How should a girl behave on a first date?

The main rule for a girl is to interest a man, make him think about herself. Therefore, even at the stage of an invitation to a date, you do not need to show your despair, loneliness and consent to everything in the world. You don’t need to say such phrases: “I’m not busy that day”, “I’ll just be in that area”, and of course you don’t need to agree to the first date at your house or visiting a guy.

The invitation has been received, a pleasant pastime with the young man you like is waiting ahead. How not to ruin the evening, make it memorable, interesting and turning into subsequent meetings?

Do not give in to panic and do things that are not typical of yourself. Before the first date, you do not need to run to the hairdresser and do yourself a special hairstyle, especially if you usually did not do this.

Relax and be yourself. However, do not reveal all your secrets right away on the first night. Behavior that is atypical for you this evening will come back to haunt you later. What a surprise it will be for a young man when he finds out that you are not a professional skater or artist and generally do not like to cook, although on the first date you praised these achievements so much.

The purpose of the first date is to find out common points of contact, to get to know a little closer to this completely unfamiliar person.

Finally, the first date took place. You met at the agreed place, started chatting, and suddenly there was an awkward pause. Everyone begins to quickly think through all the topics for conversation and try to find a suitable one. However, do not worry about the pause that has arisen, you can spend some time in silence, look at each other, smile and the awkwardness will pass by itself.

At the first meeting, people try to learn as much as possible about each other, but you should not build a conversation in the form of a non-stop dialogue with short specific questions. The conversation should be smooth, possibly turning into a monologue.

Usually, at the first meeting, it is the woman who asks leading questions that allow the man to reveal his interests, hobbies and beliefs. When a young man starts talking about his hobbies, the girl should express interest. It’s good if this topic is really close to her or interesting.

Men love compliments. If they are pronounced on time and reflect really some achievements or skills of a man, this will only be a plus in a starting relationship.

A girl can tell about herself in general terms, without going into details. This will interest the young man and to find out the details, he will want to invite her to the next date.

On the first date, do not touch on topics such as:

  • financial questions;
  • former relationship;
  • family relations model;
  • everyday problems.

The first meeting should take place on positive emotions, so there is no need to express any criticism. This also applies to conducting a conversation and discussing the venue of the evening.