How does it feel to be a sexy woman?

Before you can look sexy, you must understand how to feel like a sexy woman. Feeling attractive and sexy comes from loving your body. From his true acceptance and development of self-confidence. If you do not know how to achieve this, then I will share with you some actionable tips. What you should do to feel like an attractive girl.

1) Look in the mirror more often

In order to feel sexy, you have to like yourself. Due to the fact that we are always in a hurry somewhere, we do not have time to see how we look from the outside. And even if you have 5 minutes, then you are doing something insignificant. Start spending more time on yourself. Appreciate and admire yourself when you stand in front of the mirror. It could be something very simple. For example, observe how beautiful your hair looks when it falls over your shoulders.

2) Don’t laugh at your body

Promise yourself that under no circumstances will you make fun of your body, including silly jokes. Whether you’re having a frank conversation with your female colleagues or a good friend of yours. No need to joke about how you gain weight, or look completely different from how you used to. When you make fun of your body, you may passively subject yourself to ridicule from others. Your jokes can leave a mark on your self-esteem. Start appreciating your body today, this very minute. Pamper yourself and always remember that first there is a feeling of sexuality, and only after that you become more attractive.

3) Don’t compare yourself to girls in magazines

The next way to feel sexy is not to compare yourself to others. Glossy magazines can be fun to read. But never compare your body to professional models. If you are not a model yourself, you will not be able to compare your body with the slender figures of twenty year old girls in chic outfits. Images of models and celebrities in women’s magazines and on various sites can be easily processed using programs and give them an amazing look. Stop wasting your precious time on such activities. Just like every man is not a younger version of Brad Pitt, and not every woman should look like Jennifer Lopez or Miranda Kerr.

4) Rub yourself with lotion or oil in the morning

What are your typical morning routines? Jump out of the shower and rush to work, college or school? Change your schedule a little and treat yourself to a good bathroom. Buy a body lotion, preferably with moisturizers such as shea butter. You definitely can’t go wrong with popular brands if you choose Olay or Dove. Get out of a hot shower or bath and dry yourself. Take a small amount of lotion, spread it over your palms and rub very slowly all over your body.

Apply light pressure when applying the lotion as if you were giving yourself a gentle massage. When your body is soft and radiant, you will begin to feel like a sexy woman. Wait a minute or two for your skin to absorb moisture. And put on only your underwear and a soft cloth robe. Then relax and feel your body rejuvenate as you take a break from the hustle and bustle.

5) Experiment with different types of underwear

Hipster briefs, boys’ shorts, tanga or classic panties, whichever style you use, head to your nearest store and buy some new panties. Do the same with your bra, and feel free to experiment with different cup styles or buy strapless ones for special occasions. Popular online retailers usually have a return policy. Therefore, if the size does not fit, the bra does not provide sufficient support, or there are other discomfort problems, you can return or exchange for another one. The tight feeling of new lingerie will instantly make you feel sexier.

6) Exercise regularly, but don’t get carried away with statistics

If you don’t know how to feel sexy, then start exercising. Sports and exercise are the best choices to not only feel sexier on the inside, but also to look the part. Through training and exercise, your body will be strengthened and you will begin to see certain changes in a couple of months. It may also be a good idea to keep a monthly record of your training and its results. Just don’t get hung up on every millimeter of your bust, waist or hips. Such an obsession will make you unable to notice the difference in your body, and can make you feel overwhelmed. Better measure yourself at regular intervals. Not too often for you to really notice the difference.

7) use a pleasant scent

A spray or your favorite perfume can instantly make you feel sexier if you’ve just stepped out of the shower, or are approaching the end of a busy day at work. In addition to the mirror cabinet in your bathroom, you can hide a tiny bottle of some perfume in your purse. This pleasant scent will give you a sense of confidence and you will think less about how to feel sexy.

8) Take pictures of yourself in different outfits and poses

How often do you photograph yourself? To feel attractive, you need to understand how good you can look when you wear your best outfits. Dress up your favorite clothes and feel free to take pictures of yourself. You can use a regular digital camera and tripod, set it to the self-timer and change one position after another. Look at the pictures over and over to see how beautiful you look. This admiration for yourself will make you feel sexier and give you confidence that you never had before.

9) Care for hair, nails and eyebrows

The condition of your body directly affects how you feel. The first step on the road to sexuality is to tidy up every part of your body. Get rid of unwanted body hair and make yourself feel smooth and light. Watch your eyebrows, nails and skin. Do your manicure and pedicure more often, even at home. Remember to scrub the soles of your feet with a scrub, and cover your skin with a soothing moisturizer. Feeling sexy begins with the realization that your body is smooth and clean.

10) wear clothes that make you feel sexy

There is no doubt that comfortable clothes, like your favorite leggings or an old T-shirt, feel really comfortable. But you need to experiment with new outfits. To solve this problem, put your comfortable clothes back in the closet. And promise yourself that you won’t wear it for at least a month. Changing your everyday clothes will add a fresh feeling not only to the way you look, but also to your way of thinking. You will start to feel sexy and much more attractive.