How to break up correctly to be sure?

There is no “good” way to end a relationship, especially a long-term one. But there are always ways to properly break up that do minimal harm to your partner and yourself. If you are in an unfortunate position to end your relationship, it can be difficult for you to think things through.

Try not to rush into this. You are more likely to hurt your partner if you break up with him in the midst of a relationship. None of you want to be bad, and there is no way to stop a breakup in a difficult relationship. Take a look at our seven rules to follow so you can smooth out your breakup a bit.

1) Be sure you want to end the relationship

This may seem obvious, but how many times have you heard from your acquaintances who broke off the relationship and after a while reconnected? The fact is that if you are going to break up, then be sure of this. When in doubt, ask yourself what the doubt is. If it’s because you just want to take a little break from each other, then this is not a reason to break up. And if part of you feels like you can keep the relationship, you should talk to your partner about your problems, not just end the relationship.

2) be bold

Your relationship can be like a big jumbled ball of emotions, and it’s often much easier to blindly go further than to face problems. It takes real courage to look at your relationship without rose-colored glasses and ask yourself, “Does this make me a happy person?” You need to be clearly aware of your feelings and ignore other voices in your head that are trying to knock you off the plan.

Find out what is important to you in a relationship by making a list of qualities that you must have and that you don’t want to see in your partner. Then find out if you and your partner meet these qualities. If you have the courage to take an open look at your relationship and don’t like what you see, then you should have the courage to make the necessary changes.

3) be calm

In order to properly part, you must be calm. Calmness goes hand in hand with confidence. Think carefully about how you will communicate this to your partner, rather than saying it in the midst of an argument. It will be harmful to you and him, and you will not be able to convey your true feelings about the relationship. Even if you end the relationship, you still have a responsibility to treat him kindly.

4) make sure your partner is calm

If your partner is very anxious about an upcoming event or is having a particularly bad day, try not to make your statement. We know now is not the right time to end a relationship, and sitting around with your decision for too long is also not a good idea. But, if you still want to break up correctly and make your statement in a moment of intense stress, your partner’s reaction will be 10 times more extreme than if you found a calmer moment.

5) Break up at its best

What’s the best way to break up properly? First, it doesn’t have to be written in a message or email. And preferably not by phone. Of course, these points depend on how long you have been dating someone. If your “relationship” is only a few days old and you barely speak on the phone, then you may feel like it is better to say it in text or email. However, if you’ve been together for months or years, any written message is a sign of cowardice.

This will prevent your partner from asking you all the questions they have, and it will prevent you from knowing exactly what your partner thinks about your decision. If this is absolutely inevitable, try to end it yourself. Your partner is likely to respect you more in the long run and may even put himself in your shoes and understand your decision.

6) Break up in the right place

It is not so easy to part correctly. And if you made a decision to end your relationship, you probably think in what place would you better do it? Of course, this should be as quiet and peaceful place as possible. And you don’t need to drink alcohol, it’s not a good idea.

In addition, anytime there are other people, friends, family, or diners around the restaurant, the whole situation will be even more awkward. So if you want to end the relationship during your dinner, this might be the best place for you.

7) don’t come back

Depending on the reasons you broke up with your partner, it may be tempting to stay in touch with them after your relationship ends. And this often happens with people who recently broke up. They do this in order to be in bed together again. I think you understand that this is a bad idea. Typically, this leads to one of two scenarios:

  • Embarrassment and hurt feelings on both sides.
  • The wrong decision that it was a good idea to make a second chance in a relationship.

You need to try after you broke up to spend several months without contact with each other. Of course, if you have children, this will be difficult to do. In these cases, just be as friendly as possible, just don’t use the kids as an excuse to meet each other.

We hope you have gathered useful information for yourself in this article, although we hope that only for information, and not for parting.