How do you learn to keep secrets?

Can you keep secrets? I used to have big problems with this, and all due to the fact that I am too sociable and sincere person. But I often said things that I really didn’t need. As a result of this, some people appreciated me, while others, on the contrary, did not like me and took offense at me. Over time, I began to work on my mistakes, and now I can say with confidence that I can keep any secrets that my friends and family share with me. So read on if you’re really curious about how to learn how to keep secrets.

1. Learn to say no

It is necessary to refuse correctly. In order not to be afraid that with your refusal you offend the interlocutor, remember that beautifully and well-chosen phrases in case of refusal can, on the contrary, increase your authority and reputation.

2. Learn to hide emotions

The emotions you display through expressions or body language are the first manifestations of your thoughts and feelings. Let’s remember the previous dialogue. The moment you said you didn’t know what happened between your girlfriend and boyfriend, you most likely looked away from the person, or smiled. Than they gave themselves away. More precisely, your body language and facial expression said that you knew everything, but did not want to speak. Therefore, if you want to understand how to learn how to keep secrets, you first need to learn how to manage and hide your emotions.

3. Write down your thoughts in a personal journal

Writing is a passive but effective form of emotional expression. Therefore, many people keep their own diaries to share their stories, thoughts and experiences there. You can also use the diary as one method to learn how to keep secrets. You can write down everything you think about or what you want to share with other people. Just make sure you keep your precious records in a safe place that no one knows about. Otherwise, you may not even though, reveal all your secrets.

4. Think Before You Speak

“Think before you say something” is one of the most commonly used tips offered by personal development coaches and management gurus. What for? Simply because this is the easiest way to avoid mistakes when talking to a person. But when we are at the mercy of emotions, it is often difficult for us to do this. Therefore, as I said earlier, first learn to control yourself and your emotions. And make sure you are fully aware of the words that come out of your mouth, especially during conversations that touch on sensitive topics.

5. Alcohol can make you do and say stupid things

I think you are well aware of how alcohol negatively affects our health. In the same way, it negatively affects our emotional and mental state. And in our case, alcohol also leads to blurting out secrets and unnecessary conversations. Therefore, be aware of what you say when you drink alcohol. The easiest way to do this is to remind yourself of the things you shouldn’t talk about before you take your first sip of the alcoholic beverage. This thought can act as a barrier between your unconscious state and your language. Better yet, get rid of this bad habit altogether.

6. Talk to your pet

This advice on how to learn to keep secrets may sound strange to you, but it really works. And when you feel that you need to talk to someone, or tell something important, then just talk to your pet. Whether it’s your favorite cat or your dog. In this case, you can be sure that your secret will remain secret. It will also give you an emotional outlet, and you will be satisfied that you had someone to talk to.

7. Learn to manage your conversations

Keeping secrets can be challenging. But you can make it easier by learning how to engage in proper dialogue with the person. You also need to be honest with the person you are talking to. And openly tell him that you cannot talk about something, because you gave your word to keep it a secret. You don’t need to be defensive. Conduct a calm dialogue with the person, ask him more questions, while always remembering what you do not need to tell him.

8. Remember the consequences of not knowing how to keep secrets.

The ability to keep secrets is a sign of a strong character, and such a person definitely deserves respect and trust. You also need to be aware of the consequences of revealing secrets, as it can lead to the following results:

  • You can lose a good friend, or ruin your relationship with him for life;
  • You can cause a lot of emotional pain and hurt a person;
  • Your inability to keep secrets can cause two people to quarrel with each other;
  • You can hurt someone financially;
  • You can provoke a situation that will make the person have bad memories;
  • All your friends will know that you really do not know how to keep secrets, and will never trust you again;
  • Always remember karma. After all, someone else can reveal your secrets to everyone in the same way.