How should a man behave on a first date?

Many men make a lot of mistakes on their first date with a woman. If there are a lot of mistakes and they are serious, then the result will be that the woman will not agree to a second date.

Today I propose to figure out how a man should behave on a first date, so that a woman would come on a second. Consider 7 first date rules that can help a man increase the likelihood that everything will be successful.

First dates are critical and should not be taken lightly. Many men and women don’t get a chance for a second date because they are already having relationship problems. Or they failed to make a positive impression on the person. Yes, first dates can be a little nervous, but if you know what to do and how to behave, then you feel more confident. So let’s say you walked up to a beautiful girl and asked her out on a date. You made a little bond and she enjoyed talking to you, so she said yes. But all subsequent actions are more important. As they can create or break the possibility of forming healthy relationships. So stick to our recommendations for a successful first date.

The rule of lightness

Some men are too formal about their first date. They can put on a suit, buy flowers, and so on. In short, they take their first date too seriously. This is about external signs.

If we talk about the internal state, then many men are too fixated on the result, and not on the communication process. The first date involves easy and casual communication between a man and a woman. From an efficiency standpoint, it’s much better to be light on dating.

Easy conversation topics

Speaking about the state of lightness on the first date, one cannot fail to mention the topics for conversation with a woman. Don’t touch on serious or potentially controversial topics such as politics, religion, or past relationships.

It’s much better to focus on lighter and more enjoyable topics – hobbies, dreams, travel, movies, funny life stories, and more.


Since we are talking about the first date, the woman makes the first impression of a man. Although the first impression is not a decisive moment, it is still better to be at your best in terms of appearance. In the sense that the clothes should be clean and ironed, the man himself is shaved and washed.

Good mood

It will not be superfluous to take a good mood with you on your first date so that neither you nor the woman experience negative emotions. Anything can happen in life – you can’t guess when you will be in a good mood and when not. Therefore, if the date has already been planned, but with the mood of the problem, then it is better to postpone the meeting to another date.

Adventure element

Of course, as an option, you can consider the cafe as a meeting place. Or a simple walk down the street. But the best option is to add an element of adventure to your date. I mean something that can fill your meeting with emotion. For example, a trip to an amusement park or you can have a picnic in nature. The main thing is that it is not boring and will be remembered for a long time, and then she will come for a second date anyway.

Time limitation of the first date

It is better to do the first date not so long – in the region of 1-1.5 hours. During this time, you will have time to communicate, but you will not have time to get bored with each other. If you end the date at this point, then the woman will be waiting for your next meeting. For example, you can immediately say that after a while you will need to leave on an urgent matter.

Open questions about her

We all love to talk about ourselves. And women are no exception. On the first date, it’s much better to talk more about her than about yourself. This can be done thanks to open questions to the woman. The fact is that the more a person tells you something, the more he trusts you. Questions can be based on the conversation topics discussed above.