How to break up with a friend with whom you are not satisfied with the relationship?

Do you think we should always be loyal to our friend? I think if a person supports you, comforts you in difficult times, or shares their joy, then yes. But, if he insults you, offends or causes negative emotions, then you have no common future with this person and you should not trust him. In our life there are no laws or rules according to which we should not break off relations with loved ones. Plus, there are many ways to break up with a friend and reasons why we should. Some of them are presented below.

  • Constant criticism;
  • The manifestation of the negative;
  • He adheres to different beliefs;
  • Complains constantly;
  • He is selfish and tries to manipulate you;
  • The comrade is using you;
  • There is no trust between you.

Yes, you can just say I don’t want to be friends with you anymore, but this is not the best option. Try to slowly distance yourself from the person and find people who are more suited to you in spirit and your values. I want to point out that you should not play or manipulate a person. Perhaps you have already tried to talk to him and improve your relationship, but in the end, you want to break up. Then put these 5 steps into practice and calmly end the relationship.

1) Start to gradually move away

You don’t have to end your friendship abruptly. In order to figure out how to break up with a friend in an amicable way, you need to think about the habits that keep you together. It will be much easier for you if you get rid of them. If you spend a lot of time together, then cut it back. Just start seeing each other less. You may not be comfortable and the person may disagree with this decision, but you must keep your plans in mind.

2) Say you need a break

We often hear about this when difficult times come between a man and a woman. But in friendships, this method also works. Say that you need time to think about your friendship and the events that happened between you. If he wants to talk about this topic, then share your feelings and thoughts. But, if this is an aggressive conversation and he tries to make you guilty of what happened, then you should not continue the conversation further, but follow the plan.

3) Be open about the breakup

Now is the time to say that you have decided to end your friendship because it does not live up to your values ​​and expectations. This may sound rude and the person will be offended, but think about your desires. What do you want from this relationship? Express your feelings so that he understands exactly what caused the breakup.

4) Do not call or write

As with romantic relationships, you don’t need to give false hope for further friendship. Probably, the person will not be pleased to hear this, and the signs of hope will only hurt him and delay the separation.

5) start another life

Make new acquaintances, communicate more, and look for people who match your values. The amount of freedom and ease that you get by deleting this person from your life will be very significant. You will have the feeling that a heavy load has been removed from your shoulders and a new life has begun.

What if he doesn’t want to leave?

If you break the connection with the person before they are ready, it will not be right. In addition, he can react in different ways. Just don’t get into quarrels with him and insult each other. If he wants to dissuade him from breaking up, then you do not need to give in to it. You had to confidently express your position on this score in advance. In addition, you should not give false hopes to a person.

Just remember, desperate people are very persuasive. They are ready to say what you want to hear, just to get things done. If you start to show pity and weakness, then this will not lead to what you want and you will have to start all over again. If you resist the urge to talk, he will calm down and leave you alone. Wait a little for his emotions to cool down and he realizes the situation.

Perhaps there will be threats from him, do not take them seriously. He feels hurt and will try to make you feel the same negative feelings. Control yourself and do not react to provocations. Say that you are not ready to listen to insults and have made a firm decision that is not negotiable.

If after the breakup you do not feel well and your emotional state will deteriorate, then contact a specialist. With the help of psychology, you can change almost every aspect of your life. And also get more detailed advice on how to break up with a friend. You can also improve your mental health, become more confident and happier, and start enjoying life. But to do this, you first need to surround yourself with positive people.

If you decide to rebuild your relationship

It so happens that after breaking up, you will miss your friend and want to be together again. Before you do this, ask yourself a couple of questions.

  • Have the reasons that made you end your friendship been eliminated? If not, then what’s the point of bringing everything back? And when the person has changed, and all the problems are settled, then you can try to be together again.
  • Do you really need this person? The desire to return a relationship arises in difficult times in life. You start to crave the friendship you had and miss the fun moments. Just remember that it is difficult to change a person. And even if this happens, then he will already be different and your friendship too. The best advice on how to break up with a friend is to listen to yourself and your feelings, only then can you make the right choice.