How do you know if a man wants to marry you?

How to understand that the man you are dating has thoughts and plans to propose to you? And can a woman herself determine that a man wants to marry her? Marriage is a really serious step in the life of any person, but when you really find a soul mate, then a lot of your feelings can be understood without words.

If you look at trends around the world, the number of marriages is growing every year. After all, this is a truly wonderful and romantic event that stays with you for life. Of course, there are different couples and different relationships between a man and a woman. Some are in no hurry to get married, while others enter into a marriage a couple of months after they met.

Romance plays a big role in marriage and people use it to stay with the one they love. Typically, people become spouses because of love for each other, not just for economic reasons. Although, they certainly study the material side of the partner.

So how to determine that a man wants to marry a woman and how long does he need? In fact, there is no exact answer here. After all, each man needs a different time to make a decision. There are several important factors to consider, including the length of the relationship and how he reacts to conversations about starting a family.

If you have been dating for several months, it may be too early for you to think about it. Conversely, if you have been together for several years, and he still has not made a decision, then this may start to bother you.

Talking to him about taking your feelings to the next level can be a good way to gauge his level of interest in the matter.

Signs in a relationship that a man wants to marry you

  • Your connections are developing in the best way and this has not happened between you before;
  • You start dating his relatives, loved ones and friends;
  • You often communicate with him about the future and what your life will be like in a few years;
  • He is trying to figure out your ring finger size;
  • If a man wants to marry you, then he often talks about family and about creating a happy relationship;
  • Communicates openly on any topic and even when you start a conversation about marriage, he does not shy away from answers;
  • Together you discuss where you will live in the future, in which house, apartment, etc .;
  • He cares a lot about you and cannot live a day without you;
  • Your man says that he constantly thinks about you: at work, at lunch, when driving in the car or going to bed;
  • You talk every day and constantly find new topics for communication;
  • Discusses his income and finances openly with you.

Signs that say he’s with you for a long time

  • He often talks to you about his dream home;
  • You often talk to him about children;
  • Every time you meet, he tries to impress you;
  • Your man is the first to start talking about family life and marriage;
  • He keeps you informed of his life events;
  • He supports you and never makes fun of you;
  • Your boyfriend buys you gifts for no reason;
  • He is devoted only to you, does not flirt with anyone and does not look at other women.

Is your boyfriend really ready to propose?

  • He has a vision of how to build a family life and he talks about it;
  • His feelings and love for you are strong enough;
  • A man is ready to marry if he has a job, a constant stream of income, and he makes responsible and balanced decisions;
  • Your partner often argues his expressions when communicating with you;
  • If he does not have enough money for a wedding and a romantic trip, then he starts saving or quickly finds it;
  • He goes shopping with you and helps you choose one thing or another;
  • He writes down or remembers what you like, what you like to eat, where to walk, etc.

What prevents a guy from proposing?

There are some factors that can prevent your man from proposing. Perhaps he thinks about it and plans, but something stops him.

  • If you wanted to make a big wedding, then he simply may not have the financial capacity. Men tend to marry in most cases when they feel financially secure;
  • Fear of rejection. Even if you have been dating for a long time, he may still fear that you simply will not accept his offer;
  • He’s waiting for the right time. If he wants to make a very beautiful proposal, then for this he will need time to plan and think everything correctly. He may think that if he does not ask you for a beautiful hand and heart, then you will refuse him.

Signs that a man doesn’t want to marry you

Here are some signs that will tell you that he has no desire to marry you. Although he may be interested in marriage, he has great doubts.

  • He constantly makes excuses and, when talking to you, avoids direct answers;
  • Your man never talks to you about family or children;
  • Constantly changes the subject when you bring the conversation to this question;
  • He is afraid of commitment.