How to behave and what to do after sex?

Whether you are a couple or husband and wife, take note of the tips and what you should and shouldn’t do after sex. Romantic intimacy is about caring for each other, and your partner will appreciate your efforts to care for him / her even after lovemaking. Hug, snuggle, laugh, smile, giggle – do whatever you can to keep your partner happy in bed after sex.

1) Don’t go to bed right after sex

No matter how exhausted you are, don’t pull on the covers or go to bed right after sex. Whether you consider it a sign of satisfaction or not, your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife can find it very offensive. By taking a nap, you run the risk of making your partner feel humiliated by sending a strong signal that you got what you wanted and are now falling asleep.

2) Watch TV if you have nothing to talk about

If you find yourself in an awkward situation where you and your partner have nothing to talk about, just turn on the TV. Lying in bed, snuggled up to him / her and relax. If you’re lucky, your favorite series might be on air and you can cheer yourself up.

3) Do not play video games on your computer or smartphone

Sex is assumed to be accompanied by hugging and giggling. Instead, if you start playing games on your smartphone or PC, you will most likely annoy your girlfriend or boyfriend for not giving them enough attention. You need to stop playing video games immediately after making love and focus all your attention on the romantic conversation with your partner.

4) Don’t analyze or criticize your lovemaking

Analyzing the sex you just had with your partner right after the act is risky. Don’t make the mistake of giving constructive criticism or telling your partner how they could be better. Even the most carefully chosen words can offend a person. If you need to discuss sex, do so in a few days.

5) For those who are always in a hurry. No need to immediately get dressed and leave

By dressing up and getting ready to leave right after sex, your girlfriend or boyfriend may feel like someone who has just been used. If you are really in a rush to get somewhere, be polite and explain to your partner that you would like to stay, but you have no choice. Make him / her feel better by staying for a while before leaving, or better yet, cancel other appointments and spend time with your partner.

6) Find some entertainment options you can do together after sex

Whether watching a movie on a laptop or switching to Facebook. And the time you spend looking at each other’s pages, look for things you can do together. Make sure the option you choose is something that you can do together, calm and not taking a lot of energy to search. The last thing you want to do after sex is to do something that destroys the relaxed atmosphere.

7) Don’t talk about things that could lead to an argument

Don’t ruin the romance by raising an argument with your partner after sex. Even if the problem is serious, hold on to it and wait another day to fix it. This is especially true for married couples who may want to use their free time to discuss an unresolved issue. Husbands and wives must leave their petty battles for a later day.

8) Avoid Showering Immediately After Sex

No matter how sweaty you get, you don’t need to head to the shower right away. Lie in bed with your partner after sex. Talk, caress, share jokes and do whatever you can to bring a smile to your lover’s face. Rushing to the bathroom right after sex will make your partner think you are feeling dirty. Better to spend more time with your partner, grab a laptop or tablet and watch a movie.

9) You don’t need to immediately run to the kitchen to eat

While there is nothing wrong with feeling hungry after a stressful session in bed, it can seem insensitive if this is the first thing you say after sex. Wait a few minutes for you and your partner to relax and hug before going to the kitchen.

10) Don’t ask your partner if he liked it

Did you like it? Don’t ask your partner questions like this. In your attempt to learn how to behave after sex, you should know that a real man never asks a woman if he is satisfying and vice versa. Leave inquisitive questions for a later date. Focus on keeping your partner smiling and happy.

11) don’t praise your love skills

If you really think you are a great lover, let your partner compliment you. Don’t praise your own lovemaking skills because it is considered rude and unpleasant. Instead, take the time to compliment your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife’s actions in bed. This will give him / her an increased level of self-confidence together and a desire to please you over and over again.

12) Avoid Burping or Farting

Burping or farting can be bad for many. Whether you are a couple or married partners who have known each other for many years, try to avoid and suppress any form of gas release.

13) cuddle after sex

Cuddling after sex is arguably the most flirtatious and romantic conversation between couples. Don’t cross the line by hugging your partner. Play as a mature person in love and become the true romantic that you are. Don’t be overly sticky like a small child.

14) Go to a nearby cafe

For those who would prefer fresh air instead of a stuffy bedroom, they can head to the café next door for a hot cup of tea. The key to having a pleasant date after making love to your partner is to be as relaxed and calm as possible.