How to become a femme fatale, and what is the secret?

For those who do not know who the femme fatale is, this is a mysterious, seductive and very brave lady. Her look and charm can make any man fall in love. Therefore, many girls want to understand how to become a femme fatale and learn how to conquer men. They are able to find out the most secret desires of a person and use them for their own purposes. But guys, you should be careful with such girls, because it may not be so easy to identify them.

1) use pleasant scents

One of the main ways a woman is attracted to a man is through her scent. It can have just a magical effect on a person. Smells of flowers, fruits, and culinary scents are among the strongest. Such scents will definitely charm a man with their sweet and delicious aroma. Just don’t use too many of them. Do not spray perfume all over your body. You want to seduce, not “strangle” your boyfriend.

2) Sexy voice

Lower your voice until it is seductive and sexy. Just don’t talk too much when you first meet, and think before you say something. Your partner may feel like you’re out of your mind if you start saying whatever comes into your head. Try to speak softly, calmly, and maintain meaningful dialogue.

3) Invest in your clothes

Your clothes should be feminine, a little revealing, and also attract attention. Only here the main thing is not to overdo it. So that a man does not perceive you as a woman of easy virtue or too approachable. Use black or red. They are the colors of passion and are attractive to the opposite sex. And their correct combination can seduce any man.

4) use penetrating eyes

This is one of the important steps in how to become a femme fatale. When a man asks you a question, turn around, look over your shoulder and lower your eyelashes slightly, as if you were undressing him with your eyes. This look will certainly please him. He will communicate with you for a long time in order to once again experience it on himself.

5) Buy yourself a pair of black silk gloves

You want to attract attention, right? Then wear these gloves whenever appropriate, even if it’s warm outside. You may look a little funny, but this is just what you need.

6) get an attractive hairstyle

Don’t go with a 90s hairstyle. To become a femme fatale, you have to make small sacrifices. Men love light curls and the effect of wet hair. Guys also prefer long hair. But if you have short hair, don’t be upset. You can make them sexually disheveled in a rock and roll style.

7) Wear dark glasses

If you really want to be a femme fatale then you need dark glasses, or you can wear dark lenses. You don’t have to look too serious. And do not wear them when it is dark outside, so as not to accidentally “hit your face in the mud.” Besides, you want to be a seductive woman, don’t you? So, when a man notices you, lower your glasses to the end of your nose, then slide them back with your finger, and straighten your seductive sexy gloves. And don’t forget to tell him “Hello dear!”

8) try to find a retro mouthpiece

It doesn’t matter if you smoke or not, just take it with you. Your man needs to get used to your style and behavior. If you smoke, you shouldn’t blow smoke on your partner when talking. I don’t think that will impress anyone. He should have good impressions after communicating with you. Plus, you want to seduce him, not smother him with smoke.

9) get sexy shoes

This is always an important part of any style. Many men like women in stiletto heels or high heels. So if you want to be an attractive woman, you have to get used to them.

10) change your makeup

Small dark colors around your eyes will make you look sexy and downright alluring. Just don’t use too much of them. In order not to frighten off your future man.

11) use bright lipstick

Red lipstick is a must-have tool and will make it much easier for you to become a femme fatale. You will look absolutely stunning with this color. But again, use it wisely. So that when you first kiss you do not paint your man red.

12) use jewelry

This is the last step on how to become a femme fatale. Expensive jewelry is always very seductive. Find an opportunity and buy yourself something beautiful and expensive. This could be a large ring to wear over your sexy gloves. It will just drive him crazy.

Signs of a femme fatale

These girls tend to be independent and self-confident. They have a certain inner strength that helps them stand up for themselves in any situation. Moreover, such women are far from stupid. They have a kind of ingenuity and are able to find a way out of any situation. The femme fatale “goes through life smiling.” Her confidence gives her peace of mind and understanding where she needs to go and with whom. She carefully approaches the selection of a partner and, as we already understood, it is quite easy for her to attract the attention of any man.

Although such ladies know how to manipulate people, they do it deliberately and try not to harm anyone. They are well aware of their actions and their consequences. In addition, such women do not set themselves the goal of breaking someone’s heart or hurting someone.