How to arrange romance if there is no money?

Some of our greatest love memories were in our youth, high school or university. When we were young, we probably didn’t have a lot of money to spend on a loved one. But we still found ways to arrange romance without money.

I remember the time when carving the initials of lovers on a tree was the most important gesture of true love. But even now, there are many ways to express love without spending a lot of money. Even if they require a little creativity and creativity. But certainly, such methods of expressing love are the most sincere and unforgettable. If you have no idea how you can do this, then the following tips will help you.

1. Write a romantic love letter

More recently, when there were no computers and telephones, people showed their love through the written word. Feelings that poured out with a pen for a long time remained in the hearts of people. It was one of the most popular forms of expressing love and deep affection for another person. There is no reason why you cannot bring this gesture back to life with your own love letter to your person.

But before you start writing, you still need a few tools. Such as: a pen that writes well, draft or note paper, white blank paper, perfume or cologne. And of course, at least an hour of your time. You can start your letter by reflecting on the current state of the relationship. You can express things that you don’t have time for in real life because you are too busy.

If this is a new love, then you can breathe hope and dreams into the letter about the successful future of your relationship. And these quivering words will forever remain in the memory of your loved one. If you’re in a rocky relationship, that’s okay too. In a letter, you can express everything that is painful for you, and what you cannot say live. But don’t forget to include memories of good times as well. Nostalgia has a positive effect on people and can instantly make a person happy.

Whatever the script for your letter, it’s always nice to mention what attracted you to this person and how you felt when you met. A good letter should be about a page long. If you are writing too large, then increase the size of the letter. Make it legible, not sloppy. Now is the time to show your best abilities to write this love letter. Remember to seduce the one you love. Genuine compliments are truly romantic. You can send a letter by mail even if you live together. You can put it under your pillow. Or, you can think of more romantic ways to get the letter to your loved one.

2. Create a romantic night at home

Try to make the most of your house or apartment for a no-money romance. The first thing you can do in the evenings is turn off the lights, phones and other gadgets, and have a candlelit dinner. Alternatively, you can do the following romantic activities at home:

  • Cook dinner together. Or if your loved one has been working for a long time, then cook his / her favorite food yourself;
  • Make some unusual and delicious desserts, make a cake, ice cream, or buy some fruit;
  • Massage each other. You can find inexpensive massage oils in stores or make your own;
  • Create a dedicated cuddle area. Take a bath together, then sit by the fireplace, cover yourself with a soft blanket and kiss each other;
  • Find romantic songs that both of you enjoy. And listen to them while eating or while cuddling.

3. Have some outdoor romance

When we talk about how to arrange romance without money, the sun and fresh air are ideal options for relaxing with your loved one. Nature has the ability to express positive vibrations that help us experience pleasant sensations. Therefore, have picnics with your loved one as often as possible. When planning a picnic, choose a few of your partner’s favorite spots. Cook his favorite foods. Decide together if you want the place to be more private or public. Find a place with a beautiful view. If you are both active people, then you can plan a hike in the mountains and have a picnic there.

You can also find a beautiful outdoor area on a clear night. Be sure to take a blanket with you, light a fire, take some hot tea, cocoa or another drink of your choice. Read a little about constellations so you can impress your loved one. As a result, you will make your evening more romantic. You can choose a suitable date and time to gaze at the stars. Take your telescope with you, if you have one, or you can borrow one.

You can just find a beautiful place, walk there, or feed the birds. Carve your initials into a tree or log. Read a love poem or take turns reading poetry to each other from smartphones. Pick a place or city you haven’t been to at all and go there with your loved one. Explore this place together. Take a souvenir with you and present it to your loved one.

4. Create your own love story

You can create your own love story by yourself or with a partner. The storyline can be pretty straightforward. Your stories can range from romantic to humorous or casual. You don’t need to have any special skills to do this, or be a creative person. First of all, your goal should be to show love for one another. And the look on the face of a loved one as he turns the pages of your love story is priceless. I still keep such a story, and I printed it out in the form of a book. Here are the tools you’ll need:

  • Hard paper or cardboard;
  • Scissors;
  • Random crafting materials, stickers and colored pens;
  • Stapler for stapling pages together;
  • Your joint photos.

About 8-10 pages can be a great love book. You can start from the moment you first met. Then move on by describing the most memorable moments in the relationship. Add some imagination or romantic stories to your photographs and place them on the pages of the book. Put some effort into getting your partner to appreciate them. You can get creative and come up with your own. After all, this is your love story.

5. Show your love every day.

When we talk about how to arrange romance without money, we need to understand that it is not necessary to make one big gesture to express our love. There are many ways you can do every day to bring romance back into your relationship. And at times they don’t cost a dime. These little gestures of love go a long way, especially in relationships that are long-term. Therefore, as often as possible, do the following romantic gestures:

  • Compliment each other more often;
  • Put love notes in your partner’s purse or car;
  • Create your own love crossword puzzle;
  • Kiss your partner on the lips more often;
  • Have fun together more often;
  • Play board or card games;
  • Recreate the memory from your first date. Or when you first said to each other “I love you”;
  • Dress nicely for no reason;
  • Take your old photos and view them together.