How to beat off a girl from another guy?

On the way to a happy relationship, there can be many obstacles, ranging from misunderstanding and awkwardness, to the presence of a soul mate in the subject of sighing.

And if you can still cope with the first one, it is much more difficult to fight an opponent. Before fighting with someone for a girl’s heart, you need to weigh the pros and cons, study your opponent, make sure you can, and then decide how to beat the girl off the other guy without ruining your relationship with her and not earning a feeling guilt.

Should I beat off a girl from another guy

It often happens that a guy has found a girl whom he thinks he has been looking for all his life. Sometimes this sympathy is caused by a fleeting hobby, in some cases by passion, but it also happens that a man can no longer imagine his life without this person and is ready to do anything for her. Not surprisingly, for such a guy, an opponent who gets in the way is a real threat that must be eliminated. Some men act quickly and eliminate the woman’s lover, ruining their relationship. And some, before taking decisive action, weigh all possible options.

Often, after weighing his entire set of ethical and moral standards, a man refuses this venture, because many say that it is impossible to build a strong union on someone else’s misfortune. For some, having a lady in a relationship is a challenge that a man gladly accepts.

If there is a feeling that she is “the one”, it is worth trying to talk to her, so as not to regret in the future about the missed opportunity. There is a chance that she will reciprocate and you will not have to destroy someone’s union on your own. Assess your options and the relationship you want to hinder: Sometimes certain circumstances, such as having children in a couple, are a good reason to think about your plans.

Once the decision is made and you are ready to take action, learn the most effective ways to beat the girl off and keep her close to you.

How to take a girl away from an opponent

When developing a strategy to eliminate a competitor, you must study the nature of the relationship between the rival and the lady of your heart. You need to know at what stage their relationship is and how the woman treats you. At best, you will have to face off against a guy who has the same prospects as yours, and sometimes it happens that the girl you like is already dating your friend. Each situation has its own methods of achieving the goal.

If you are equal

It often happens that several guys are beating at the same time for a woman’s heart. She evaluates their efforts, analyzes the future with each candidate and chooses the most suitable guy. In order not to lose face and win this race, it is necessary to surpass the opponent in everything: courting, originality, attention. You must devote more time to her than your opponent does.

Arrange romantic dates, write nice SMS, strive to outshine all her free time, then she will not spend a minute on other guys. Analyze your opponent’s strengths: what is his advantage? If he is a colleague of a woman who is constantly with her, order a bouquet of flowers for her to work, indicate that the girl has a boyfriend. If you think that his financial condition allows him to make expensive gifts for the girl, take it to others. For example, have a picnic in nature, take her on a ski trip, or take her to a free festival. Emotions are often more important than money.

If he is your friend

It is much more difficult to conquer a woman if you have to fight for her heart with your friend. In addition to the lady’s attention, you will most likely feel guilty and make a difficult choice between love and friendship. In rare cases, you can save both: as soon as you begin to show attention to the lady of your comrade’s heart, your friendship will most likely end.

Before committing an irreversible act, think carefully about what is more important to you. Perhaps your passion for a girl is due to an ordinary passion, which passes quickly enough. In this case, breaking a pair and losing a friend is not advisable.

If you do decide to take the girl away from a friend, you will have to win her favor in traditional ways: pay more attention to her than your rival, learn more about her interests, give small gifts and compliment more often.

If the girl is already in a relationship with a rival

Breaking pairs is not exactly a noble occupation, but if you have already set foot on this path, be prepared for judgments and possible consequences. You can beat off a girl from an opponent by discrediting him. Undermining a girl’s trust in her partner is quite simple: you need to find his weaknesses and find out about the mistakes he makes in their relationship.

As soon as you become aware of his shortcomings, you can endow yourself with the qualities that the man of your darling’s dream should have. Her current partner does not devote time to her and does not tolerate romance? Present the girl with a bouquet of flowers, say nice compliments and make nice comments about her appearance – soon her attention will turn to you.

If you decide to take the girl away from another guy, try not to act completely “dirty”. Do not enter into open conflicts, do not pursue the girl and do not spoil the life of her lover. She definitely does not want to be with a man capable of cruelty and wrongful acts.

How to get your ex back if she has a different boyfriend now

Recovering a past relationship is not easy. This is all the more difficult to do if trust is undermined, and you have hurt your beloved in the past. However, not easy does not mean impossible, knowing a few tricks, you can try to return your ex-girlfriend and make her forget past grievances.

What do we have to do:

  • Before taking decisive action, remember your mistakes that led to the breakup. It will not be superfluous to apologize to the girl, even if you do not feel special guilt for yourself: she will appreciate such a gesture and will treat you differently. Be honest in what you say, and don’t try to provoke pity or pretend you’re sorry. There is a high probability that the beloved will immediately recognize your lie.
  • Become a good friend to her. It is not necessary to come to her with a bouquet at the ready on the very first evening, as you decided to return the relationship. First you need to test the waters. Show that you are a really good guy: help her whenever possible, wish her a good day, keep the conversation going when you meet. At this stage, do not talk about the renewal of the relationship. Your task is to give her the opportunity to understand that you have changed for the better.
  • After establishing friendly contact, connect heavy artillery. You must remember all the virtues that she admired before. Remind her of how you laughed at comedies together, went on trips, how she loved the dinner you cooked. At this stage, it is important to awaken pleasant memories and a feeling of nostalgia in the girl.
  • Even if you charm her again, her new boyfriend will still stand in your way. Try to discredit him by doing everything better than him. Be romantic, original, show the girl that you have realized your mistake and are ready to make her happy again. Romantic gestures will perfectly help with this: gifts, flowers, spontaneous meetings, beautiful SMS. If you do everything right, she is unlikely to resist.

Do not forget that you have your story on your side, fond memories and feelings that have not yet cooled down. Take advantage of this, but remember to correct past mistakes so that she doesn’t regret coming back to you.

Useful Tips

Some tips will help you beat off the lady faster and do it gracefully. By sticking to them, you can get the girl and get rid of your opponent.

What do we have to do:

  • Always be one step ahead. Are they having a romantic dinner? Invite her out on a date today, choose the best place, give her flowers. Your evening should overshadow the surprise that your rival has prepared for her.
  • Find out all about the competitor. You need to know your enemy by sight, which is why information about all his mistakes and situations that he diligently hides will come in handy. This will be your trump card that you can use when needed.
  • Take advantage of his weaknesses. Do not point the girl at them, do not act explicitly. If he is far from his beloved, this is a significant minus that you can turn into a plus for yourself. Show the lady that you are always there and ready to help at the first call.
  • Drive a wedge between your opponent and the girl. Of course, this is not entirely fair, but this method always works. Once they start fighting more often, your chances will increase exponentially.
  • Point out the flaws of her current boyfriend. You definitely will not be able to beat off a girl from an opponent if she will only notice his dignity. Do not talk about his shortcomings directly, try to do it in the form of a joke. Your comments will make her think.

Another valuable piece of advice is to be there. Nothing works better than being a girl all the time. She will appreciate it if you can lend her a shoulder in time and listen if necessary.