How does phone addiction affect our lives and how to get rid of it?

Technologies created to help us often prevent people from leading fulfilling lives. And it is the smartphone that brings more problems. Many cannot part with him for a second, checking mail or even simply turning on the screen. And now, when the need arises to constantly hold the gadget in hands, this becomes the first signal of a serious situation. I will tell you below about the name of addiction to a mobile phone and the Internet and how to get rid of the disease.

Manifestations of addiction

The annoyance that you will have to listen to the teacher in lectures and not communicate in social networks, or that you can be left without your favorite game at work, is not a sign of illness. A phobia is an irrational reaction to specific events. So, addicted people start to panic if there is no device nearby. They cannot concentrate on activities, become irritable, and feel uncomfortable and lost. In illness, all these characteristics are expressed quite clearly. Other signs are also present: sweating, chills, confusion, and a rapid heartbeat. A few more manifestations:

  • Dependence on the appearance of the device. I would like to decorate my smartphone in a special way, purchase a new model and thus emphasize my position in society or stand out from the masses.
  • The desire for information. The individual turns the bag upside down, looking for a gadget so as not to miss a new message or news.
  • Audible hallucinations. It starts to seem like a call is being heard, when in fact it did not arrive.

In addition, nomophobia can be called a state where even the thought of losing an electronic friend can trigger a panic attack. Therefore, it is known to divide the disease into degrees: from weak to severe.

Signs of phone addiction

  • You do not put your device aside for a second; you take it even when you go to the store. You feel more comfortable when your smartphone is in sight or in your pocket.
  • The gadget is constantly in the hands. You spend a lot of money to buy various updates and programs.
  • When you sleep, the device lies directly under the pillow or on the table next to the bed.
  • Communication on the device takes precedence over meetings.
  • Unlike conversations on the phone, during a conversation with your own eyes, stiffness arises, words are lost.
  • You are afraid of loss, you constantly check whether the gadget is nearby.
  • A lot of time is spent on selfies, posting on Instagram and other social networks. You think it is important for people to see that you are presentably dressed, do the perfect makeup, even if in reality the appearance is not so good.

If these symptoms have already appeared, efforts must be made to overcome the addiction to the phone, as it has already begun to gain traction.

Does the smartphone affect you

Of course, yes. And this influence can hardly be called positive:

  • Communication skills are lost. People are so accustomed to correspondence that when they meet in person, they look lost, get confused in thoughts and words.
  • You don’t know what’s going on around you. After all, all attention is attached to the screen, and the surrounding reality, meanwhile, bypasses you.
  • It is no longer possible to fall asleep quickly and sleep well. When the smartphone is constantly nearby, it causes disturbances in the deep sleep phase associated with the body’s rest and recuperation.

This does not mean that gadgets are absolute evil. They were created to help people. Today, it’s easy to find a great coffee shop or make a purchase from the comfort of your home. But the abuse of such opportunities leads to similar consequences.

How to deal with phone addiction

If you begin to notice that you are constantly looking for a smartphone with your hand, check your mail 20 times a day and cannot live for a second not to write to your friends on Vkontakte, but at the same time want to get rid of this ailment, then there is a way out. At my consultation, I am ready to help you overcome a disease that prevents you from leading a fulfilling life. In the meantime, I will give a couple of recommendations on how to take the first steps.


  • Obviously, you can get out of the habit of gadgets only if you stop using them. Sounds pretty straightforward, but it actually takes a lot of effort. Psychologists recommend for a start to stop wearing the device at least around the house.
  • An easy way to wean yourself off your phone is to put it in an inaccessible place, such as a closet. Try to turn it on only when you really need it.
  • Use your computer to get online. After all, you will not turn it on to check your social media alerts, it will take too long.
  • When going out for a walk or to the store, leave the device in the apartment, visit the area where there is no WI-FI.
  • Help yourself to stop. Here you go to Telegram to reply to a message and do not notice that an hour and a half has passed. While we are leafing through updates, new letters arrive. And so in a circle. This is a “game loop”, because usually this condition occurs when playing on entertainment machines. Therefore, set the timer, and when the signal rings, put the device aside.

Effective methods to deal with telephone addiction

I propose a number of simple manipulations to reduce the amount of time spent with the device.

Set the device to silent mode

Often times, people are unable to fully concentrate due to alerts. Sound signals make you reach for your smartphone, which takes a lot of time from the main tasks. If you do not want to sit at work until the night, turn off the sound. For important calls, turn on the Do Not Disturb feature so that the right person can reach you and put the rest on hold.

Use a regular alarm clock

Turning off the signal on the device, we immediately start scrolling through the tape. It takes an hour, sometimes two. The still sleepy brain is clogged with a mass of unnecessary information, which causes fatigue in the morning. Having noticed the device on the classic clock, you can take control of your morning activity. Place them on the nightstand next to the bed, and put your smartphone away. The temptation to look through all the news will significantly decrease, and you will take one more step on the way to get out of the phone and the Internet.

Leave the device in a remote location

When he is always at hand, attention is involuntarily riveted to him. When working or meeting with loved ones, put him away from you so as not to succumb to the fleeting desire to find out what is happening in the lives of your friends.

Record hours spent in front of the screen

Try to use your device consciously. Record where, when and how long you went. At the end of the day, analyze the outcome to assess the magnitude of the problem and how much effort it will take to wean yourself off your phone addiction. It is much easier for IPhone holders in this regard. The developers have provided the ability to analyze time costs and made a screen time function. Every week, a report is sent, which services the owner visits most often and how long he is there.

Use apps

After all, they can not only take up time, but also help to spend it rationally. For those who want to spend less time on social networks, programs such as, for example, Focus Lock have long been released. It blocks files that take too many hours to complete. It is a great advisor for those who have difficulties with time management and self-discipline. Here you set the period of work and rest, which helps the service to navigate when to close access. He will also remind you to take a break.

Change your habit

Not the easiest advice for adults on how to get rid of phone addiction, but quite effective. Instead of trying to escape the urge to peek into the tape, grab a book. Spread them around the apartment so that they are always at hand at the right time. You will gradually get used to reading. Also try installing useful applications such as the e-library.

Set aside a specific time for the internet

Create a schedule with periods when it is most convenient for you to read messages and watch news. This can be 30 minutes in the morning, several times throughout the day and half an hour in the evening.

Space without a gadget

Choose a location in your apartment where you will not touch the device. Let it be a rest room. This is a good way to take your mind off your phone and focus more on your family and hobbies.

Set strong passwords

The more thorny the path to services and an account is, the more chances you will think: is it necessary? Come up with complex access codes or patterns to lock. This method is perfect for those who find it difficult to pull themselves together.


The loss of time is more related to the unconscious. To remove addiction to the phone, go from the other side. Scroll through the tape, being aware of what you are doing right now. Consider if this distracts you from important things. Suddenly deadlines are already on the heels, and you are not dealing with more pressing problems than a new photo of your friend on Instagram.