How to become a more feminine and gentle woman?

All girls have different personalities, dreams, desires, hobbies and hobbies. As a rule, everything related to femininity is taught to us from a very early age. We are taught to dress beautifully, communicate and behave in a certain way. Unfortunately, little is told about how to become a more feminine and gentle girl. Although, no one should follow these stereotypes, but if you want to please yourself and the people around you, there is a lot more to know about femininity.

Taking care of your appearance has traditionally been associated with being more attractive. Although, this is not entirely true, but you can accept this stereotype and make some effort to change your external image. Keep in mind that taking care of your appearance can take a long time. So, if you want to understand how to become more feminine, choose exactly those methods that bring you joy and pleasure.

1. Use cosmetics and beauty products

This can also be called a stereotype, but a girl does not leave the house without makeup and without the use of cosmetics. Lip gloss, foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, mascara and powder are a few basic makeup items every woman should carry in her purse. Even if you go out to shop for groceries or walk with friends in the park, be sure to take a look at yourself in the mirror and do some light makeup.

2. Facial or body hair

In order to become more feminine, you must take good care of yourself. Traditionally, it is believed that hair on a girl’s face or body is completely unacceptable. It can be tricky to keep track of, but to embrace the stereotype of a feminine look, you must do whatever it takes to mask unwanted hair. This can include plucking, waxing, waxing, or shaving. Do what works for you to get the results you want. But if you are too lazy to do this, then just cover these parts of the body. Nobody should force you to do something and impose their opinion. Do it in a way that is comfortable for you.

3. Pay attention to your health, hair, skin and everything else

Get enough sleep, eat right, exercise, and deal with stress and negative emotions. Doing all of these things will have a positive effect on your appearance. However, if you’re looking for other ways to tweak your appearance, then makeup and removing unwanted body hair isn’t the only thing a girl needs to get used to. You need to watch your hands, nails, skin, and other parts of your body.

In order to be more feminine, you will need to pay more attention to the color of your nails. Constantly moisturize your skin, style your hair and look at all the other small details that contribute to your look and make you sexy. Feel free to experiment with vibrant colors, and don’t give up trying hairstyles or dyeing your hair a different color. There are many different ways to change your appearance.

4. Wear bright and tidy clothes

From short skirts and tight leggings to skinny jeans and shorts. Fill your wardrobe with trendy clothes. Wear tight leggings if you just need to shop. And swap them out for cute jeans before going to the movies. Bright colors such as pink, yellow, light green, shades of orange and blue are traditionally considered feminine. Unless you’re looking for evening wear, avoid dark shades like navy, black, burgundy, or brown. They are more suitable for men. However, if these are the colors that you prefer to wear, do not deny yourself. The main thing is that you like yourself, and not only think about how to become more feminine and gentle for others.

5. Wear a clutch or bag instead of a backpack

Regardless of whether you need a bag for books, or want to take a few things for work, it is advisable for you to abandon the backpack and use a woman’s bag or clutch. Yes, briefcases and backpacks are more practical, and you can use whatever accessory suits you best. But still, with a leather ladies bag you will look more feminine than with a backpack.

6. Wear shoes with heels

They make any girl taller and emphasize her figure. Heels should be your best friend. If you can’t wear stiletto heels or are used to flat shoes, start with small heels. Even a slight lift will make your legs and body slimmer. That being said, don’t let anyone force you to wear heels. They are not always convenient. Therefore, one should not make too great sacrifices.

7. Wear accessories or jewelry

It is difficult to imagine the image of a woman without fashion accessories or various jewelry. It can be anything. Bracelet, necklace, ring, scarf, brooch, earrings, sunglasses, watch and more. There is a wide variety of accessories you can choose from to complement your style and personality. You can even have a separate jewelry box to keep your jewelry tidy. Beyond that, incorporate girly colors into the items you use. For example, buy a pink case for your smartphone or carry a purse with bright colors.

8. Use soft and fruity aromas

There are certain scents that are traditionally associated with women. This can be tea lavender, chamomile, orange peel and sea buckthorn. Traditionally, women’s fragrances have a light fruity or floral scent. If you do decide to use a scent, again, make sure you like it too. After all, you are doing it for yourself.

9. Sit correctly

The next way to become more feminine and gentle is to monitor your behavior. One of the classic features of a girl is that she sits cross-legged. Women who sit with their legs wide apart may not seem as feminine as those who tactfully cross their legs. It seems sexier and more graceful. There are many benefits to sitting cross-legged. This can make a woman look fuller and also prevent unwanted moments when wearing miniskirts or short dresses.

10. Play with your hair

Playing with hair is a typical feminine trait that mainly indicates that the girl is fragile and sensitive. Simply curl your strands with your fingers or move your hair from one shoulder to the other. Again, this is a certain stereotype, not a fact. A girl doesn’t have to twist her hair if she doesn’t want to.

11. Work on your social skills

This is another important way to become more feminine. It is very important to be able to communicate correctly. This could be as simple as saying good morning or good afternoon to the people you are meeting. By talking to the people you see every day, you will learn to consider their feelings and, in turn, they will be more attentive to yours. Even if you think you are shy or withdrawn, it can be helpful to share a few words or a smile with someone you know. But if it doesn’t happen naturally, don’t force yourself. There is no point in trying to be who you are not.

12. Avoid swearing to become more feminine.

In a social environment, it is important not to use obscene words in every second sentence. Both women and men should think carefully before swearing in front of others. Especially if you are in a formal setting such as an office or workplace. Just be yourself, express yourself the way you want, just do not forget about the rules of etiquette.

13. Read women’s magazines

Because the media helps shape what is considered a feminine image. Reading magazines like these can help you figure out how to become more feminine. Stay tuned for new styles, fashions, relationship tips, and you can better understand how a girl should behave and how to look in modern society. Just flipping one glossy page after another, be sure that you remain true to yourself and do not take all the advice in these magazines for the truth. A lot is written in them for advertising.

14. Be expressive and show emotion

A smile can say a lot about how a person feels. For reasons that cannot be explained, a smile sends a message that the person is open and friendly. Body language is a great way to express yourself when you want to say something. Your eyes can make you look flirty or angry. Changing your gait can make you more attractive. Or, you can portray a quirky grin to let others know you don’t like something. Don’t hide your feelings and emotions. It’s important to tell people what you think and feel to avoid misunderstandings.

15. Stay true to yourself

Behavior and personality make a person special. Connect with the feminine energy, but remember to stay true to yourself. Becoming more feminine and gentle can be difficult, and some girls will need to work hard on themselves. Unfortunately, women have many standards that they must meet and it can be difficult to navigate them all. But it’s important to remember that this is just a list of recommendations, and you don’t have to do something that you don’t have a heart for. At the same time, at any time you can start experimenting with your clothes or change your behavior. So don’t be afraid to explore yourself and constantly learn and try new things.