How to become a good friend?

Friendship is an important relationship in the life of both men and women. Although most of our tips on how to be a good friend are more about men, women will also find a lot of useful things here, because there is nothing better in their life than having a real girlfriend.

Having true friends is one of life’s greatest blessings. But quite often it also happens that friendship between people is broken. So they think about how they can make the friendship stronger? How to make sure that nothing can break it? How to get happiness and pleasure from friendship? We’ve prepared five things you can do to enrich and preserve your valuable friendships.

A few tips to be a good friend

1. Dedicate More Time to Your Friendship

Absolutely any relationship, be it romantic, friendly or family, must be developed and constantly maintained. Friendships can wither and fall apart if they are not actively and purposefully maintained. Therefore, it is extremely important to meet with your friend on a regular basis and spend time together.

Talking on the phone, chatting on social networks and instant messengers is one thing, but nothing beats a fun and interesting pastime. Go to the movies together, have lunch at a cafe, take a walk in the park, or invite a friend over for coffee or tea. Do this at least once a month, and preferably two or three, to maintain friendly relations. Take turns choosing a place or event where you will meet or do.

Of course, if you live in different cities, then it will be difficult for you to see each other constantly. But that doesn’t mean you have to lose contact. Skype is an awesome app to see you online regularly. But in any case, try to meet live, communicate and visit each other as often as possible. Also remember that a good friend allows you to talk and doesn’t interrupt. He is always interested in what you have to say and is genuinely interested in your life.

2. Impartiality and support

No doubt you and your companion have a lot in common, and you understand each other well. But there are times when he or she wants to do something that you don’t approve of. For example, it can be an impulsively large purchase of a house or an expensive car on debt. It could be a relationship with someone you don’t like. When this happens, you need to communicate your thoughts and give your opinion. But if the friend continues to insist on his own, you should not create a conflict or dissuade him.

If you want to become a good friend, then remember that friends should give each other the opportunity to act as they wish, and not blame for anything. In doing so, you need to show as much support as you can. You should never say something like that – “and I told you (a)” when he / she discovers that he / she cannot pay for the loan, or leaves his love.

You don’t need to hide your disagreement. But say it just once and forget it. Stay always close, and if something happens, be sure to offer support. Being emotionally supportive is an important element of adult friendship. And best friends refrain from unnecessary criticism and tend to be impartial.

3. Be faithful and trustworthy

Loyalty and reliability are important qualities of an adult personality, especially if you want to be a good friend. But, unfortunately, these qualities are not enough for many people in our selfish time. Having a friend or girlfriend who will not betray, and who can be counted on in difficult life situations is an invaluable gift. A reliable friend is when you know that you can call him at any time and he will come to help.

At the same time, if your friend needs help, you will also do your best to help, even if he doesn’t ask you to. If he is sick, go and see him. If you broke up with your girlfriend, offer to go for a walk and just talk. To a greater extent, give him the opportunity to speak, and you just listen. Learn to keep secrets, and never gossip behind your back. If you show that you can be trusted and relied on, then you will become a rare treasure that anyone will want to be friends with.

4. Understanding and forgiveness

Typically, friends’ values ​​and beliefs are compatible and very similar. But you should always remember that your friend is not you. It has its own strengths and weaknesses. And here you have to accept it for real. Let’s say your friend is overweight and you are not. He is constantly struggling with his weight, but he cannot do anything. And in your opinion, he simply eats too much, and you tell him about it all the time.

Most likely, he knows that he is eating too much. This is one of his personal problems, and you must accept it as part of this person. Of course, you can give him advice if he asks you how you can lose weight, or how to control your diet. But, if he does not ask for your advice, then keep your mouth shut, and just enthusiastically support his desire to lose weight.

Even if you don’t like the same things, true friends will encourage each other rather than be negative because you like different music, activities, or TV shows. A good friend understands that sometimes you can be busy and you don’t need to be bothered.

5. Surprise him / her

Think about your boyfriend / girlfriend as often as possible, and surprise with something, even if you are at a distance. If you shop and see something that you think he will like within your budget, then buy this gift. Wrap in pretty paper and mail.

Make an extra meal when you cook or bake something and invite him to dinner together. Send him a postcard and write that you value your friendship and think about him. How about your photo together? Attach it also to this letter and send it with a funny joke. Such simple things and surprises are a wonderful way to maintain strong friendships.

Any relationship takes effort. And having a true friend is a gift that needs to be cherished and cherished. If you don’t take this person for granted and do your best to keep the relationship healthy, interesting, and fun, then you can keep your friendship for life.

But at the same time, don’t limit yourself to just one good friend. Friendship is something special that you can share with everyone who needs a friend. Sometimes friends disperse, leave, or they start a completely different life. This is part of our being. Having more than one friend means there is someone who can help you whenever you need it anyway. Therefore, you don’t need to stop meeting new people. Be socially active and keep our advice in mind. Then you will never be alone, and you will always be surrounded by good and loyal people.