How to build an ideal relationship between a man and a woman?

Each of us has ideas about what the ideal relationship between a man and a woman should be. At the beginning of a love affair, we are so happy that we often do not notice the partner’s shortcomings. They will certainly appear later, when the candy-bouquet period is over and the couple will face the first difficulties. What if you realize that your relationship is far from ideal? And is it possible in principle to build an ideal relationship? Let’s understand this issue together.

The main signs of a perfect relationship

In order for two people to create a strong bond, it is not at all necessary to be similar in everything. However, there should be a few key points where your opinions coincide. For example, views on raising children, style of music, attitudes towards bad habits, general passion for art, love for animals, attitude towards religion. Shared views are the foundation on which your future relationships will be built. It is very bad when two completely opposite people create a couple. For example, a man likes to go fishing every weekend, while a woman hates the smell of fish and wants to go to restaurants on weekends. If partners are not patient enough with each other, you will face frequent domestic quarrels in the relationship.

Love and complete understanding between partners

There are a number of other reasons that can cause disagreements in a relationship:
1. You are very different from each other. Despite the need to have a lot in common, partners must be different in some way. Thus, they will be able to complement each other and develop, looking at the example of a partner. For example, a man has a mathematical mindset, and a woman has a humanitarian one. As a result, we get a harmonious couple, in which there will be enough common sense and an emotional component. In such a relationship, there will be no room for boredom and routine.
2. You can have different views on the same event, but at the same time respect the point of view of your partner. You need to have a lot of endurance and patience to accept a point of view that is fundamentally different from yours. It is very bad when one of the partners does not accept the opinion of a loved one, but at the same time is patiently silent and prefers to hide his true feelings and thoughts. It looks like a soap bubble that inflates for a long time, but bursts when it reaches its limit. If you suppress your thoughts and emotions in a relationship, then the moment will come when you “explode” and make a scandal, or even burn out to your partner. Couples in which it is customary to respect a different point of view can be confidently called ideal.
3. You have good compatibility of sexual temperaments and have general intimate preferences. Your sex life is very important to building perfect relationships. Sex is a way to openly express emotions, a way to show your true self. Partners quarrel less and understand each other more if harmony in the intimate sphere reigns in a couple.

You realize that your partner is not perfect, but you accept his shortcomings and are ready to put up with them. It is very important to understand that we are all not perfect, and in addition to the merits, each person has disadvantages. Could there be something nicer than feeling how much you are loved? Can: feel how you are accepted for who you are. In such a relationship, partners are not afraid to appear weak or insecure. They know that a loved one will treat unpleasant moments with understanding.