How does a real man behave?

To be a real man means to meet certain demands, criteria and expectations that society imposes on the stronger sex. But how does a real man behave? What specific requests and criteria should it meet? We will talk about this in today’s article.

1. He does not wait, but takes concrete actions

Real men go after what they want. They are like hunters, they will chase after a woman they like, and they will seek her, no matter how hard it is. They will do their best to interest the woman and invite her out on a date. A strong man never gives up, even if there are serious obstacles in the way. He may be shy, but in any case, he acts and takes action to achieve his own goals. He does not sit back, expecting things to happen naturally, but takes concrete actions – this is how a real man behaves.

2. He knows what he wants in life and in romantic relationships.

A real man has a plan and a clear vision of what he wants to achieve in life. The same goes for romantic relationships. He knows how to ask a girl out on a date and plan it in a way that makes both of you interesting and comfortable. A real man plans a date specific to the woman he is dating. Because she knows that a girl needs to be surprised, and each girl is different.

3. His words and actions complement each other

He knows what he is saying and is always ready to back up his words with actions. If a guy says that he is going to call at a certain time, then he will definitely call, even if he is very busy. If he plans to pick up the girl at a certain time, you can be sure that the car will be waiting at that time. A real man does exactly what he says, and you don’t have to ask or remind him multiple times. He will definitely do what he said. Because he is a man of his word, and his own reputation plays a big role for him.

4. He doesn’t date many girls at the same time.

A real man doesn’t date two or three women at the same time. He devotes all his attention to only one woman, and is faithful to her. He is serious and respectful of the opposite sex. And she’s not going to think about dating another woman if she’s already in a relationship, let alone dating several women at the same time.

5. Honesty and decency

If we are talking about how a real man behaves, then we must definitely say about honesty and decency. There is no room for lies in the life of such a person. He is honest with other people and expects to be treated the same way. An honest person doesn’t need to lie or manipulate because he doesn’t do anything wrong. It is open like a book because it has nothing to hide. He does not speak behind the backs of his friends, and does not spread gossip about other women.

In a romantic relationship, he is the same open and simple person, it is easy and simple to communicate with him. He can talk about his own feelings, even if the likelihood that the woman may reject him.

6. He is not afraid to defend his opinions and positions

Such a person understands that he will have to compete in the social world and defend his own rights. Many guys in the modern world are used to complaining that they are not respected and do not listen to their opinion, that they are not reckoned with and are not taken seriously. But if you dig deeper, to the root of the problem, then we understand that this person himself allowed other people to disrespect him. Therefore, each person should be able to defend their opinion, and not allow them to “wipe their feet on it.”

7. He behaves with dignity

The next sign of how a real man behaves is that he never hysteria. Nowadays, it is a big problem to find a man who would behave calmly and with dignity. Unfortunately, nowadays a lot of guys are getting hysterical. They behave like girls, and girls, in turn, begin to surpass and dominate the guys.

A real man does not take offense, does not whine and does not complain about problems. He appreciates and listens to the opinions of other people. He does not quarrel, and does not show anger if problems arise in life, but keeps himself in control even in the most difficult situations.

8. It is not approved at the expense of women

A real man never asserts himself at the expense of the weaker sex. Unfortunately, there are many guys who try to assert themselves at the expense of girls and dominate them with their strength. A strong man will always respect and protect a woman, no matter what she is. He will respect a woman, and will never allow himself to raise a hand on her. Because this is largely beneath his dignity. This is how a real man behaves.

9. Does not betray loved ones

Remember the important rule – “never betray your flock.” Your pack can be your family, close people or like-minded people. I’m not talking about the fact that when your friends are going to do something bad, or go to a bar and get drunk, and you refuse them, as a result, you feel like a traitor. It’s about something else. It’s about when you start cheating on yourself, your opinion, or your own promises.

10. He does not give up

Even though many things do not work out in life, a real man never gives up and does not give up. He is looking for any ways and opportunities to fulfill what he promised. He can find the strength to move on, even if it seems that the whole world is against him. And despite the fact that he is now at a loss of strength, he does not give up and moves forward.

Naturally, he intelligently distributes his strength and energy. Monitors his own health and the health of loved ones. He cares about close people, and does not forget about them.

11. Work on yourself

Another important rule that all guys must adhere to is to always develop themselves. Develop your body, your mind and consciousness. A strong man always remembers this, and works on himself. He knows that there are more important things in life than money and status. That we have a heart and soul to keep in mind. And if he remembers this. If he lives according to his spiritual needs, then he will be happy.

12. Compassion and help to others

The last sign of how a real man behaves is charity and helping other people. Such a person knows that it is necessary to help others, but only if he “confidently stands on his feet” and was able to help himself. He helps people who are weaker than him, who do not have the same skills or resources. He lives not only for himself, but also for others, and receives great joy and pleasure from this.