How to choose the right wife?

There is nothing better than having the perfect marriage partner. Indeed, in family life there are different situations and problems. And if you have an understanding and loving person next to you, then it will be much easier to cope with problems. Therefore, every man should know how to choose the right wife for marriage. So that your future life is long and happy.

We all understand that women are different, some more suited to family life, and others less. Each woman may react differently to the problems that arise. They may have different values, upbringing, and life priorities. So it’s really worth taking the matter of choosing a wife seriously. Unfortunately, most men have little understanding of how to choose the right wife for marriage. They tend to focus more on visuals and choose a woman based on her beauty, communication, and sexual skills. This is also important, but these things should not become top priorities when choosing a companion for life.

I have spoken to many men who have been in relationships for over five years, and many of them are completely unhappy. Many of them do not have a special desire to go home after work, and spend their free time with friends. Many enter into extramarital relationships because their communication with a partner and physical intimacy have diminished. Women may disagree with this, but many men begin to cheat because the spouse simply does not reciprocate.

So how do you choose the right wife for marriage? Listed below are tips to help you find a partner for a marriage of mutual respect, love, and trust.

1. Do you have common interests?

The woman you marry must have similar beliefs and interests as you do. This does not mean that she should not have her hobbies or opinions. It is good when a person has his own point of view on this or that situation. But it is important that you have the same opinion on matters related to finance, children and sex. Talk about these topics with the woman you are considering as a wife before proposing to her to marry.

2. Does she have a good upbringing?

She must be raised by loving parents and have an understanding of family life. She must respect and value her parents and those around her. If a woman looks down on others, is unpleasant in communication, uses a lot of profanity and is overly capricious, you should not consider her as a wife. This type of person makes life miserable. Let her first understand her shortcomings and try to correct them.

3. How successful is she in life?

If a woman has some achievements before you met her, this will be a big plus. When choosing a wife, pay attention to the woman’s goals in life. So that they are not based only on the desire to marry successfully. Marry an interesting woman with whom you can talk about a variety of topics. And she will not be boring when communicating.

4. How attractive is she to you?

Again, I’m not just talking about looks right now. What exactly attracts you to this woman? Perhaps this is her quirky humor, pleasant tone in her voice, understanding of your feelings and desires, and much more. A woman doesn’t have to be mega sexy, and she has to have something more interesting than just her looks.

5. Does she have a sense of humor?

In order to choose the right wife for marriage, you need to understand what kind of person she is psychologically. After all, living together is not only work, children and a career. There should be a place for relaxation, fun and laughter in a marriage. Don’t marry a woman who is always angry or depressed. Laughter and fun should be part of your life. You should be able to laugh at each other, of course, when appropriate.

6. How does she feel about money?

The next step in choosing the right wife for life is to look at her handling of money. If the woman you expect to marry is more interested in money and things, do not marry her. These girls are easy enough to identify. If she easily spends your money, constantly wants to have beautiful things, and gives a pair of socks for your birthday, then you need to run away from her as quickly as possible. This person is only fixated on themselves and will drain you financially and emotionally. This does not mean that you have to be a mean person. This means that you need to carefully observe and analyze women in different situations.

7. What was her previous relationship?

In order to choose the right wife, try to find out as many details as possible about your girlfriend’s previous relationship, if any. Just don’t behave with her as if she were being interrogated. However, ask more questions that interest you. Use humor when doing this, and don’t be too serious. Listen carefully to the girl and watch for her non-verbal signs. When you figure out what type of boyfriend she had before, make it clear that you are different and talk about your personality. Be very clear and honest with her. Only in this case will the girl be able to reciprocate you.

8. Has she ever cheated?

Nowadays, many couples do not have any obligations in the relationship, and often cheat on each other. Do not listen to those who try to justify women, and they say that only men cheat. You need to find out how many partners your girlfriend had and how she behaved in these relationships. You must be very careful and vigilant. And if intuition says that a potential wife can cheat on you, arrange fights and dramas, then don’t even think about getting married. In addition, you have the right to know what diseases your girlfriend has. Don’t be afraid to ask questions like this. After all, there should be no secrets between you, and honesty and openness is a direct path to a long and happy relationship.

9. Does she really love you?

Actions speak more than words. Observe your girlfriend’s behavior and actions. How does she behave during an argument with you? Does it support your career aspirations? Is it comforting when you get sick? Does she accept you as the person you are, or is she trying to change you? And don’t just listen to what she says, but pay attention to how she speaks. If you feel that the girl truly appreciates, loves and respects you, then you can move on to the next stage in the relationship with her.

10. Do you have mutual feelings?

How do you feel when you are around a girl? How do you feel about her? If you have already spent a lot of time with this girl, you get to know her well, and the thoughts of spending your life with her haunt you. Then do not hesitate, and it’s time to propose to her. But if you have even the slightest doubt, then do not rush to marry her. Men also have intuition, so use it. And doubts do not arise by themselves. They are the result of human interactions. No matter what your acquaintances, friends or relatives tell you. Do not marry a girl if she is too demanding, ill-mannered, materialistic and does not show mutual feelings towards you. It is better to make an effort in advance and get to know the person well than to suffer and have problems in life together.

It should also be said that men must also meet the requirements that women put forward. So, first of all, learn to be considerate of your partner. Be romantic in your relationship, show love and care. Deal with your financial problems, if any. Be honest and sincere with her, even if it is disapproving. Respect her opinion and listen to her wishes. Be supportive and grateful for everything she does for you. Do not engage her in useless arguments, but at the same time be firm and decisive. Be clear about your relationship expectations. Say more often that you love her, and do not forget to surprise with unexpected gifts. Also take care of yourself, your physical and mental health.

Since many marriages end in divorce, it is really important for men to know how to choose the right wife. And to approach this issue wisely and deliberately. There are many good women with whom you can build successful relationships. The main thing for you is to meet the requirements that you ask. And then be sure to attract the desired woman, who will eventually become your wife.