How do you know if a guy is cheating?

The question of how to find out if a guy is cheating, and whether he is dating someone else, arises in front of many girls. And even the strongest relationships can be broken, especially when one of the partners is unfaithful. In this article, we will uncover the most obvious signs of a cheating man and talk about how they can be identified.

1. A man hides his phone and laptop

One of the first signs of a man’s betrayal is that he does not part with his phone for a second, or he can completely hide it from you. The same goes for his laptop or computer, he constantly keeps them near him. All due to the fact that men with the help of these gadgets most often keep in touch with their mistresses. Therefore, if you notice a certain nervousness when someone calls him on the phone, or he does not allow you to sit down at his computer, then there is a high probability that he is hiding something from you.

2. The guy refuses to provide the password from social networks, and does not allow reading his correspondence

In this age of modern technology, everyone uses social networks and instant messengers to communicate with other people. Therefore, if your boyfriend does not allow access to his social media accounts, is very annoyed and angry when you ask for it, then he clearly has secrets from you. After all, even the best friends share everything that happens in their lives, and do not hide anything from each other. Not to mention the closest and beloved people who must develop trust first.

3. The man does not answer your calls, or turns off his mobile phone too often

If we are talking about how to find out if a guy is cheating, then this behavior when he does not answer your calls is one of the most obvious signs of his cheating. After all, there is a high probability that he may be with another woman at this time. Hence, he is simply not comfortable answering your calls. And when you start asking him why he didn’t pick up the phone, you will certainly hear such excuses: “My phone is dead,” “I forgot it at home,” or “I was too busy and did not notice your call.” These excuses are classic and are used by many men. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to this.

4. He doesn’t tell you anything about his friends.

Does your boyfriend leave you in the dark when it comes to how and where he spends his free time? Or do you feel secrecy and understatement in his words? Then your worries are not accidental. If you have been dating for a long time, then there should be no secrets between you. He should introduce you to his friends and family, and report on how he spends his free time. If this is not between you, then clearly not everything is in order in your relationship. And there is a good chance that he has another woman.

5. He develops extreme antipathies for the places you often visited together.

The next way to find out if a guy is cheating is to ask him to meet at your favorite places. The thing is that your man can visit with his new girlfriend the same establishments that you went to with him earlier. Therefore, he will avoid them in every possible way. After all, you are already well known there by the waiters and service personnel. And you will be able to notice strange looks and behavior from their side. Therefore, if a guy refuses to visit the establishments that you previously went to, then this is another sign of his betrayal.

6. The guy starts giving hints that he is unhappy in the relationship.

Does he often say that your relationship is not going the way he wants? Or is he constantly dissatisfied with something and behaving aggressively? Then these subtle hints and signs indicate that he has another woman, and with you he wants to break off relations. And if a guy is really dating another girl, he will invariably compare your behavior with that of other women. In addition, he will make you guilty of all quarrels and conflicts that arise between you. He will also begin to do his best to help you break up.

He can greatly change his behavior. She will begin to take more care of herself, her appearance, her hair, clothes, and so on. He may develop new habits, hobbies and entertainment, which he will spend too much time on.

7. He shows no signs of jealousy.

Reasonable jealousy is necessary for any couple. But it can be weird if the guy doesn’t show any signs of jealousy at all. It is our human nature for a man to protect and be jealous of his woman. So, if you start to notice that a man’s feelings for you have cooled down. And he shows absolutely no signs of jealousy. Then you should think carefully about continuing the relationship with this person. Indeed, without mutual feelings and without trust in each other, you cannot build a lasting union.

8. You start to see and meet less and less often

You can still spend time together, but it will be significantly different from what was between you before. In fact, finding out if a guy is cheating is not that difficult. And many girls feel it with their hearts and intuition. They begin to notice strong behavioral changes in the man. Therefore, if you start to meet each other less and less. You rarely call up and communicate little. Then there is a high probability that the man has someone else. After all, couples in love cannot live a day without each other. They find time in a busy schedule to hear the voice of a loved one at least for a few minutes. And if all this is not there, then there is no more mutual attraction between you.

9. Pay attention to his gaze

The look very often betrays a man. He may hide and avert his eyes from you, or look too brooding and dreamy. This will be especially noticeable when you start to start a conversation about how he spent his weekend, with whom he met, or how he was on vacation. You will notice his infidelity, and you will feel it with your intuition. So don’t be afraid to trust her, and listen to yourself more.

10. Pay attention to mutual acquaintances

Signs of a cheating man can often be identified by people you know in common. They can avoid you, they will lower their eyes when communicating, they can constantly talk behind your back, and hide something. All this is also a reason to think about why they behave this way and ignore you.