How to ask a woman to get married?

For many men, asking a woman to get married is one of the scariest things they have to do. They think about how to make the proposal perfect, and as a result they become nervous and make mistakes. The good news is that most women will not base their response on how you propose. So you can calm down.

The woman’s response will be based on how she feels about you. Most likely, the girl has already thought about this earlier. So even if you make a mistake during the proposal, her answer is unlikely to change. But you need to know a few tricks to make this moment special in order to feel comfortable during the conversation.

1. Talk about marriage beforehand

If you haven’t discussed the future with each other before, you are probably not ready to start a family yet. This is important because an unwanted marriage proposal can ruin a relationship. After all, there may be things between you that you have not decided, but are already talking about marriage. The woman may not yet feel like it’s time to be your wife, even if she thinks you’re a great guy.

You must first talk about all the important moments in life to make sure both of you want the same thing in life. I know this is a big topic. But you must get to know each other better before asking a woman to marry. You may ask how she sees her future over the next five to ten years. Or just subtly point to a happy married couple and say that you want to be like them. And then see her reaction.

It is especially important to know how a lady feels about public confessions if you are going to make a public offer. Otherwise, it can lead to an embarrassing situation, and to an unsatisfactory result.

2. Ask her best friend or mother for advice

Before asking a friend or mother for advice, first make sure that the person knows how to keep secrets, otherwise you will spoil the surprise. If you can trust her, then ask how best to ask your lady’s hand. After all, she can know the girl’s desires much better than you.

Also, if you are unsure if she will like a certain ring or a certain detail of the proposal, you can ask their advice. Since they also care about your woman, they will be thrilled with the offer and gladly offer advice. Plus, you can find out if your girlfriend is ready to get engaged. After all, her best friend or mother will most likely know what she thinks about marrying you.

3. Ask your father for permission

This sounds old-fashioned and many people overlook this advice. But, if you don’t, then her family may be angry with you. This is important because marriage is much easier if you have permission from both families.

This is sometimes difficult to do. And even if you don’t love her father, it’s better to go and say: “I am going to you first out of respect, because I plan to ask for your daughter’s hand. I don’t know if I will receive your blessing, but it would be easier if you gave it. ” And even if the father does not give the go-ahead. But he will respect you for coming to him first and talking about intentions, like a man to a man.

You should also remember that fathers do not make decisions for their own daughters. Therefore, you do not need to refuse the offer, even if the father does not approve of it.

4. Decide between a public and private proposal

You must make this decision based on both of your personalities. Think she’s an introvert or an extrovert? what about you? In the event that both of you spend a lot of time with people, for example, you spend holidays, or you often go to places where there are many people, and you feel comfortable, then a public offering makes sense.

But if a woman has one girlfriend and spends most of her time reading books or watching movies. In this case, it is better to ask the woman to marry alone, or in front of a small group of people. For example, in front of her parents, brothers and sisters.

In the event that one of you is an extrovert and the other is an introvert, then it is better to make the proposal personal. After all, this is a more intimate moment. Although many men try to make public offers. Because they consider it a “great gesture.” And it is true. After all, this requires a lot of effort. But that might not be what your lady wants. After all, all women are different. Therefore, we recommend getting to know the girl as best as possible.

5. Find the right ring

Choosing the right ring will take you a lot of time and effort. So it is better to seek help from a friend or mother. They probably know what your girlfriend likes and will help you with your choice. The most important thing is to get the exact size. After all, nothing is more frustrating than a ring that doesn’t fit.

You should also consider your girlfriend’s personality. If she really likes jewelry, then it is recommended to buy something expensive. Her best friend or mother will probably know exactly what she wants and can help. But not all girls need something expensive. So, if you don’t have a lot of money, you can choose something that symbolizes something special in your relationship.

6. Small details

As with the ring, small details matter. Therefore, it is recommended to know a lot of details about the girl. For example, let’s say you decide to propose at a certain restaurant. Because that’s where we went on our first date. Or you propose while gazing at the stars, because you both love nature. These details aren’t that important though. And they will not spoil the offer if they are not there. But including them is a way to show the girl that you really love her and remember many of the details of the relationship. It will also help improve your mood for both of you.

7. Record your speech and practice

Another important piece of advice on how to ask a woman to get married is to record the speech in advance and rehearse it. After all, when you propose, you will probably start to get very nervous. So write it down on a piece of paper, rehearse well, and keep it handy in case you forget to speak.

Practice speaking at home in front of the mirror every day, several times. Practice it enough so that you can pronounce these words even when you are very tired and think about something else. It’s okay if the offer isn’t perfect. Or you will forget some words. You can always say them later.

8. Don’t kneel down until you’ve said the words.

The moment you kneel, especially if you hold a small box in your hand, the girl will no longer hear a single word. She begins to worry and worry too much. Indeed, during marriage proposals, not only men, but also women are nervous. I have been proposed twice. And both times I had butterflies in my stomach. And I was so nervous that I almost fainted. Although she was happy. So don’t kneel down and take out the tiny box until you’ve proposed. Otherwise, the girl will not hear your words.

As I said earlier, having all these details is just to make the offer special and show that you really love her. But the girl will not change her mind just because you did not buy an expensive ring, or you forgot the words. If you love each other, then the woman guesses what you are going to do. And all the lady wants to see is love in your eyes. Therefore, breathe slowly. Relax as you speak. Try to enjoy the moment. After all, this is one of the most important moments in your life.