How to communicate with people correctly?

We often find ourselves in situations where, when meeting a person, we do not know where to start a conversation and how to properly conduct a conversation. Besides, if you are still a shy person, then this is really a problem for you. I understand you very well, because I myself was in a similar situation and did not know how to communicate with people correctly.

In my previous job, I had to talk to strangers quite often. It was difficult for me to start a conversation with someone. I had the feeling that I was speechless and forgot all the words. After that, I began to work on myself and on the skills of effective communication. At the moment, I freely communicate on various topics, and I can easily get to know a stranger. In this article, I want to share with you my knowledge and talk about how to properly communicate with people. There are several steps you can take to create an effective conversation.

Step one – physical greeting

This can be a handshake, a pat on the shoulder, or a light hug. Due to the rapid development of technology, we lack social skills. People are spending more and more time at their smartphones or computers, which negatively affects their communication. Therefore, when meeting, it is important to establish physical contact in order to “melt the ice” that is between you. This will bring you closer to each other and will help your further communication.

Step two – smile

Smiling is a good way to show your attitude and positive attitude towards the person. Of course, if you smile artificially, it will be noticeable and will not help you to win people over to you. Do it sincerely and you will be reciprocated. Only show real feelings if you really want to be successful in communication.

Step three – ask questions

Almost all of our conversations start with questions. This may be familiar to us: “Hello, how are you?” or “hello, how was your day?” These are common phrases that are the starting point for starting a conversation. During your dialogue, ask other questions that seem appropriate to you in this situation. These actions solve two important communication tasks:

  • They make the other person feel important and show your interest in them.
  • They make a person more open and relaxed. In addition, while your interlocutor is answering questions, you can think in what direction you will further direct the conversation.
  • Only at the same time, listen carefully to your partner, in case he asks you a counter question. By this action, the person will show mutual interest in you.

Step four – give your opinion

When discussing your general topic or any dialogue, express your point of view. Try not to talk for too long, so as not to look selfish in the eyes of your interlocutor. If you are nervous and find it difficult to express your thoughts, then keep listening to your partner. And next time, try to be better prepared for the dialogue or use our advice.

  • If you don’t have enough vocabulary to express your thoughts, then start reading books, magazines or articles.
  • Start practicing more and interacting with your acquaintances, friends, or work colleagues.
  • Try to have a conversation about topics in which you are well versed or close to you.
  • If you are worried and find it difficult to express your thoughts, then say so. We all experience excitement in such situations, and you can be sure that the interlocutor will understand and support you.

Step five – end the conversation and say goodbye

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. If you see that your conversation is coming to an end, then thank the person politely and say goodbye to him. It so happens that you do not know how to properly end a conversation, but you urgently need to leave. If you do not want to seem impolite, then you can think of something and say that you need to pick up your child from school or you are urgently called to work. In addition, if you see that your dialogue no longer makes sense, and you communicate more on generalized topics, then you can openly say this to your interlocutor.

How to communicate with people correctly? Start practicing more

Without practice, it will be difficult for you to understand how to properly communicate with people. As I said earlier, spend more time with your friends. With them, you can hone your communication skills and put them into practice. If you do not have this opportunity, you can practice talking with an imaginary person. This will strengthen your speaking skills and you will gain more experience. As a result, you will feel more confident and you will not be bothered by the question of how to properly communicate with people.