How to choose the right guy for a successful relationship?

“You cannot order your heart, it will choose by itself” – this is what many girls say when you ask them the question of how to choose the right guy for a happy relationship? And in a sense, they will be right. But, if you connect your head and attention to this, then the result will be much better. After all, we choose a person not for one day or a month. We want to build a long and happy relationship with him. So you need to approach the issue of choosing a partner responsibly, and adhere to certain rules.

1. You have similar values

The first thing to pay attention to is, of course, the values ​​and life priorities of a person. This is the base and foundation on which any relationship is built. Accordingly, your job is to make sure your values ​​match. It is desirable that they overlap and be similar in many ways. For example, some people have a sense of justice. They know that everything should be fair and honest, while others think that it is not so important. Or someone simply believes in luck or magic, and prefers to rest more than work. While the other person is an avid workaholic.

After all, all people are different. And, as they say, “everyone has their own cockroaches in their heads.” Therefore, try to understand if your values ​​are similar to the values ​​of your chosen one? How do you think, and what priorities do you have in life? If they are similar, then the perception of external events and life in general, you will perceive approximately the same. And it will be easier for you to build a successful relationship. Therefore, common values ​​are one of the important denominators when choosing a partner.

2. How does he feel about you?

The second thing you should pay attention to when we talk about how to choose the right guy is, of course, his attitude towards you personally. Although many say that women fall in love with a man. But in fact, psychologists have proven that a girl really falls in love with a man’s attitude towards her. After all, if a guy treats you without respect, he will not listen to you and devote enough time. How can you even build a quality relationship with such a man? Therefore, be careful in this regard. Don’t fall in love with a man without seeing and seeing who he really is. How serious is his intentions towards you? And how good are the actions and deeds?

3. How does the guy relate to people?

The next important point is the guy’s attitude towards people. When you are with a man at the stage of dating and first dates, then I recommend listening to him more. Ask him more questions and reveal his attitude towards other people. I understand that you want to tell him a lot and show how good you are and how much you can do. But first of all you need to understand who he really is. Do you need to understand that everything he says about people is mostly with a plus sign or with a minus sign? Does he talk more about them with irritation, aggression or anger? Or does he say some nice and kind things?

Understand one interesting feature. That ninety percent of everything we say in life characterizes ourselves to a greater extent, even when we talk about the people around us. Because we say all this through the prism of our own views. And if a person says something good about people, then he is a good enough person inside. There is a lot of light and kind in it. But if he constantly speaks badly of them, and speaks with malice, then he himself is a bad character. Therefore, look carefully at the person and at what he says about others. Look for bright and kind people.

4. How does he handle money?

Another important point to pay attention to when we talk about how to choose the right guy is the guy’s attitude towards money. Oddly enough, but because of money, there are many quarrels and conflicts between couples, and as a result, the relationship collapses. Let’s say one partner values ​​money excessively, he treats it scrupulously, he is all so rational and correct. He is attentive to all purchases. He constantly tries to save money, invests wisely, etc. And the other relationship partner is a spender. He does not value money, throws it right and left.

In this case, the union of such people will not be long-term. Because on the basis of money, small quarrels often begin first, and then they grow and develop into serious conflicts. And as a result, it all ends in parting. Therefore, take a very close look at how a man treats money.

5. Does he love children?

Many people do not pay attention to how their partner treats children at first. And even if they notice this, they think that the partner is simply not yet ripe, and over time everything will change. But people are arranged a little differently. And not everyone is ready for changes. People prefer to stick to their opinions and rarely change them. They can live in this format all their lives. Moreover, now there is a fashionable trend to live without children at all, to live for oneself. Therefore, many people do not have children at all until a ripe old age, or until the end of their lives. And if the partner says that he is not ready for children, and treats them negatively, then I would think well about continuing and building a serious relationship with such a person. Because if you are a worthy woman and want to have a fulfilling and fulfilling life, you will definitely find a suitable partner.

6. See how he spends his free time

Relaxation and fun play an important role in building a successful union. And if you want to choose the right guy for a relationship, then pay attention to this. Many couples break up due to incompatibility in this regard. For example, a man loves fishing, hunting, football and drinking beer in the evenings. And the girl considers it simply unacceptable. She hates football, beer and everything else. She loves to travel, loves outdoor activities, outdoor walks and cycling. Are these people able to build harmonious relationships? Do they have a future? I think it is unlikely. Only if one partner does not go against his own values, and will completely adjust to the other. In this case, at the initial stage, they may succeed, but such an alliance will be short-lived.

If you start adhering to these points, look closely and filter all potential partners, you will definitely find a person with whom you will build a harmonious union. And even if you have one of the above values ​​does not match, it’s okay. Nothing is ideal in the world. Just work in this direction, and everything will be fine with you. But in the event that two or more values ​​do not match, then this is a wake-up call. And no matter how hard you try, it will be very difficult for you to build a successful relationship with this person.