How to become a beautiful and well-groomed girl at home?

The question of how to become well-groomed concerns many women. It is interesting that you do not need to spend a lot of money on this, you can get by with a minimum of cosmetics. There are no ugly women, each has a zest. You should not mindlessly follow this rule, because beauty is a relative thing. Any well-groomed lady is a person, so you need to strive not for beauty, but for proper and regular self-care.

TOP-8 signs of an unkempt woman

Lovely women find excuses for their neglect. Some complain about the lack of time, others – money. Neither the first nor the second excuse is a valid reason for untidiness.

The main indicators of neglect are the points described below. Be sure to pay attention to this.

  • Uncolored hair roots. They say that appearance is not the main thing, it is what is inside that matters. Uncolored roots, which differ in color from the rest of the hair, spoil the first impression of a person, no matter how good he is.
  • Shabby nail polish. The owner of such nails is repulsive, it is difficult to call her feminine. The manicure should be flawless, if there is no time to apply varnish, wash off the old one, but do not leave a peeling coating on the nails.
  • Flaky skin. Don’t ignore cosmetics that help keep your skin looking youthful and healthy. Use good quality cosmetics that suit your face type.
  • Lack of pedicure. This rule is especially true in the summer. Care is required not only for the nails on the hands, but also on the legs. If it is not possible to do a pedicure yourself, contact a specialist, although this procedure is easy to master at home.
  • Split ends of hair. Long hair is a matter of pride for many girls, but in addition to the length, you need to monitor their condition. It is necessary to regularly visit hairdressers and cut split ends.
  • Chapped lips. It is impossible to hide such a part of the face, even the smallest cracks on the lips attract attention. Lip balm or hygienic lipstick will help in this matter, such products should be in the purse of any self-respecting girl.
  • Lack of depilation. The first thing that gives out the habit of taking care of yourself is the hairs on the legs and in the armpits. It is not necessary to spend time and money on expensive procedures; you can make your legs and other parts of the body attractive on your own. To achieve smoothness, you can purchase an epilator, wax strips, and other products that remove hairs for a long time.
  • Unclean shoes and unkempt clothing. A special sponge or brush should always be in a woman’s purse in order to put shoes or clothes in order in the shortest possible time.

Rules for Femininity

It is worth considering in more detail the points that will help answer the question of how to look well-groomed. Graceful, purposeful, self-confident – all these words are about a well-groomed woman who knows the secrets and subtleties that help to remain beautiful and feminine, despite her age. How to become a well-groomed girl? There are many ways to help improve not only your appearance, but also your inner world. It is not necessary to resort to the services of cosmetologists and stylists to become feminine, it is quite possible to do it on your own. A well-groomed lady is sure to be attractive and stylish.  What should a well-groomed girl look like? She is betrayed by harmony in the image, silk styled hair, delicate skin, shine in the eyes, impeccable style, which speaks of the uniqueness of such a representative of the fair sex.

1. Smell

Smell is something that can be felt without getting too close to a person. The smell is directly related to the hygiene of the whole body. A clean body, washed clothes, washed hair, brushed teeth will make any girl neat. A few drops of perfume will add a pleasant scent to the body.

2. Hair

Hair should always be clean and combed. It is enough just to wash your hair as it gets dirty. If your hair is dirty and there is no shower, then use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo will remove excess oil and add volume.

3. Oral hygiene

Brushing your teeth should take place 2 times – in the morning and in the evening. Always floss after every meal. Dental floss is essential for hygiene, as the brush cannot completely handle small food particles that are stuck in hard-to-reach places. For fresh breath, use a mouthwash.

4. Hands

Hands are always in sight, because with the help of them people gesture. It is enough just to apply a moisturizer on them to maintain moisture in the skin, then the handles will be well-groomed and pleasant to the touch.

5. Nails

It is not necessary to get an expensive manicure in order to have neat fingernails. The absence of dirt under the nails and the remnants of old varnish will make the nail plate well-groomed. Do not forget about the legs, which also require care. For their neat appearance, it is enough to soak the heels in the bathroom, and file the nails with a file.

6. Face

Removing make-up plays an important role in daily facial care. After removal, skin cleansing follows, and then toning. The final step in the routine is hydration. Once a week, you need to scrub the entire face to remove dead skin particles.

7. Lips

When caring for your face, do not forget about the lips. Moisturizing and scrubbing is a good way to combat flaky and chapped lips. With weekly use of scrubs, you can see the result, the lips will become soft and velvety.

8. Makeup

Makeup is needed to enhance the natural features of the face. It should be natural and almost invisible. If the skin has any imperfections, you can use a foundation that matches the tone. Lips can be accentuated with natural lipstick, and eyebrows can be styled with a special gel.

9. Appearance

It doesn’t matter how much the clothes cost, the appearance matters. If the thing is ironed, washed and fits in size, then the girl looks neat and pleasant. And accessories: bracelets, earrings, belts will make the image complete and feminine.

10. Figure

In order to have a fit figure and beat a beautiful and well-groomed girl, it is enough to monitor your diet, maintain a calorie deficit, add more vegetables and fruits to your diet. Walking in the fresh air every day can help tone your muscles and burn extra calories. And the habit of drinking water before every meal will help you avoid eating too much and maintain water balance.