How to control a man – mastery of manipulation?

Manipulation is a psychological method of controlling other people against their will. Actions aimed at replacing other people’s desires with their own have a fine line with openness. A manipulator, unlike a sincere person, never exerts direct pressure, acts surreptitiously, secretly and insidiously. The main goal is personal gain or self-affirmation. If a girl flirts with a guy because she liked it, this is openness. And if the reason for the manifestation of sympathy in the use of his strength, skills, abilities is direct manipulation. A sincere woman wants the attention of a particular man she likes, and the manipulator needs to achieve what he wants, the goal for him becomes more important than the person through whom it is achieved.

Although manipulations permeate our entire lives and are often justified to achieve specific goals, it is still important to put the preservation of relations with a loved one at the head of everything. Therefore, the control mechanisms should be more subtle, safe and beneficial to the soul mate.

To learn how to control a man, use:

1. Gender. At home, in the work team, with friends, you look well-groomed and attractive. Men, first of all, evaluate a woman by her appearance. Elements of eroticism can be used in clothes – cut, lace, mini. Beautifully styled hair, unobtrusive but attractive perfume scent, manicure will emphasize sexuality. Master the language of flirting, half-hints, reticence.

2. Knowledge of needs. Satisfying the demands of a man, you become useful and irreplaceable for him. Show concern, be always there, ready to help in a difficult situation. Surround with care in everyday life, give small gifts. A man needs to make it clear that without you it will be bad and uncomfortable. Good deeds in return will not be long in coming. A man will want to do pleasant and useful deeds, to fulfill your desires.

3. Self-ownership. Be a calm, self-possessed, balanced person. Don’t show that you don’t like your partner’s behavior. If you are in a bad mood, have raised your voice, do not respond in kind. Do not get into an argument, do not show dissatisfaction. Be silent, show with a glance that you do not understand what is the matter. The man will calm down, he will feel that he is wrong.

4. Small weaknesses. Don’t dismiss his hobbies. Let go of hunting and fishing without scandals and tantrums. Let me watch football while your favorite TV series is on. Fulfilling desires, you will become even closer and dearer to him.

5. Maintaining a good mood. Your task is to create a favorable atmosphere in the house. If the husband comes home from work depressed or angry, the wife should listen, distract from negative thoughts. To instill optimism and confidence that any situation will be corrected for the better. Cleanliness and comfort in the house, delicious dinner will relieve irritation and fatigue. When the husband is happy with everything, it is easier for him to manage.

Never insult or demean. By doing this, you will only embitter him, turn him against yourself.

Occasionally, you can bring a man to emotions, arrange small provocations, causing jealousy. But do not overdo it, know the measure in everything.

You can effectively manage a man if you adhere to the following rules:

  • Don’t limit your freedom. You can’t openly dictate to your husband when to come home from work, meet your best friend. This will cause negativity, a desire to do spite. He will feel disrespect, restriction of rights and freedom. Suggest another vacation option that will please both of you. Lead the man to voluntarily refuse for unwanted actions, so that he thinks that this is his own decision. Hints, opinions expressed by other people are good.
  • Show weakness. Modern women are able to cope with difficult situations on their own. But why strain if there is a man nearby who is ready to demonstrate power and skills to a weak woman, to lend a strong shoulder. At this moment, the man feels the importance and superiority. You need to start with household little things, for example, fix the outlet, fix the leak in the tap.
  • Showing nobility, he will respond to more substantial requests in the future.
  • Be a mystery. No matter how long you have been married, do not open up completely to your husband so as not to become a read book. To maintain interest, remain mysterious for years to come. If there is nothing to hide, then come up with an interesting romantic story, subtly hint about it. Restrain your emotions, give evasive answers. You have to be interesting to manage.
  • Find common hobbies. Find out what books the object of your attention is reading, films watching. It is easier to find common ground, topics for conversation with a person after reading the literature of his favorite genre, watching his favorite movie. And if you bring unfamiliar information to him, then the interest will increase even more.
  • Ask a lot of questions. If you want to know the truth, you need to take the initiative and ask a lot of questions at once. The man loses his self-confidence, forgets the prepared answers and gives out secrets.
  • Work through the stomach. Men love to eat tasty and satisfying food. After that, the mood rises, openness and benevolence increase. This is the most opportune moment for making requests.
  • Argument your speech. Defend your position using facts. To do this, remember the given, but unfulfilled promise. Be sure you are right, speak softly but persistently. Under the weight of undeniable arguments, the other person will agree with you.
  • Put your man first. Realizing his importance, he will have a desire to be responsible, to become a reliable support and protector.