How do you remember the names of people you meet?

The importance of memorizing names cannot be overstated. Especially when you meet someone who is significant to you. And if you have problems in this area, then I recommend that you understand well how to remember the names of people so that you no longer find yourself in uncomfortable situations. After all, our own name is perhaps the most important word for us. And when we meet a person who we like or whom we admire, and when he calls our name, we feel a sense of joy and enthusiasm. It’s like being recognized as someone whose opinion matters a lot to us.

I often find my name mispronounced, misspelled, and often forgotten. This is very annoying, and I lose the desire to communicate with this person in the future. But when a person respects me and my name, I am overly grateful to him, and always reciprocate. This is why it is important to memorize people’s names. And why forgetting can be embarrassing and blocking any opportunity for a relationship to grow. But the good news is that we can learn to remember people’s names and get recognition in their eyes. You can improve this ability with a few simple tricks.

1. Listen carefully

Be mindful when someone introduces yourself, and focus only on that person. Sometimes we are so excited by the first meeting with a stranger that we start thinking about how we look, what we are wearing, and how this person will perceive us. Instead of focusing on him and talking to him. We are already beginning to think about what we will say next. Instead of being more interested in the person and asking him questions. So forget about your ego for a while and just listen carefully.

2. Use your name more often when communicating

It can be difficult to remember someone’s name if you haven’t heard it before, and you rarely say it. But one of the easiest ways to remember a person’s name is to repeat it when meeting, and several times during further communication. For example, if someone introduces you to a person named Milena, then when meeting you say: “Nice to meet you, Milena.” Instead of a cold “Hello” or “Nice to meet you.” This simple trick by itself will greatly increase your ability to remember names. Then try using his or her name several times in the conversation. For example, you might ask, “Milena, have you seen this movie? What did you like about him “? This provides additional reinforcement of the name.

However, don’t overdo it with this method. Misusing someone’s name can seem forced and insincere. I think you’ve noticed how the overuse of names by sellers when they want to impose something on you is a little annoying. So avoid repetitions too often, otherwise you will run into another problem.

3. Associate a name with a picture or thing

The next way to remember people’s names is to use visual memory. If you can associate a person’s name with their physical characteristics, or match a picture with their name. Then, using this method, increase the chances of memorization. This may not be the best example. But if you remember Hitler. You will most likely imagine one of the most prominent features of this dictator – his mustache. Therefore, if you ever see a photograph of him, then this trait will remind you of his name. And although this mustache has long gone out of fashion, you still remember the name or surname of this person.

And if you are more attentive, you will notice that most people have some kind of physical characteristics that set them apart from the rest. For example: the manner of speech, gait, or style of dress – make these people more memorable. Perhaps this person is too tall, or on the contrary, too short. Pay attention to all this when meeting. And when you first meet a person, take the time to associate their name with that trait. So that the next time you see it, it will awaken your memory.

4. Associate the person’s name with your friend or acquaintance

If you have heard this name before, or you can remember some celebrity with the same name, this will greatly simplify your task. Try to see a person with the same name in your head. As if he is standing next to you. Or remember some ridiculous situation with this person. And the funnier this picture is, the better you will be able to connect this person with your acquaintance. And the sooner you will remember his name.

5. Associate the name with similar words that rhyme

I remember being impressed by one of my colleagues. Who constantly added cute phrases to my name. At first, I did not understand why he was doing this. But after a while, when we began to develop some kind of relationship, he said: he also has a problem with remembering names. And if he adds cute words to the name, then he remembers people and their names better this way.

6. Create a visual connection

Some names have real meaning, which makes them easy to visualize. For example, the name “Rose” or “Maya”. For those names that do not make sense, you should try to find a replacement word. And the funnier or more unusual the image is, the more likely you will remember it.

At first, you may find this a little complicated. But with time and practice, you can find and use the methods that are right for you. Don’t worry if you’re still having a bad memory of names at first. Keep using our methods and you will definitely succeed. Try to be more attentive when communicating. And pay more attention to the traits of a person, and also come up with various associations with his name. Then you will have a much better chance of remembering his name correctly.