How to behave on a date with a guy?

In the modern world, many girls do not understand well how to behave on a date with a guy. After all, we live at a time when everything is changing very quickly. A few years ago, we could not have imagined that we would be able to see and communicate with a person on the other side of the world in real time. Or that with the help of a smartphone we can run our business and make money on the Internet. Everything moves and changes really fast, and relationships are no exception. This means that you should definitely know how to learn how to stand out from the crowd, how to behave on a date with a guy and find yourself a partner who will truly deserve you.

1. Trust your instincts

I think most people feel when they are in a good or bad situation. If you feel that something is wrong with your date, go against it and act accordingly. If you don’t feel safe or comfortable with the person, you better leave. Always let friends and family know where you are going. To keep them calm, to know where and with whom you are. You should not tell a stranger that you live alone, or that you have recently moved to this city and know very few people. This is one of those details to keep to yourself until you get to know the guy better. If the date seems unsafe, find a way to get out and try to get home safely.

2. Respect yourself and your partner

The next tip on how to behave on a date with a guy is to show respect for him and for yourself. Never settle for less than you deserve. And don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable just to please the guy. Know that you deserve a good person who appreciates and loves you. If you respect yourself, the guy will respect you the same way. Set high standards and don’t lower them for anyone, no matter how high they are. But remember, the date doesn’t have to be too serious. So don’t forget to add a touch of fun to your meeting.

3. Make a good first impression

This is the most important rule in the dating world. When we first meet people, the person forms an opinion about us within 5-10 seconds. This happens almost instantly. And, as a rule, he adheres to this opinion throughout the rest of his life. This is why it is imperative to make a good impression on a guy when you first meet. This means that you should definitely smile and act naturally. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and be a little modest. Makeup should also be moderate. You only need a little makeup to enhance your natural features, but not completely change yourself. Remember that your demeanor, dress, and makeup say a lot about the kind of person you are. Even before you say anything, these things can already say a lot about you and your values. If you want to be taken seriously, then you should look like a woman who deserves respect.

4. Don’t tell your whole life

First dates are really exhilarating and we often don’t follow what we say. But this does not mean that you need to tell the guy about how our childhood, adolescence and all other moments of our life went. You can tell him about your hobbies and passions, but do not tell everything that comes into your head. The beauty of dating and relationships in general is that you get to know your partner gradually. And if on the first date you do not follow what you say, then the second may simply not be.

5. Don’t talk about your ex.

This is one of the key aspects of how to behave on a date with a guy. After all, your ex is part of the past and has no place in the present. So you shouldn’t remember it, even if you really miss it. You will lose anyway, because you cannot get it back. And the new boyfriend will realize that you are still in love with him. In the event that your new acquaintance himself asks about the ex, say that everything is over between you and you do not want to raise this topic. And whatever he asks, it’s a good answer that is both mature and wise.

6. Control yourself

In order to figure out how to behave on a date with a guy, you must remain a sober and conscious person. After all, you are still little acquainted with this guy and do not know who he is and what he is capable of. You also know your limits and what happens when you drink too much. If you’re confident and you know this guy won’t take advantage of you, then you can have a drink. But I would definitely not recommend spirits on a first date. Plus, it can be difficult to make a good impression on a guy if you can’t control yourself on a date.

7. To kiss or not to kiss

I think there are only two reasons for kissing on a first date. First, if you feel a strong attraction to the person and get to know him well. Secondly, you have previously crossed paths with him somewhere. These are the only reasons why you should kiss someone you don’t know much about. But if you don’t like your partner, and you kiss him, then you just give false hope. If the date went well, both of you will understand and act accordingly. But even if the date ended normally and you didn’t kiss, there is nothing wrong with that. It may well be that your partner, just like you, is just a shy person.

8. Don’t sleep with him on the first date.

This is a common mistake many girls make. They want to prove that they like the guy and convince him to make a second date. The truth is, if a man likes you, he’ll ask for a second date. Maybe he is the type of guy who needs a few meetings to find out if he wants to continue with you or not. And if you find yourself in bed with him after the first date, he may think that you are one of those girls who rush things too much. And perhaps in a week you will want to move to live with him. Plus, having sex after a first date will just make you too approachable a woman. And with such behavior you will definitely not be able to win respect from a man.

Be careful when dating online

Various dating sites are very popular now, and in the near future they will be. This means that you need to learn to be good at understanding the people with whom you communicate on the Internet. Always remember that we are talking about the Internet, and here a person can be anyone. Try to get to know the guy well before meeting him in real life. Find him on social media and follow him. If he does not use his photos on social networks, you already need to trust him less. Don’t date the person on the first day you meet online. And if this guy inspires confidence in you and seems interesting, then first meet him in a public place just to be safe.