How do you know if a guy is jealous and what to do about it?

Jealousy is so common today that we take it for granted. A lot of girls really like it when their boyfriend is jealous, and they take it as a sign of love. But the sad fact is that jealousy has nothing to do with love. Jealousy is simply an emotion that a person experiences due to low self-esteem. I think you also experienced this feeling, and you know what I am talking about.

Jealousy is often seen in monogamous relationships. When people have had a single partner throughout their lives. But jealousy becomes a problem when it turns into paranoia and obsession. So you should identify jealousy in the early stages and try to eliminate it. But the problem is that a man can hide his feelings. He doesn’t want to admit his insecurity, so he just keeps quiet. And at this moment you do not know how to understand that the guy is jealous.

Key characteristics of a jealous guy

1. The guy is watching you

For example, you are sitting with friends in your favorite cafe, and suddenly your boyfriend accidentally appears in this place. Although you have not agreed to meet here. What a coincidence you think. But this is not the case. His unplanned appearances can be a sign of jealousy for a particular friend, but he just doesn’t talk about it.

2. The man regularly asks who you spend time with.

If a man “accidentally” starts asking who you are spending time with, then this is another sign of his jealousy. He wants to know how you feel about these people, what you talk to them about, and how you feel. The guy is afraid that someone from your company may become closer to you than him.

3. The guy is acting weird

For example, if you decide to go somewhere alone, then there will be no limit to his indignation. Perhaps you decide to go on vacation with friends or work colleagues. And the guy doesn’t like it, and he opposes it. This could be because the guy doesn’t trust you. And when he hears that you will not be there for a few days, it shocks him even more. In fact, this is an unhealthy situation, especially if he insists that you should always be together. Maybe he just loves to spend time with you. But it is also possible that he is nervous because he cannot control you. If he has no reason not to trust you because of past behavior, then this is a clear sign that he is jealous in a hidden way.

4. He flirts openly with other girls and monitors your reactions.

The next way to tell if a guy is jealous is to look at how he behaves with other girls. This tactic is often used by jealous people. They begin to flirt with other people in completely obvious ways. Perhaps your boyfriend is so nice to everyone. But in any case, if he tries his best to show how other people are interested in him, then in this way he is trying to make up for self-doubt. This behavior can not only be a sign of his jealousy, but also mean that he is shallow and vindictive.

5. The guy hates other people for no apparent reason

Do you have a friend that the guy just hates for no apparent reason? It doesn’t matter how often you see this friend. Either way, the hatred can be a consequence of the fact that a friend may have provoked your boyfriend’s latent insecurities, and now he is jealous. Perhaps your friend is really smart and makes the guy feel stupid in front of you. Be that as it may, your boyfriend is jealous at heart, and worries that this friend is somehow better than him.

6. He says your clothes are too revealing.

Perhaps he states that you are wearing skirts that are too short, that you are dressing unacceptably, or that you have too much exposed body. This behavior, and being too biased about your style, is a sign of a man’s jealousy.

7. He’s too touchy

Excessive resentment, here’s how to tell if a guy is jealous. A man may be offended even when you go out to just chat with friends. He can come and hug you while you are communicating. Or squeeze your hand hard. He tries to show his resentment in every way. Therefore, if you notice this behavior, especially when your acquaintances and friends come, then your boyfriend is really jealous.

How to deal with a jealous guy

If a guy is showing these signs, then he needs to change the situation and deal with the jealousy before it gets out of hand. First, there is nothing you can do about his insecurity. The root of this problem is out of your reach. There is uncertainty in his mind. Therefore, in order to get rid of jealousy, he needs to start working on himself. However, there are a few things you can do on your part to improve your relationship.

1. Take his feelings seriously.

If he ever has the courage to openly admit jealousy, then help him solve the problem. For example, if a guy is jealous of friends, then say that you love only him, and with these people you only have friendly relations. Remind the guy the reasons why you are with him. This will calm him down a bit.

2. Don’t try to flirt with men

Some girls flirt with men, thinking that this will increase the guy’s desire to be with them. But in reality, it just means that you don’t value your partner’s feelings. After all, any relationship needs trust and appreciation. And if you deliberately kindle the fire of mistrust, then of course he will be jealous.

3. Show love and care

In long-term relationships, couples forget about this, which often leads to jealousy. So show that you love him and that you only want to be with him. Spend more time together, take care of him, show concern and respect. Show that he is an important part of your life. Do something special for him often, and never ignore his wishes. Well, if the guy’s jealousy is not so strong and does not affect the relationship, then you should not worry so much. As we said earlier, show more feelings for your partner, be honest and sincere with him. Then your relationship will improve, and his jealousy will not be so strong.