How to build a harmonious relationship?

Nowadays, you can find a lot of advice and recommendations on how to build a harmonious relationship. Why is this topic so popular? It may seem obvious, but many people believe that happiness in a relationship will lead to overall happiness in life. And to what extent they are right.

Why is it important to build harmonious relationships

We are all social beings by nature, so for each of us, building successful relationships is fundamental to experiencing happiness and joy in life. Some well-known psychologists suggest that anyone can build a happy relationship. Because we easily form bonds with the opposite sex, and rarely want to destroy them at our own will. Our need to feel connected with other people, to love and be loved, is inherent in nature.

Research shows that lack of close romantic relationships can create high levels of health risks, just like smoking or obesity. In addition, having a network of social connections that provide us with support – increases human immunity, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, and improves our mental health. Research also shows that the quality of social interactions matters as much as the quantity. All of these affect our physical health and psychological well-being.

Having a large number of friends and a romantic partner may not immediately make you happier, but creating and maintaining such a relationship is extremely important for any person. In addition, it has long been known that the quality of relations with the social circle of our beloved is another important factor for our well-being. But let’s get back to our main topic, and talk about building relationships.

Practical advice on how to build a harmonious relationship

1. Express yourself and your desires

Understanding what you want in a romantic relationship will help you develop it better. Decide what is important to you, and discuss it with your loved one. But don’t forget to listen to your partner as well. Ask and discuss his wishes and preferences. At the same time, don’t be afraid to express yourself and your desires in a relationship. If you don’t like something, talk it over with your loved one. Say: “darling / oh let’s solve this issue. I have such a problem, and I propose such a solution. What do you think about that?”. That is, you should approach your partner with a ready-made proposal, and listen to his opinion. In addition, in no case should you shrink in a relationship. After all, a relationship is a “union of souls” in which both souls must be revealed and are in comfortable conditions for themselves.

2. Work on yourself

Don’t try to change your person, change yourself and get better. When your partner sees that you are changing and working on yourself, then he, in turn, will begin to do the same. You do not need to be strict in the relationship and control your partner. Treat him with respect and care. When you are delicate in your relationship, your love for each other will only increase. And when you understand that you don’t need to change your loved one, but you need to change yourself, only then will you be able to build harmonious relationships.

3. Be patient

You don’t need to “interrogate” your partner. Questions such as: why didn’t you call ?, where did you disappear ?, why don’t you write for so long? – as a result, they push people away. Your partner is not your property. And, if he did not want or did not do something according to your desire, that is his right. You don’t have to force anyone to do what you want. The person himself must want to do something for you. After all, if he / she calls only because he is afraid that you will make a scandal because of the lack of a call. Then this will only complicate the situation.

4. Find or create common interests

The next important step in how to build a harmonious relationship is to have common interests. Quite often it happens that seemingly completely different people are attracted and build successful relationships. But they do this only if over time they create or find something in common. Therefore, it is extremely important to find common hobbies and hobbies that will bond your couple like glue. It can be anything: a healthy lifestyle, music, travel, or any other activity that you both enjoy and enjoy.

5. Resolve conflicts immediately

Quarrels and conflict situations cannot be avoided. But if they are not resolved immediately, and compromises are not found, then conflicts will become more and more. As a result, they simply won’t let you create a successful union. Therefore, as soon as you see that there is a problem between you, immediately discuss it. You should communicate with each other as much as possible, agree on new formats for building relationships, and discuss your joint future.

6. Shared values

In addition to the fact that a man and a woman need to have common interests, it is also important for you to have common values. This includes similar views of the world and how you evaluate everything that happens around you. It also includes your relationship to other people and to everything that surrounds you. All of these shared values ​​will strengthen your union for years to come.

7. Be happy and self-sufficient.

You don’t have to depend on anyone. You must learn to enjoy life yourself. Likewise, your loved one should have activities and hobbies that will bring him joy and pleasure. Learn to see happiness even in small things. For example, such as walking in the fresh air, eating, playing sports, and so on.

8. Show respect and consideration

We talk about respect in almost every article, because it is really extremely important. Respect for the personality of your loved one, for his feelings and desires, is of great importance in creating a harmonious relationship. You must love, appreciate and respect your partner, with all their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. And when you learn to accept people as they are, you will not try to change them, or point out mistakes and shortcomings. Then you can create a successful union for years to come.