How much money to give for a wedding? How to give money for a wedding?

Why is money better than a thing

Every year envelopes with money become more and more popular. However, the reason is not that people are simply lazy and do not want to look for or choose a gift. Most newlyweds themselves put forward a similar requirement before their celebration.

Those who do not voice their needs are likely to encounter the same gifts. Perhaps this awkwardness is one of the main reasons for a gift in an envelope. Sometimes it’s not even three pots or five coffee makers, but the fact that these items may not correspond to the style in the apartment or the quality that lovers prefer. And then all these gifts are displayed on Avito, at not always a good price. As a result, everything from such a gift is in flight. Well, or except for those who bought new pans not at the full price for Avito.

Not everyone is ready to make a “wish-list” or openly hint about what they want. Firstly, different people have different budgets, and secondly, couples are not hosting a wedding to collect gifts.

With money, young people can do whatever they want. They can recoup at least a banquet, and if the amount is large, then the whole event. Also, the donated funds will be able to fly on vacation or buy the same household appliances and utensils for the house.

Yes, there may be no soul in paper bills, but they are better than a stupid thing that you want to throw away or give away.

Gift amount

So how much does it take to give on a wedding on average? It is worth saying that everything depends on the degree of closeness between you and the heroes of the occasion, because you cannot compare parents and classmates. The region plays an equally important role. In small towns the amounts are the same, but in Moscow they are completely different.

Also, you must understand the scale of the event being organized, because you cannot compare a banquet in a small cafe and a rented castle. A guideline like this will also help you decide.

The fact is that there is an unspoken rule about calculating the approximate amount. You need to find out where the wedding will take place and understand how much the newlyweds will spend on one guest. It is customary to multiply this figure by two in order to recoup your finding and additionally congratulate the couple.

However, the last method does not take into account spending on presenters, transfers, hall decoration, renting premises, invited artists and much more. Of course, you are not obliged to recoup the event, because the young people themselves chose the scale of the holiday. If your budget allows you to increase the figure, then you need to consider these nuances.

How much money to give for a wedding if your finances are really bad at the moment? In such a situation, put at least the amount spent on you at the banquet. Still, the guests called you because they appreciate, and not in order to cash in on your presence.

How to give money for a wedding in an original way?

It is worth noting that it is important to correctly present such a gift. Still, this is a solemn event and an ordinary white envelope will look ridiculous. Consider several ways to submit a cash presentation:

Now the most common are interesting postcards that have an envelope format. It is best to purchase an option with a specific congratulation on the wedding, and not just with the inscription “Congratulations!” You should also pay attention to the design of the product, because handmade work will look much more interesting than just cardboard paper in sequins. By the way, it’s good if you can put an additional postcard inside with warm words and personal congratulations. That is why it is better to take an envelope in 10 * 15 format, and not less.

The money will look spectacular and presentable in a small box decorated with ribbons. It can coincide with the banknotes in height and width, or it can be larger. In this case, you can put more fresh flowers, tinsel or some other small present inside.
How to give money for a wedding in an original way

DIY a craft or poster decorated with money. You can create a money tree by gluing ribbons, and then attach bundles of bills to them. The same idea will be easy to translate on paper. The chest with a treasure in the form of chocolate coins and paper money folded with origami will also look interesting. Perhaps you will come up with some idea of ​​your own, which the newlyweds will certainly appreciate. Still, manual work is labor and care, which cannot but be pleasant.

Hiding in a box from under something else is original, but rather risky. There is a chance that the couple will not immediately open some things and simply will not notice your gift. However, it will be nice if one day they accidentally find it. As for the concreteness of the subject, it can be a cut-out compartment in the sheets of a book or in a candy box, some kind of device, etc.
As you can see, money can be presented in an interesting and beautiful way. The main thing is to find the right approach and put your soul into the idea.