How do you know if a man is married?

What are the signs of a married man, and how can you determine if a man is in a relationship? After all, quite often it happens that you met a young man, he seems very nice, but there is something in him that worries you. He seems to be hiding certain moments of his life, and this makes you doubt his intentions and that he is truly free.

Well, if you’re not sure if your new partner is free or not, here are ten signs that will help you tell a married man from an unmarried man.

The obvious signs of a married man

1. You cannot contact him on weekends and holidays

If you only meet with this guy on weekdays, and on weekends you almost never see each other, then he has someone else, and it may well be that he is already married. For most married men, the weekend is a time allotted for family affairs and worries. While you may have a chance to pull it out for one weekend, this is usually the exception. Perhaps his wife or family moved to another city, so he decided to meet with you.

Likewise, if you notice that a man disappears for the holidays, makes many excuses not to spend Christmas, New Years Eve or Valentine’s Day with you, then most likely he has a spouse with whom he wants to spend this time. …

2. You cannot call him at a certain time

Signs of a married man often show up when talking on the phone. For example, when he regularly drops your phone calls. Or, if you notice that your new boyfriend’s phone is unavailable at a certain time. These are further signs that he may be with his wife and does not want to answer. If it is not available during business hours, then this is understandable. But, if he is not at work, and his cell phone is turned off, then it is worth thinking about his honesty.

And if you can talk or call him when he is at home, but begin to notice that he answers in a low, muffled voice, or is always in the bathroom, then he is clearly hiding something, and it may well be that he is already married.

3. He takes you to unusual non-public places

A man who is hiding something will try not to show himself in public with you. After all, it is obvious that he simply does not want to face people who know him. Due to this, you can only see it at certain times. So, if your new partner asks to meet him in some secluded places, on the other side of the city, or you only meet at the cinema, then he is clearly “leading you by the nose.”

4. He never invites home

If you are dating a man for a long time, and he does not invite him to his home, then you should understand that it all comes down to one thing – he has a wife or family. Or he can invite you to a rented apartment and pass you off as his own. In this case, say that you would like to get to know his relatives and friends. And, if a man refuses, or starts to evade an answer, then he is cheating.

If the guy is already married, he won’t want to complicate matters. This means that he will avoid any possible meeting with close people, especially with someone from close relatives. And, even if he allows him to meet with his friends, they will be friends who know about his depraved deeds.

5. Little information on social networks

A married man will have little to say about his life on social media. His social media profiles will be limited. There will be very little information there, or he may create a separate social media account altogether to pretend that he is still alone.

He will also be quite secretive during meetings. Your conversations will revolve around the same topics. This will require a lot of lies from him. So if you feel like the guy you are dating is actually not being honest with you and that he is living a double life, then it’s time to end this relationship. They don’t make sense. Sooner or later they will end.

6. Band on the ring finger

If you notice a slightly lighter patch of skin on his ring finger, then it may well be that your boyfriend took off his wedding ring to hide his marital status. Perhaps this is not an obvious sign of a married man, and he has been divorced for a long time. But in any case, pay attention to such small clues that may give it away.

7. A man does not talk about a joint future

If your boyfriend is already married, he will avoid talking about plans for the future and intentions to be with you further. He will always change the topic of conversation. Most married men will never leave their family. Why does he need this headache with divorce, alimony and everything else?

8. Check how your phone number is written

Ask him for a phone number and dial your number. If your real name is displayed there, or you are recorded as – bunny, beloved, cat, then you have nothing to worry about. But, if after the call you see a strange entry that does not apply to you at all, then he is lying to you.

9. He is secretive and vague

Signs of a married man, such as secrecy and lack of specificity, may not be obvious at first. But over time, you will begin to notice that he will in every possible way avoid serious topics and specifics. He will not speak with whom he lives, where he studied, worked, and so on. There will always be an understatement in his answers. And he will completely go away from direct questions and translate the topic of conversation.