How to comfort your man?

There is enough information on the Internet on how to please a woman, but very little has been said about how to comfort your man. Now I don’t take into account such well-known methods as: have sex with him or bring beer. This is of course all good. But what if a man has a bad day, is sick, or worried about something? In these cases, not everything is so simple. And one method, of course, is not suitable for all occasions. And choosing the wrong approach can only make him worse. Therefore, we have prepared for you several basic methods on how to comfort a man in specific situations.

How to comfort your man if he’s having a bad day

If his business is not going well outside the house. Then he must be sure to be in a calm atmosphere when he comes home. Meet him at the door, kiss him, invite him to sit down and relax. I am not asking you to dance in front of him. What I suggest is to help him find a way to release testosterone. Help your loved one relax, relieve tension and stress. Do what he likes. He may be relaxing in his favorite chair, watching a football match, or while you massage him. Each man may have his own preferences.

He may want to share what happened to him. Then listen carefully to him. Let him talk more. But, if he does not ask for your advice, you should not advise him something. Let him just let off steam through the words, and do not interrupt him asking for clarification. It doesn’t matter that you don’t understand the details, they don’t matter right now. Just nod sympathetically and support him. And never say that he should have done this or that. This will only complicate the situation.

How to comfort your man if he is sick

I don’t know how your man behaves, but mine becomes angry and irritable. Working with a sick adult man is really not easy. Quite often, men in such situations require loneliness, of course after providing the necessary assistance. Your job is to determine what he needs right now. Although his frequent expression, “leave me alone, I want to sleep,” can really help. But there are also cases when you cannot determine what he wants, because the man simply does not say anything. And in these cases, when it comes to comforting a sick man, try giving him the medication he needs, feed him, and do what he asks. And if he does not have a serious illness, he will stop complaining.

How to comfort your man when he’s worried

Men are quite often worried and angry. And if you think about it, then every male emotion that is not sexual in nature is expressed in the form of anger. If a man is worried about something, what does he need from you? The correct answer is you. He must know that you are with him, no matter what. Anxiety causes fear due to the fact that we cannot control the situation, and do not know what will happen next. Knowing that you are here with him and ready to help him is really comforting.

I don’t want to over-generalize here, but if you see a man struggling with emotions, this is the perfect time to become a rational partner. Talk to him about his concerns. Are there areas or tasks in which you can be useful? How about starting to work together? Offer him your help and think about how you can prioritize so that every problem doesn’t seem so big to him.

How to calm a man down when he is angry with himself

Guys can sometimes be violent towards themselves. When they cannot meet their high expectations, they become angry with themselves. The same thing happens with minor disappointments or major setbacks, such as layoffs or loss of capital. At such moments, we don’t know how to behave and we don’t understand how to comfort our man.

If a man walks around nervously, realizing that he has let someone down, perhaps his family, boss, clients, or even himself. Then what should a loving woman do? Of course, provide support and understanding. Just be extra careful in this situation. You may want to say, “You have nothing to do with it. How can you talk about yourself like that? It’s horrible!” In this case, you can not only change his mind, but such words can actually have the opposite effect of confirming his feelings.

The best approach is to dispel the negativity and replace it with the positive. Don’t even admit that he said something ridiculous and self-deprecating. Answer with a statement that he cannot dispute. Something like: “I am so glad that you are in my life. You do a lot for me. Thanks for this!”

How to support a man when he is sad or grieving

We all know that both men and women are very worried when someone leaves our lives. A man can be courageous, but at the same time highly emotional when it comes to illness or death of loved ones. These situations often take us by surprise and we don’t know what to do. Our beloved can be emotionally drained and spend whole days on the couch. It drains us greatly and is terribly upsetting.

But how can we comfort our man in this difficult time? This is by far the most difficult situation of all. In these situations, I always try to communicate with my husband and help him. If his parents are very sick, he has to work hard and look after his parents, then I help as much as I can. I go to the hospital, run around the pharmacies, sit with his parents, and of course, do all the household chores.

It is really very hard when someone close to us dies. But what I myself do and recommend to others in similar situations is to give myself a rest. Go on vacation for at least a few days, and “feed your spirit and body.” Go to the mountains, forest, beach, museum, opera or SPA salon. Go where you love to spend your time the most. In addition, it helps me a lot when I have people who are close and loving me. Therefore, be close to your man in such difficult times, show him love and care. And after a while he will definitely get better.