public. Sublimate this energy – sports, cleaning, hobbies, meditation, sleep, etc. Don’t get angry with yourself or label others.
6. Remember the boomerang. What you give to life is what you get in return. Live this rule, believe in it.
7. Try to see the good everywhere. Don’t wear rose-colored glasses that confuse reality with illusion. Look for the positive – good people have this important trait.
8. Do not be greedy, share anything with people – mood, bread, energy, things, knowledge. Be a generous person, be an inspiring example.
9. Learn to forgive. When you forgive a person, you release your inner, accumulated negative emotions. Forgiveness breeds condescension.

It all starts with yourself! And when you allow goodness, purity of thoughts and faith into your world, then the environment automatically becomes good. All unnecessary is simply eliminated as unnecessary. Love yourself, believe in yourself, fill your life with light.