How do you know if your husband has a mistress?

Many wives would like to know if their husband has another companion. Sometimes this can be understood by insignificant signs, which we will discuss with you today.

Reasons for male infidelity

Everything in this world has its own reasons. The male “walk to the left” is no exception. What pushes a husband into the arms of another woman? After all, it happens that everyone seems to be happy, the wife does not suspect anything, the spouse can behave like an exemplary family man. But one day this ideal picture collapses with a crash – the wife finds out that her husband has long been in a relationship with another woman.

Let’s outline 5 main reasons:

  • Natural instinct or polygamy. The psychology of men is based on predation: the hunting instinct unconsciously pushes them to conquer as many women as possible. The trophies received in the form of conquered ladies root the man as a strong, domineering male and strengthen his sense of confidence. Of course, there is no smell of love here. Rather, it is a matter of low self-esteem: the lower it is, the more often and more the unfaithful walks around in order to confirm their value in this way.
  • Why Husband Cheats? Family routine has destroyed, perhaps, most families. Spouses get used to each other, passions subside, give way to gray everyday life. Everyday life, children, a wife who ceases to take care of herself – all this provokes the husband to look for lost emotions on the side. And it can happen quite by accident at work, on a business trip, at a drunken party.
  • Lack of sex is also one of the reasons. Scientists have found that an ordinary healthy male half of humanity thinks about him many times a day. For women, the situation is different: there are emotions – there is a desire, if there is no mood – there is no desire. Fatigue directly affects a woman’s sexual appetite, sometimes turning her into a trapped horse. In such a state, the ladies are definitely not up to love joys. So husbands go to the left to make up for the sex deficit. How to find out about your husband’s infidelity in this case – pay attention to the frequency of your intimacy. When cheating occurs most often:
  • Family crisis – psychologists have several such periods throughout the life of the family. Mutual misunderstandings, accumulated grievances and reproaches alienate the spouses, they feel unnecessary to each other. If both show wisdom and a desire to save the family, then the marriage can still be saved. But often, following their emotions, spouses commit adultery, destroying their marriage.
  • Sometimes guys just don’t have enough adrenaline, they want to tickle their nerves. To do something forbidden, go unpunished – these actions cause a storm of feelings and emotions, a man gets great pleasure in going to treason.

Signs that the husband “went to the left”

We figured out the reasons, but many would like to know how to recognize a husband’s infidelity. Cheating means changing a person, their behavior and habits. If the spouses have been married for many years and know each other as flaky, they will immediately notice even a slight novelty in their relationship.

Your husband’s behavior will tell you if he was faithful:

  • How is your bed? The cheating husband will either grow cold towards you, as he will have pleasure on the side, or, conversely, will become more active in bed. Sexual activity is associated with an increased sexual background and his libido.
  • The spouse suddenly became more courteous, began to give gifts and flowers, to show affection and care. This behavior is dictated by his unconscious sense of guilt in front of you. This is a surefire way to spot infidelity.
  • His mood has noticeably improved, he has become softer, pliable, soaring in the clouds. This is direct evidence that he is in a state of love, euphoria. He has a mistress who inspires him.
  • When the husband cheated If you suspect that your husband is cheating, then there is a good way to recognize this fact: pay attention to his phone and go online. If he has someone, then they will certainly communicate: correspond or call. Of course, an intelligent man will remove all traces of the crime. But, it is possible that over time, having made sure of his impunity, he will become less careful and forget to delete the SMS or call incriminating him.
  • The spouse began to stay late at work or to frequent the gym, he has daily urgent matters that he does not devote you to. A sudden check of his location will help to reveal the betrayal.
  • If he travels to other cities and beyond on duty, then here’s how you can find out if your husband is cheating on a business trip: pay attention to how often you call each other. Do you feel like he really misses you when apart, or his calls are rare and his words seem cold?

The appearance of the faithful

Love always transforms a person. In a state of euphoria, we want to please the object of our lust and do our best to be at our best. How to determine the signs of her husband’s betrayal and how to find out that he is walking from you, you will also be prompted by his changed appearance:

  • If before he shaved once a week, walked in torn socks and did not worry about perfume, but now everything has changed exactly the opposite – you can safely suspect him of infidelity.
  • Symptoms of Cheating Body language is also a good clue: Is he looking you directly in the eyes, or is his pupils “looking for the fifth angle”? How do his hands behave when you ask sensitive questions? He may be rubbing them, covering his mouth when speaking, or folding over his chest when answering. Does he also hug you often at home and in public? Kisses in the presence of strangers?
  • Traces of betrayal on clothes: “classic of the genre” – lipstick on a shirt, long hair on a jacket and the smell of women’s perfume will help bring the cheater to clean water.

The emergence of new things

Suddenly, out of nowhere, small small things of a symbolic nature began to appear at your beloved. Mistresses love to give men every little thing, as if marking the territory and hinting to his wife – he is mine.

Of course, not every cheater will dare to bring presents home, it is quite possible that he will leave them at work. For example, if your spouse works as a taxi driver, inspect his car for new, cute little things.

Next steps

The following tips will help you cope with cheating and move on with your life:

  • After the wife learns about the betrayal, she is covered with a sea of ​​emotions and feelings, including anger, resentment, rage, misunderstanding of what is happening. The question sounds in my head “why is he doing this to me?” At this stage, it is very important to experience all these feelings, to throw out anger. Beat a pillow, for example, or a punching bag in the gym. I want to cry? You need to cry until the tears run out. It is necessary to give yourself time, not to rush things, to suffer as much as you need until all emotions burn out, leaving an emptiness inside. If you suppress emotions, then in the future this may affect the state of health. Therefore, get rid of negative experiences.
  • Ways to Experience Cheating When a woman is more or less calm, she can think. It is necessary to talk with your husband, to understand the reasons for his betrayal. Find out if feelings remain between you and you want to save them. It so happens that a man really falls in love, then the marriage cannot be saved. It remains only to thank the spouse for all the good and let him go. Another option: the spouse cheated by accident, not on purpose, “the devil beguiled”, drank too much and now greatly regrets what he had done. If you love him, give your husband a second chance.
  • The third and final step is forgiveness. The spouses have already discussed everything, listened and understood each other’s grievances – it is time to build relationships anew, taking into account their past experience. Psychologists say that after adultery in the family a new period begins, wisdom and a more respectful attitude towards each other are present in it.

To forgive treason or not, it’s up to you to decide. You don’t need to follow anyone’s advice, listen to your heart.