How to become a more creative person?

How to become more creative, start thinking and acting outside the box? In fact, creativity knows no boundaries, and it can be applied in absolutely any area. For example, such as: drawing, writing, making clothes and even accounting or marketing. It is recommended to increase the level of creativity for any person, no matter what you do. This will help you not only in your professional life, but also in your personal life. Therefore, if you want to develop your creativity, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following methods.

1. Write down all ideas and thoughts

People are disappointed in themselves when their ideas do not come true. They believe that they do not have enough creative skills or ideas, which in fact is not the case. The thing is that when you have some ideas, then in the future you need to hunt down the chains of your fleeting thoughts in order to give this idea form and meaning. Writing down your intentions on a smartphone, tablet, or notebook is a practice you must instill in order to become more creative. Some ideas may not be complete at first, but when they are later linked to other thoughts, your creative expression will be completed.

2. Use stress to your advantage

Stress may not always be bad. Some experts use stress to actually stimulate creativity and other abilities. So the next time you find yourself at the center of a problem, attack it creatively and use it to your advantage. Use a technique for forming associations or think about how someone with a different life experience would approach this problem. This method of thinking will increase your creativity in two significant ways. This will allow you to take a fresh look at the problem and find creative solutions in other areas of your life.

Stress can also be used by writers or artists to add variety to their art. For example, a poet might record the emotional trauma of ending a relationship in the form of touching breakup quotes. Just like an artist facing stress. He can use dark colors to paint a canvas on which his state of mind will be depicted.

3. Get rid of restrictions

In order to become a more creative person, you need to get rid of all kinds of restrictions. You need to embrace things that are outside your comfort zone. Intense bursts of creativity come from the happiness of being free. This applies in particular to artists and performers who can enhance their creativity by freeing themselves from inhibitions. These prohibitions and restrictions on creativity range from fear of speaking in front of an audience to feeling contemptuous in the eyes of the public. Free yourself from these limitations and watch your creativity move upward as it breaks free from the chains of inhibitions.

4. Develop interest in everything.

Creativity can be hidden, making it difficult to develop. And being in the same area all the time can slow down your growth. This situation prevents the penetration of useful thoughts. To overcome this block, a person needs to consciously develop himself in other areas. For example, a writer might learn to play the piano. An artist can discover a new sport. And a professional athlete can start learning a new musical instrument. In this way, you can increase your overall level of creativity.

5. Read more books, magazines and articles

Reading a lot of books and other materials is critical to a multitude of mental abilities. This includes improving memory, developing a sense of humor, keeping the brain flexible and knowing what is happening in the world. Reading in a wide range of categories and genres will broaden your creative horizons. This will allow you to become a more creative person and your thinking skills will improve significantly.

6. Interact with people who have more life experiences

Chatting with people of different ages, status and nationalities can greatly enhance your creativity. Such people may have a different worldview than yours, which will help you think outside the box. Therefore, be sure to start collaborating and connecting with people who have different life experiences. They will share with you some really valuable ideas and thoughts. You will be able to see things in a very different way. As a result, you will greatly increase your creativity.

7. Think about how you can do your job differently.

Any creativity is not the result of following a set of rules. This is the result of a unique approach to work. Use this principle in all walks of life if you want to become more creative. In some cases, it is really important to follow certain rules and adhere to standards in life. However, if the work requires you to maximize your creativity, then you need to ask yourself the question – how can I do it differently?

8. Start dreaming more

If you find yourself in a situation where your level of creativity is depleted. Then set aside a certain amount of time each day to just sit and dream. Allow your mind to reboot so you can calm down and fill yourself with new thoughts and ideas. Find somewhere quiet and comfortable where you can spend all your free time thinking about your creativity and future development plans.

9. Read a couple of wikipedia pages every day

Wikipedia is an easily accessible information goldmine. Use it to spark your creativity. Pick any wikipedia page and read it. Linked elements at the bottom of the page and links within paragraphs represent an endless cycle of knowledge that takes you from one page to another. Becoming a more creative person is expanding the boundaries of your knowledge. You can do this by reading at least a couple of Wikipedia pages every day. You do not need to focus only on your area, read everything that may be interesting to you, or catches your eye.

10. Travel abroad

Travel enriches the soul by stimulating creativity and creativity. As you already understood, creativity cannot arise from limitations. It must cross all sorts of boundaries. Travel will introduce you to new places, people, cultures, landscapes and ideas that will give your creative cells food for thought. Flashes of imagination will arise after communicating with different people, and understanding how much interesting is on our land. Traveling will open your eyes to a whole host of things that you never knew existed before.

11. Take a different route to work

The next method of how to become more creative is to act outside the box from time to time. The logic behind choosing a different path is to go beyond your daily routine. So that your mind is receptive to new ideas and thoughts. It’s important to get out of your routine, be open to new surprises, and do things that you wouldn’t normally do. Creativity can become stagnant if you do the same thing every day.

12. Don’t be afraid of change

It is our human instinct that we are afraid and fearful of everything new and unknown. But to become a more creative person, you need to get rid of the fear of change. Creativity in personal life or at work arises from looking at things from a different angle. But this is almost impossible to achieve if you are closed from new opportunities and changes.

13. Find creativity in everyday things and make it a habit

The misconception that the end result of creativity must always be something grandiose or revolutionary. The reality is that creativity can manifest itself in the simplest things in everyday life. So train your mind to see creativity in the most ordinary things through observation. It can be some kind of creative advertising campaigns, revolutionary footage from films, or innovative products that few people know about yet.