How do you know that a friend has fallen in love with you?

In fact, identifying signs of a friend’s crush is not always easy. After all, not all people are able to openly express their own feelings. And many are simply embarrassed to talk about their love for another person. But, how can you understand that your friend or good acquaintance has fallen head over heels in love with you? How will he behave at meetings, and what to say?

Perhaps he will look at you in some special way, not like before. Maybe he will start to constantly give compliments, although you did not notice this for him before. Perhaps this guy wants to spend more time with you and arrange romantic dates? In this article, we will analyze the most obvious signs of a friend’s love so that you are confident in his feelings and plans for you.

1. He touches you more often than usual.

Now we are not talking about sexual touches, but about lighter, supposedly friendly ones. The guy may take your hand when you walk together, he may stare at you when you are talking about something. Touching is a really good indicator that he likes you. If he allegedly touches you by accident, and does not pull away when you do the same, then the chances are high that he is very sympathetic to you.

2. He tries to be closer to you

Body orientation, body language, and behavior are all obvious factors that help you know that a person likes you. The man will lean towards you when you are having a conversation, he will listen carefully to you during the dialogue. And all his attention will be directed only to you.

In all sorts of situations, he will try to be as close to you as possible. Be it at school at a desk, at the institute, at a table in a cafe, in a minibus, and so on. Attempting to get close and being overly attentive are obvious signs that a friend is in love and can help you determine how much they like you.

3. Constantly calls or writes

If your friend started calling or writing much more often than before, then this is a reason to think, why is this all? Perhaps he misses you and wants something more than just friendship? This can be especially noticeable if he just calls to chat. And if he writes to you every morning to wish you a good day, and in the evening wishes you sweet dreams, then these are obvious signs of his love.

4. He looks much better than before

If you start to notice that this guy has started to dress better, is constantly smartening up, or at every meeting with you “looks like a spine”, then it may well be that he is doing it just for you. He will notice all the little things that you like and will try to satisfy all your desires. He will be sincerely interested in your life, and will try to imitate you in everything.

5. Flirting and attention

A man can use light flirting to show he is interested. He can do it with jokes, but they will be with more romantic overtones. This can happen in a hidden way or in an absolutely obvious way. The guy will watch you closely when you are with someone. It will tease and tease you slightly, as boys do at school when they pull girls by the pigtails. These are all signs that a friend is in love, which say that he likes you more than his girlfriend.

6. Compliments

Compliments from the lips of a man tell a lot. He can compliment your appearance, even if you think you don’t look your best. He will start to notice all your new clothes and purchases. Your new hairstyle, beautiful makeup, new shoes, dress, and so on. All these things cannot be overlooked by him. And it also indicates that the guy pays special attention to you, because you are very impressed with him.

7. Gifts and surprises

Naturally, all good friends give gifts, but in this case, gifts from him will come regularly and unexpectedly. He may start giving you flowers very often and making unexpected surprises without a special occasion. He will try to somehow surprise and please you. That is, all his efforts will be aimed at bringing you happiness and pleasure.

8. Trust and dedication

Is your buddy ready to spend all day shopping with you? Or wait in huge lines to buy your favorite nail polish or any other item? If he began to amaze with his devotion and trust, if he is ready not to leave you a single step. Then this is definitely more than friendship. Because only a person in love is ready to sacrifice his own time and comfort for the sake of another person. And such a relationship has a great chance of developing into a strong and long-term romantic union.

9. He starts criticizing other people

Your friend may become extremely jealous and criticize all the men with whom you interact in some way. He will not like their appearance, voice, behavior, work, and so on. He may even hint that none of these guys are worthy of you, and you better not communicate with them at all. Such words and actions are another sign of a friend’s love.

10. He is interested in your hobbies and interests.

When he shows a sincere interest in your hobbies and interests. When you start to be interested in and do the same things as you. Be it dancing, yoga, foreign languages ​​and much more. He may have a particular pleasure in talking with you about these topics and imitating them, although he has not previously shown such interest. Then this behavior will indicate that the guy has special feelings for you, and wants a more serious relationship.

How do you tell him that you want or don’t want a relationship?

If you have mutual sympathy for a friend, and you cannot simply ignore your own feelings and his behavior. Then it’s time to take the relationship to a higher level. Choose a suitable time and place to have a heart-to-heart talk with him. You should know better where and under what circumstances both of you will feel comfortable talking.

Just do not need to report your decision by correspondence or by phone. This is especially important if you do not want to go into a more serious relationship with this person. Show respect for him and his feelings. Express your point of view and try not to offend him.