How to attract good luck into your life and your home?

There is a category of people who are lucky with everyone, always and everywhere. For whatever they take, life seems to lead them by the hand along the path they have chosen. The “necessary” people meet, events develop in the most favorable way, and they, the lucky ones, will certainly find themselves when and where they need to be. This is also a talent, just like the ability to paint or a rare operatic voice. But on one gift you will not go far, you need to apply a lot of perseverance and hard work to it. And it so happens that these qualities are able to compensate for the lack of natural data. The same is the case with chronic luck, it is quite possible to “tame” it.

The hardest part

Have you ever seen the lucky pessimist? Not? Of course, why should he be sad when everything is going according to notes, but you can look at the question from a different angle. The hardest part of getting lucky is allowing yourself to be happy. At first glance, everything is simple to the point of absurdity, because it is more pleasant to enjoy life than to lament over it, but many people consciously or unconsciously make a choice in the direction of the negative. There can be many reasons:

  • Habit. He lived, lived for himself, did not touch anyone, but here rejoice. What? Of course there is enough circus around (one chef is worth something), but not funny. So there is a chronic dissatisfaction with everyone and everything.
  • Hidden benefits. It is very convenient to be unhappy: they will help, they will regret it, there is less of a wretch and less demand
  • Inability to enjoy life. Well, since childhood, somehow it did not work out. They did not explain, they did not show by personal example that the reasons for joy around the darkness are gloomy, you just need to be able to notice them.
  • Shame. Well, of course, all around are people, like people: few people are satisfied with work, at home there are stupid people and parasites, there are traffic jams on the roads, and it stinks in the metro, and I am here with my happy face and for no good reason. Somehow embarrassing, the patient will think.
  • Herd feeling. Those same “people as people” are whining about something, and there seems to be no reason, but if you look, then, of course.
  • Self-dislike. Well, yes, Masha is so beautiful, and Prokofy Sigismundovich is a talent. What about me? Minus ability, plus 15 kg. Is such squalor worthy of at least something good in this life …
    Fear of responsibility. It’s not my fault that I can’t force myself to go to the gym and stop for a second bun. It was my parents who gave me this genetics. I have no ability for languages, I don’t even want to try, I was told so in the first grade. It is easier to blame others than to admit that we put barriers to fulfillment in many opportunities.
  • In their pure form, these reasons almost never occur, usually they are all present in different proportions. Here is the first priority on the road to good fortune to figure out your dominant motives of discontent. Be honest with yourself, acknowledge and work out your attitude towards life.

Developing useful skills

Would you personally be pleased to be next to a person from whom, except for reproaches, you will hear nothing? Try to visualize your luck. How she looks like? Unleash your fantasy: your double, a beautiful girl, a mythical creature. The main thing is that the image is pleasant to you, and now let her be always there for some time, we will learn to live side by side. At first it will be difficult, it may seem stupid, various unpleasant events distract, but you must try to remember about it. And not just remember, but constantly thank. For the simplest little things, of which there are a million in life. Good weather outside the window, there was a place in the parking lot near the supermarket, the right bus came quickly. This is all that we usually take for granted and begin to grumble if things go wrong.

And now we are moving from the opposite. We are grateful for what happened, but we are looking for positive things in what is wrong. For example, the forecast promised a clear morning, but it started raining. But you can wear that very beautiful raincoat. Stuck in a traffic jam, but you can look through the papers again, make a few calls or just listen to your favorite wave. You need to accustom yourself to positive thinking, systematically and regularly.

Luck anchors

Many people prescribe to themselves or in some other way acquire talismans. This is not the best option, the thing can break, get lost, or just stay at home at the most inopportune moment. Our psyche is very closely connected with the body. It is easier and safer to create for yourself such an amulet for good luck in the form of an anchor. What does it mean? In those moments when you sincerely and from the heart consider yourself lucky and a darling of fate, and absolutely everyone has such episodes, take some action: click your fingers, straighten the earring in your left ear three times, or something else. It doesn’t matter what exactly you do, the main thing is always in moments of complete satisfaction with fate and absolutely the same. The subconscious mind will very quickly associate this gesture with the state of the psyche, and then, before a responsible conversation, interview, or at another necessary moment, it will be easier for you to tune yourself to the very wave when luck leads you by the hand. You will never lose such a “talisman”.